Addmotor CITYTRI E-310 Electric Trike: A Perfect Choice for Travel Outings and Leisure Rides


Riding an electric trike for leisure or travel brings many benefits for the rider. From mental and physical health to a greener and cleaner environment, the trike is effective for several purposes. The trike under the cost of $2000 makes riding a great option to improve the pollution level. With the low cost and multiple benefits, Addmotor CITYTRI E-310 folding electric trike makes riding affordable.

Addmotor has the potential to make every ride effective. The trike offers all the advanced features to deliver better safety and comfort to any rider and make the ride joyful. In this article, we will explore more about Addmotor CITYTRI E-310. So, buckle up and sit tight.

Addmotor CITYTRI E-310 Electric Trike Review

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Impressive Range 

The Addmotor CITYTRI E-310 folding electric trike has a 48V*20Ah Samsung cell UL-certified Battery, which offers a range of more than 90 miles on a single charge. It makes the leisure ride effective by ensuring a long range using the throttle, and UL certification indicates the fulfillment of all the safety parameters. 

 The rider can choose any place to explore using the electric trike. Whether shopping or running an errand, the folding electric trike is the perfect choice. The battery also supplies power to other features like LCD and lights to ensure smoother functioning of the electric trike while riding the trike in low lights. 

 Powerful Motor

The electric trike has a 750W motor, which provides ample power to the rider. The powerful motor is mounted in the rear wheel, which pushes the foldable trike effectively, even on the inclined surfaces. Riders can use a pedal assist system to complete their ride effortlessly. The pedal assist system offers 7 levels of customization and enables the rider to customize the electric trike based on their ability to pedal the trike. The rider can choose this 750W folding electric trike has the power to make every ride effective. 

 Parking Brake

Parking brakes provide mental relaxation to the rider. The parking brake ensures safe and secure parking of the electric trike. The parking brake prevents any unwanted events by blocking the tires when the trike is parked. It is effective on inclined or uneven surfaces also. So, the rider can enjoy their rides and park their electric trike anywhere. 

 Also, the trike has mechanical disc brakes for three wheels that provide instant stopping power to the rider to make riding safer. The mechanical disc brake with three rotors enables the rider to explore nearby areas with better control and stability. Overall, the braking system provides better control while riding the electric trike and boosts the rider’s confidence.

 Speed Differential

Turning tracks are riskier than straight tracks, or turns on straight tracks can impact the riding experience. In turn, the speed differential is effective. Speed differential in the city electric trike makes riding smoother. The speed differential makes the rear wheels independent of each other. The wheels can rotate in different directions and at different speeds. 

 Payload Capacity

The adult electric trike has 280 + 100 lbs carrying capacity. It enables the rider to carry all the required stuff without compromising the speed of the trike. Whether inclined or bumpy terrain, the trike can carry the weight and run all day. Addmotor CITYTRI offers a removable front and rear basket, but not for free, that enables the riders to carry all the required stuff and make their ride purposeful.

 Reinforced Trailer Tube 

When transporting heavy items on certain models of electric trikes, there is a risk of the trailer tube becoming bent due to buckling. The CITYTRI E-310 comes with a strong reinforced frame on the trailer tube for added strength. This feature ensures that the rider need not worry about any bending in the trailer tube, as it is designed to withstand heavy weights. The sturdy trailer tube plays a crucial role in determining the trike’s weight capacity and its ability to travel smoothly from one place to another.

 Adjustable Handlebar and Saddle

Comfort after completing the ride provides better mental relaxation to the rider. We all find a good trike that can deliver better comfort. Addmotor CITYTRI E-310 folding electric trike has an adjustable seat post and saddle back rest. It helps the rider by maintaining an upright riding position. The saddle has a backrest, which enables the rider to feel more relaxed while riding the electric trike. 

 Throttle and Pedal Assist System

The rider can use the throttle whenever feel tired or unable to pedal the trike. The trike has a Right-hand Half Twist Throttle with Switch. It is easy to operate and makes riding easy for the rider. The rider enjoys their ride without feeling tired just because of the throttle. The trike’s 90+ miles range on a single charge makes the trike a good option for any travel outing.

 The Addmotor CITYTRI E-310 has a pedal assist system with 7 levels of customization. The rider can adjust the pedal assistance and ride the foldable electric trike with ease. The rider can use pedals on any ride without feeling tired or breaking a sweat. The pedal assist system also encourages the rider to perform low-impact exercises and improve their health.

 Bottom Line

A perfect riding companion delivers better satisfaction. It makes every ride better and more joyful. The Addmotor CITYTRI E-310 folding electric trike has an easily foldable frame with a super low step-through frame. The ride can easily carry the trike from one place to another and enjoy traveling anywhere. 

 The trike is a perfect city riding option because of the thin tires. It is a perfect combination of safety and comfort. So, if you want a travel companion that fulfills all your expectations under the budget of $2000, Addmotor CITYTRI E-310 is the right choice for you. Its powerful motor and impressive battery make your every ride amazing. So, book a test ride and get your first foldable electric trike that suits your pocket.


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