Breaking the Mold: How Canadian Gamers Forge Their Own Path


Gaming is a popular activity that is gaining popularity with time. It constitutes various concepts, industries, and communities. Furthermore, gaming is diverse but remains unique to particular regions. In some areas, it is more developed in comparison to others. 

This article will review the elements determining whether Canadian gamers rely on the United States. Let’s get into it. 

Gaming Studios

Rockstar, EA Sports, and Activision are some of the biggest States based brands in the game development section. They manufacture games that are widely renowned globally, such as FIFA and Call of Duty.

Though the gaming industry highly depends on these industries, Canadian gamers are fortunate to have native industries like Ubisoft Montreal in Quebec. Popular frolics like Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry hail from the company. 

Another Canadian corporation, BioWare, located in Edmonton, is popular for making famous franchises such as the Mass Effect and Dragon Age series. This feature shows that as much as the US has big game development studios, Canadian gamers sometimes rely on something other than them.

Gaming Platforms and Equipment

Canada-based gamers don’t need to use State based platforms because they have several native software. Though most of them are startups, they have significantly improved the gaming scene. 

These platforms include CryptoKitties, Big Viking Games, and Mino Games. The fact that Canadian gamers use these avenues doesn’t mean they don’t employ sites created by the US.

They have access to reputable gaming platforms such as Microsoft’s Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation. Furthermore, they employ personal computers (PCs), which are becoming increasingly popular.

Canadian gamers may, however, depend on the States on digital distribution platforms. Acclaimed sites such as Steam and Epic Games Store provide numerous games integrating both local and international gamers. 


Due to tournaments, leagues, and teams, online gaming has a growing fanbase, especially in Canada. The advent of technological advancement makes online gaming possible. 

Thanks to the internet, you can now play games like first-person shooter (FPS) games or poker. If you are searching for mobile casinos for Canadians, you can check reputable online sites. 

Famous tournaments such as DreamHack Montreal and the Overwatch League prove Canada got it going without depending on big US tournaments. These events attract global audiences tuning in to see these teams compete. 

Some of the country’s teams include The Toronto Defiant and the Vancouver Titans, who attract gamers of all skill levels. This also increases native engagement. 

Gaming Events and Conferences

Gaming events are essential in ensuring the culture spreads further. In the past, Canada has hosted several gaming events that provide gamers with a space to exchange ideas, showcase skills, and win tournaments. 

A good example is the Enthusiast Gaming Live Expo (EGLX), the largest gaming expo in North America. It takes place in Toronto annually, attracting a large audience. The EGLX features many tournaments like Quake Pro League Season 4, Quake Pro League Season 4, and the eLigue. Additionally, the convention encompasses exhibitions and industry panels. 

Similarly, events like the Montreal International Game Summit (MIGS) and the Game Developers Conference (GDC) equip gamers with the relevant knowledge they need to apply to foster innovation in the industry.


The United States has a significant presence in the gaming scene. From having major game development industries to manufacturing some of the biggest franchises, they have influenced and shaped gaming globally. 

Canada, however, has similarly thrown their weight around by having equally productive studios making big franchises reducing their dependency on the US. 


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