The unique gaming industry of Canada


Canada has one of the biggest gaming industries around the planet. According to data, the Great White North has continually been able to grow at rapid rates, with 2021’s figures thought to have been around $4.3 billion and a 20% increase on 2019. Those numbers only account for the video game niche, thus suggesting the entire industry is a multi-billion dollar business.

Canada ranks third-biggest among all countries for video game development, following Japan and USA. Their presence and impact across this industry will likely only become greater over time.

iGaming and sports betting are only just starting to get bigger as favourable conditions in regard to laws and legislation are starting to be brought in. Ontario has been one of the most proactive provinces, as they recently made it possible for residents to enjoy some of the top mobile casinos for Canadians that are available to play, with other locations allowing licensed and offshore options to be utilised.

As a result of the favourable conditions that are being offered, the industry is one of Canada’s biggest and best-performing. While sectors like manufacturing, importing and exporting, energy, and real estate, have always been at the top, the gaming industry is thriving.

Why has Canada become a breeding ground for the gaming industry?

As previously alluded to, it should come as no surprise that Canadian government policies have played such an essential role in nurturing an effective gaming industry. They have managed to offer incentives that encourage the sector as much as possible – such as tax breaks and schemes to reward success within this sector.

These incentives have encouraged some of the largest game developers to establish in many provinces across Canada, drawing in some of the best developers and individuals working within this sector to come work there as part of a talented workforce. Both the country’s quality of life and labour laws have proven highly attractive to foreign workers who wish to move to Canada; many must now apply for Canadian Startup Visa Program applications; though if they follow its steps closely this process should not present many obstacles.

Developers have been able to provide the industry with some of the biggest titles out of the studios that are situated in the country. With gaming huge across Canada, it is no surprise that there have been many to have achieved commercial success and consistently ranked among the very best in the industry.

What could the future of Canada’s unique gaming industry look like?

Gaming industry success may already have been achieved, yet there is no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Canada has proven itself an attractive proposition to overseas companies operating within this market, especially as many conditions that are conducive to success have emerged over the years.

However, thanks to new innovations in gaming technology and innovative ways games can be enjoyed, as well as the ever-evolving landscape of the iGaming industry in Canada, gaming should remain an attractive industry over time in Canada.


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