How Much Does It Cost to Build a Fence in Fort Worth, Texas


Have you been thinking of ways to revamp your backyard so that you can add value? There are numerous ways to do it, such as adding an outdoor kitchen or including hardscapes in your plush, green yard. But one way you can add value is by installing a fence. If your home doesn’t have a fence or you need to replace an existing one, here are some things you should consider including costs. 

Reasons To Consider Fencing

Although many may install fences for aesthetic reasons, this isn’t the only reason to include a fence in your landscape. Although they can be quite an eye-catching feature, here are some more practical reasons to consider getting a fence in Fort Worth, Texas. 

Fences Improve Privacy

Are you worried about your nosey neighbor peering into your yard, especially when you’re entertaining guests? Well, you can help reduce their nosey stares by installing a fence. 

Fencing Increases Value

Another reason to consider fencing is that it increases value. If you plan to sell your home for cash, there’s no need to worry about the value of your fence. However, if you plan to sell your house in Fort Worth, TX, traditionally, your fence could recoup upwards of 50% return on investment (ROI). But not only could you see value in terms of cash. You could also see an increase in value with regard to improving your curb appeal. 

Keeps Things In Or Out

Do you want another great reason to install a fence on your Fort Worth property? It’s a great way to keep things in or out of your yard. For instance, if you have a pet, you can install a fence to ensure that your pet remains inside the fence. This will keep your pet from getting harmed or harming someone. 

Additionally, fences can do an excellent job of keeping intruders out. With a fence, you won’t have to worry about neighbors, passersby, or wildlife walking on your property. 

Another thing that a fence may keep out is sound. Wood, vinyl, and composite fences do a good job of muffling noises that may come from traffic or other loud sounds near your property. 

What Type of Fence Should You Choose

There are many types of fences you can choose from in Fort Worth. But some of the most popular types in this city include wood picket fences, stockade fencing, and vertical board fencing. While wood may be a great choice, particularly for privacy and aesthetic, you should consider getting a metal chain link fence or an ornamental aluminum fence. 

Which type of fence you choose boils down to your needs. Do you want a fence to improve the beauty of your landscape? You may want to consider a wood design. Are you primarily concerned with preventing people from walking freely on your property or keeping your pets in? You may want to consider a metal fence. 

Cost of Fence Installation in Fort Worth

Now the moment you’ve been waiting for: the cost of fence installation in Fort Worth, Texas. Nationwide, fence installation could run about $3,000. In Fort Worth, you can also expect to pay about the same price. Many factors could drive prices up or down, including the type of fence, square footage, height, and labor costs. Other costs to consider are the cost of gate installation, permit costs, and removal of the current fence. 


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