A Few Aspects of the Liability in Left-turn Car Accidents


Taking a left turn takes intense judgment, knowledge, and foresight. Driver must consider traffic conditions in all directions before turning his vehicle. But that is rarely the case. In San Diego, left turns account for many road accidents, a sad reality. Anyone who has been the victim of such casualties deserves justice. If you hire a car accident lawyer at the right time, you will get tremendous help. You can expect them to gather evidence and details about the accident to determine liability. A lawyer can also consult numerous car accident professionals, such as forensic staff, accident reconstructionist, etc. All these enable your attorney to strategize to defend situations where some blame also falls on you. Negotiation with insurers and trial preparation will be part of their process, depending on the situation.

Local law firms will be more reliable if someone gets injured in a car accident in San Diego. Since many options are available, finding the right person for your case should take a short time. However, let’s delve into more insights about left-turn accidents for a fair idea.

  • When a driver is liable in a left-turn accident

Per traffic laws in different states, drivers turning left must yield to the others. To avoid collision risks, they must check that the crossings and other obstacles are traffic-free. If they spot cars, they should allow them to pass before taking the turn. Ignoring this fundamental rule puts them at fault. 

  • When a driver may not be liable for a left-turn accident

Although this rarely happens, one must have complete information to know how much they have been responsible. Suppose you drive your vehicle despite the red light. In that case, it is your fault or someone from the other side at high speed when the other driver attempts a left turn. If the driving speed crosses the limit resulting in an accident, the driver taking a left turn will not be responsible. In some cases, these accidents occur when an animal suddenly appears on the road, and the left-turn driver stops or slows down to save that creature. In this case, the oncoming vehicle colliding with the driver can be the culprit in the eyes of the law.

  • The at-fault driver in a left-turn accident

Police will investigate the case to determine who committed the mistake. They can account for factors like a traffic violation, property damage or the nature of the crash, traffic cameras, eyewitness testimony, tread marks of the tires, etc. 

  • Legal options for a victim

If you face any injury or damage in this type of road accident, you can qualify for compensation through a personal injury case. You can consult lawyers to learn about the claim process. A successful filing can lead to recovery of medical costs and compensation for mental and physical agony. 

As hinted, it’s not always the driver’s fault for taking the left turn. It can be you or other motorists. Weather conditions, mechanical defects, and damaged roads can also contribute to an accident. Hence, it is better to seek legal help before taking action. Lawyers can navigate you through the entire system efficiently.



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