Best Man’s Speech: How To Create A Better One


What can be the most brightfull event in a friend’s life? Of course, his marriage is! Therefore, a true friend should be an active and helpful assistant at the celebration, providing moral support and helping in all vital wedding moments. The best man speech should be a bright and memorable moment at a solemn event. How to create such one? By following information is below!

Introductory Information

The best man duties are to be able to take responsibility for the critical events of the celebration and not get lost in the event of unforeseen situations that can unbalance his friend. 

Despite the exciting moments associated with the marriage, the best man should not lose his presence of mind and find a way out of any situation that has arisen. In addition, he is highly desirable to participate in wedding contests and pranks and be cheerful and resourceful.

An important factor is the best man’s speech, which should not only cheer everyone present at the wedding but also maximize his excellent disposition towards a friend, making it clear how he treats him and what he wants to wish from the bottom of his heart.

How To Write The Best Man Speech?

How to write a best man speech? For many, this can be difficult because you want to list as much as possible, tell the events from the groom’s life, make a speech with a humorous bias, and remember to wish for a lot.

For the best man’s speech to be successful, we will give a few recommendations:

  • The speech should be structured: an introduction, a central narrative, and an ending with wishes.
  • The time of the speech should not drag out for a long time so as not to make those present wait a long time (including others in their turn to speak); 3-5 minutes are recommended.
  • It is necessary to speak clearly and simply enough for everyone, without any subtexts and hints, which, for example, will be understandable only to one groom.
  • When compiling the text, consider the groom’s character (perhaps he is very shy or modest and would not like to advertise some moments from his life).

Schafer should be able to speak briefly and put a specific meaning into his speech, which should be bright and unique (everyone will be bored by platitudes).

An Example Of The Best Man’s Speech

We want to present to you the best man speech example: “For every man, happiness is the acquisition of his beloved for life, which fills his heart and soul. Your chosen one for you should be that fragile snowflake that will melt only from your love and respectful attitude toward her. I wish you to carry a tender feeling to her throughout your life. Take care of each other and treat problems with humor, overcoming difficulties together and having happiness through many decades. Let your flame of love not go out, be happy!”

Best Man’s Toast

Well, what is a wedding without the best man toast? Classically, the toast from the best man comes right after his speech. However, you may not be limited to just this, because there can be a lot of toasts during the wedding (especially if the newlyweds decide to celebrate it for several days).

We want to offer you several options for toasts that you can use, both to complete your speech and later on during the evening:

  • Let’s drink to this beautiful couple, and may their love last forever.
  • Let’s raise our glasses to the bride and groom and wish them to remain as happy and cheerful as on this beautiful day.
  • My best friend (groom) once said he had never met such a wonderful girl as his bride, so let’s wish them to be as close and in love all their lives.

Whichever option you choose, it is imperative that your words come from the bottom of your heart and that this matches the general mood at the wedding. When making a toast, you can joke, tell funny stories from the bride or groom’s life, but most importantly, focus on how happy they are to be together.


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