Office Chair Maintenance: Tips for keeping your chair in great condition

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Have you borrowed an office chair and wanted to use it for years? Well, if yes then it’s only important if you have done proper care of your chair from time to time. The parts of the chair get damaged by using it every day and if the owner of the chair didn’t do any kind of care of the chair then it gets damaged very soon. So, if you want to extend its life span then you must have proper knowledge about the maintenance of your chair.

Well, office chair maintenance is not a very complex task, a person will just have to learn it once and apply it from time to time. When you take care of the maintenance of your office chair then the kids down if your chair will get enhanced. In this discussion, we’re going to discuss some of the major office chair maintenance ideas that will enhance your chair’s life. So, if you have brought an expensive chair and want to use it for years then just stick with this discussion. 

Top 5 Tips for office chair maintenance 

We have searched a lot and visited lots of websites. After collecting all this information we shortlisted 5 most effective office chair maintenance tips that will surely enhance the life of your chair and are helpful to keep your chair in great condition. 

1. Upholstery Tag 

When you buy a high-quality office chair then you find a dedicated Upholstery tag. This tag attains all the instructions which are required for cleaning. This tag determines the best things you have to do for cleaning your office chair. All the tags attain a dedicated cleaning code in it. 

So, if you see video ‘W’, then it means that the office chair can be washed with water. You can also use any kind of water-based cleaning product to clean it. If the code written in it is ‘A’ and then you should go with a water-free solvent. In case, the tag of your chair then is around W/A then you can easily use water-free products and water-based products to clean your office chair. 

2. Vacuum the dust particles 

Lots of particles are available in the air and these particles can not be seen with naked eyes. These particles place a huge impact on your office chair and make it dirty. So, if you want to keep your office chair clean then removing these particles is an essential task to do. To clean these particles, the best thing you can easily do is to use a vacuum cleaner and clean it thoroughly. Also, ensure to repeat the vacuum cleaning of your office chair 2 times every month. This helps you to remove the nanoscopic particles from your chair and keep your chair always clean.

3. Fabric cleaning 

In case you have a chair that is made with fabric, but you witnessed a blemish over it then you can go with the idea of upholstery cleaning and clean it with warm water. Follow the steps below to know how to clean

  •     Firstly, you pour the cloth on water and Dampen it.
  •     Now, dampen it with a water solvent cleaning product.
  •     Place the cloth over the strained area and gently scrub it until it consumes deeper into the fabric.
  •     Wait until it gets dry, and your cleaning is ready.

Make sure this cleaning tip is only for those chairs that are made with fabric and get strained.

4. Lubricating castors

If you want to enhance the life of your office chairs then you must lubricate the castors from time to time. To clean the castors you have to flip the chair upside down and off the wheels. Now, you have to use a butter knife and get rid of the debris. If you find some hair over it then you can cut them off. Now, wipe the castor with a damp cloth and spray the lubricant over it. Make sure to practice this cleaning activity once every 6 months.

5. Keep it away from sunlight

Well, this is the easiest thing you can do to enhance the life of your chair and ensure the maintenance and cleaning of your chair. So, you have to make sure to keep your chair in a shaded area of the room. This will safeguard its fabric from UV rays. The availability of direct sunlight leads to drying out the moisture of the leather and damaging the material of your chair. So, make sure to keep it away from the sunlight.

So, these are some of the most effective and easiest ways to clean your office chair and keep it maintained. We’re sure that if a person follows these guidelines and performs proper care of your chair then the life of your chair will increase, and it always looks new and attractive like before.

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