Buying New Kitchen Cabinets? How To Choose The Right Material And Finish

Kitchen Cabinets

A home is a place engulfed with the fragrance of peace and serenity and beautifully tailored to the taste of its occupants. 

A home is essential to everyone because where else do we all unwind after the day’s stress if not at home? 

The Concept Of Kitchens

Now while the building pattern of different homes may vary, the kitchen is one constant section. One of man’s basic needs is food; therefore, every home contains a room called the kitchen, specifically dedicated to preparing food.

Without a doubt, the kitchen, where food is prepared, should be the epitome of tidiness.

A kitchen contains many items, from small items like spoons to bulky items like ovens.     Since all these items are likely to be found in most kitchens around the globe, what differentiates each kitchen is the arrangement of these items within it.    Each home tries to arrange its utensils with easy accessibility and beauty in mind. However, nothing beats the aesthetic nature of having all these utensils properly fitted into beautiful kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinets 

Kitchen cabinets are furniture that can be installed in a kitchen, for organizing and storing food, dishes, silverware, and cooking equipment, in a beautiful and orderly manner. There are many factors to consider when buying a new kitchen cabinet, ranging from design, style, cost, and choice of materials (wood and hardware) to finish. 

While all these might look confusing and difficult, working with an experienced Cabinetry team can make it as seamless as possible for you; most take delight in helping you make an informed decision that suits your style and budget, with durability in sight, while others might just be there for the money. My candid advice is that you get the basic knowledge of choosing the best kitchen cabinets and then take time to do proper research on a cabinetry team before deciding to follow their lead.

Designs Of Kitchen Cabinets 

The design of a kitchen cabinet could be a floor or wall kitchen cabinet, or better still, a combination of both, as research has shown that a good variety of both usually results in a fantastic kitchen cabinet. As the prospective user of the kitchen cabinet, your taste matters a great deal. 

Another essential factor to consider in the design is the age range of the people in your home. A perfect kitchen cabinet is a kitchen cabinet that is designed in such a way that it suits the needs of all the users in the house, irrespective of the human life cycle. Therefore, be it toddlers, growing kids, teens, adults, aged ones, or even disabled ones, everyone in the home should be able to properly access the essential kitchen tools they need, in the kitchen cabinet, without stress.

Styles Of Kitchen Cabinets 

The style of a kitchen cabinet is meant to align with your kitchen design and personal taste properly. Many styles, from shaker cabinets to slab cabinets, suit everyone’s needs and preferences. While the shaker cabinets are known for their simplicity in design, the slab cabinets are known for their sleekness and modern appearance. Therefore, rest assured that whether you are a fan of simplicity, a good, old-fashioned traditional kitchen cabinet, or a fan of modern and sleek kitchen cabinets, there is a range of beautiful kitchen cabinets out there that suits your taste.

The Cost Factor 

Another essential factor to consider is the cost involved. When buying a kitchen cabinet, finances should be foremost. Considering your budget, design, durability, and more, these should guide you every step. The goal should be to get high-quality kitchen cabinets that won’t break the bank.

Components Of Kitchen Cabinets 


The fact that kitchen cabinets are built to carry heavy loads over a long time makes solid wood the most acceptable choice for many cabinet parts. No matter the design and cost in mind, the base, door, and frame of your kitchen cabinet should be made with solid wood, its durability, in the long run, overshadows all other factors. Since solid wood generally is costly and cost-effectively, we have different grades of it; from Oak to Maple, to Cherry, down to Teak; in the increasing rank of cost, these different types of solid wood should be considered, depending on your financial capability, for the main parts of your cabinets. 

An alternative to using solid wood for the frame and door could be Particleboard, Plywood, or Medium Density Fiberboards (MDF), but then subsequent serviceability should be considered; once cut, only the solid wood and MDF can be reshaped easily, while only the solid wood can be repaired by someone other than the manufacturer.

However, with cost-effectiveness in mind, RTA (ready-to-assemble) plywood cabinets are a convenient option also. The RTA plywood cabinet is your best bet for a budget-friendly kitchen cabinet that offers value without compromising quality. If you want that long-lasting kitchen cabinet with a beautiful design, solid wood should be used for your kitchen cabinet’s body, doors, and frame, while plywood should be used for the body, boards, and sides.


The hardware, which consists of a few metal parts, like hinges and drawer/door handles, can be chosen based on cost and taste. Asides from the recent upgrades like the automatic opening and closing mechanisms (soft close, push to open) that have been added to make things look smooth and calm, the hardware of most kitchen cabinets is cost-effective.


Lastly, the finish, which is the finishing touch, brings finesse to everything as a whole; it affects the color and elegance of the kitchen cabinet. The most important factors to be considered for your finish are your taste, budget, and durability. The waterborne ultra-violet, high-pressure laminate, thermo foil, and melamine are elegant and very durable but not cost-effective compared to the varnished, painted, and stained. 

The natural finish, however, is highly cost-effective, as it requires just sanding and oiling to bring out the color of the wood used. But if you are a stickler for colorful things, you are in for a treat. 

From black kitchen cabinets to blue kitchen cabinets, to gray kitchen cabinets, to white kitchen cabinets, down to off-white kitchen cabinets, many beautiful finishes will suit your taste.

Colorful cabinets tend to be aesthetic, so there is always a supply of colorful designs to suit the bright needs of customers.


In all, when buying new kitchen cabinets, experience matters a lot. Thus, you should consider all the variables. This content aims to give you a proper heads-up on everything about the best kitchen cabinets so that you can confidently go into the market that you know what you want in choosing the suitable material and finish for your kitchen cabinet. 


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