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If you are suffering from alcoholism then the first step to heal from that disease is detoxification. In this process alcohol can be removed from the body and the body adjusts itself chemically. This depends upon various factors like how much drink an individual takes and whether an individual has any disease before treatment. A patient going to a center for his treatment of alcoholism addiction and that center provides him with the best possible solution to that problem.

Why avoid detoxification from home? 

If someone who has been drinking for a long time suddenly stops being taken away then he faces various symptoms which show in 24 hours. Brain becomes used to that alcohol. Withdrawal a disease occur in individual by alcohol addiction symptoms of that disease given below

  • Headaches
  • Fever
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety 
  • Excessive sweating
  • Poor appetite
  • Coordination poor
  • Death

It really takes time to adjust with the body and how the body survives without alcohol. These symptoms become problematic if it’s not cured properly. 

This can be treated through counseling. It removes physiological and psychological symptoms from the body. Main motive of the detox center is patient care both physically and mentally.


After 12-48 hours of last drink hallucination starts with an individual you become unconscious about things happening around you. You imagine you feel it’s real but the patient hallucinates about his thoughts. But ignorance is the best method to remove that hallucination. 

What happens 48 to 72 hours after drinking?

Delirium tremens severe symptoms arise in withdrawal symptoms. When drinking becomes a habit of a person then it’s difficult to take away from that disease.

Symptoms of delirium are sweating, becoming heavy, fever, raising heart beats and lastly confusion.

Alcohol withdrawal diagnosed

If the doctor asks when you last drank alcohol last and your drinking habit. People who have a habit of drinking are not in their consciousness; they dipped in hallucinations and dream worlds without thinking about others. They don’t care about other people as they come back from drinking. They behave normally but if they are drunk their CNS (central nervous system) does not work well they do not well their confusion makes him in trouble. 

Treatment of Alcoholism

Various suggestions given by the doctor for treatment . There is suggestion shown in the stages that stages describe below 

Rehab in California provides people treatment away from addiction to alcohol. There are a lot of people who come for their treatment and center people treated through various medical medicines. 

Symptom of Withdrawal 

1st Stage after eight hours of drinking anxiety, nausea and stomach pain is a symptom of the first stage.

2nd stage high blood pressure sorry body temperature increase and confusion create after 20-24 hours after drinking.

3rd stage after 2-3 days fever, nausea, hallucination.

As alcohol leaves the body and reduces the level of alcohol in the body. System reduced within 2-4 days.

Psychological effects also affect the body through alcohol. 

Treatment of withdrawal 

Our company provides the best detox service in California. We have various centers across the country. We provide the best service. In our service various medical facilities are available in the center. You can apply in rehab through an application with a patient name. Doctor provides the best treatment in our center. 

A patient treats best our service provides a facility which helps them to fight with their addiction. Addiction is a very severe problem among people who are addicted to alcohol, drugs and various types of drugs.

Supplements and dietary recommendations by doctor. Folic acid B 9 and Vitamin B-1. These tablets help to decrease intake of alcohol.

Sign of addiction of alcohol

Alcohol consumption has a negative effect on human health. Human health is a precious gift by god. But if it’s not properly checked and maintained then this becomes harmful for the human body. 

White knuckle meaning causing nervousness, suspense and fear excitement are symptoms in patients. Individuals become curious about the factors which affect his health. Patients treated as good care in our center. Our center’s name is California detox center. In which people got the best treatment in our center. 

Detox process

As patients consume alcohol daily then it’s not easy to treat him in any center but the doctor tries to do his best performance and take deep inhalation through machinery. Various types of treatment machinery available in our center. This experience broken into four pieces


Early symptom and stage

  • This treatment starts 2-3 hours after your last drink. 
  • First symptom generally low on stage
  • Medication starts in the chronic stage of their problem.

Higher stage

  • It’s applied on most addiction that is suffered from alcoholism
  • 24-38 hours after drinks are taken.
  • As all alcohol left the body and no residue left in the body of alcohol. 


  • They start with the absence of alcohol patients, make noise in the house and sometimes fight with family members for money. 
  • Meditation doing by patient in center
  • Therapy treatment through various place
  • Every treatment center provides the best service for their patient.

Last stage 

  • It starts after 5 to 14 days after intake of alcohol.
  • Residential treatment available after treatment of alcoholism.
  • Alcoholism is treated properly in the center for every addiction of drugs.
  • Meditation treatment of alcohol detox

Risky complications and various side effects happen after intake of a large amount of alcohol. This treatment has a higher rate of success and people got the best treatment from our center. Every drug has a unique effect on the body because every alcohol has side effects. As our body is best place where you live with lot of power but if people not care of their body and used alcohol to make body then it adverse effect on body.


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