Steam Cleaning Hacks: Surprising Uses Beyond Floors and Carpets


Steam cleaners can reach and clean areas beyond your imagination. Their use isn’t merely confined to cleaning floors and carpets. This cleaning method ensures gently cleaning the toughest of stains without causing any harm to the originality of the surface. Steam cleaners are powerful enough to clean any surface without toxic chemical solutions. However, people starting to explore steam cleaners seem to believe it’s only effective for cleaning floors and carpets. However, the reality is far from it. Here are some interesting uses of steam cleaners besides carpets and floors. 

  • Glass surface 

Glass doors and windows add the perfect tinge of elegance to the overall aesthetic of your house. However, you must clean it frequently to maintain its appeal. Dust, dirt, fingertips, and stains accumulate on the surface over time. Steam cleaners can remove unwanted dirt from the surface, leaving it sparkling clean. Plus, there’s no risk of leaving any residue behind, as all you’ll be using are water and heat. Put the McCulloch steam cleaner against your glass and experience a new level of shine.

  • Wallpaper removal

Yet another interesting use of steam cleaner is to remove wallpapers. Surprising, right? The best-quality and strong adhesive hold the wallpaper in its place. No amount of tearing will be enough to bring back the original condition of the wall. So, you can use a steam cleaner to melt down the adhesive.

  • Get rid of oven grease.

We bet you don’t want to spend hours scrubbing the grease from a used oven. That’s the most physically exhausting task ever. While harsh chemicals and scrubbing might seem the only way to peel off the caked-on layer, it is not. Grab a steam cleaner and a brush attachment. The vapor will loosen the grease, oil, and accumulated food particles. And the brush will scrape off the remnants. Apart from the oven, the steam cleaner can also be used on other appliances such as microwaves, refrigerators, dishwashers, ice makers, and countertops.   

  • Garden furniture

With the summer around the corner, it’s time to get the furniture a much-needed makeover. The cold winter months’ wrath leads to mold, mildew, and algae growth on the furniture surface. Run the steam cleaner over it back and forth. It will quickly wipe off the residues left behind by the harsh winter months. With less scrubbing, this cleaning method will ensure that the original condition of the furniture remains intact. 

  • Mattresses 

The amount of dead skin cells, dust, debris, bodily fluids, oils, and dust mites found on mattresses are beyond your imagination. Given the size, it’s nearly impossible to wash. So, what can you do to maintain its hygiene? Steam cleaning! It will freshen up the mattress while eliminating all the germs. Turn up the temperature to 100 degrees C for the best results. Once you finish running the steam cleaner over the entire mattress, leave it dry. Lastly, put the bed sheet back. And you’re good to go! 

  • Automobiles 

If you have a car, you already know how expensive it is to have a professional deep clean the entire vehicle. Since it’s quite pricey, there’s a limitation to the number of times you can get it cleaned per month. However, with the help of a steam cleaner, you can take matters into your own hands. The vapor will act on the rough mud, dead bugs, road salt, and dust inside and outside the vehicle. Since this method is chemical-free, it can be used to clean grime from the tires, hubcaps, engine, and wheels without the risk of damage.  


With this, we’ve concluded that steam cleaners are quite adaptive when cleaning. Now that you know some of its extra uses, you should also know where it should not be used. Some areas cannot be cleaned with water at all. So, refrain from using it on electronics, hardwood floors, painted surfaces, light fixtures, etc.

Best wishes to you! We hope you have a great cleaning experience. 


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