NFL 2023 Season Preview


The NFL Season is one of the shortest sporting events with a calendar spanning just a few months and not even all the teams are playing for anything for a significant portion of the campaign after they’ve been eliminated from post-season contention. Therefore, if you’re planning to wager on the outcome of the season with an offshore betting site, then it’s best to get your ducks in a row and be organized about it. We’ve got some great picks ahead of the season starting. Even if you bet on them winning the Super Bowl, the chances are you’ll be able to cash out during the season creating a few value-led propositions.

Long Shots?

To start, we’ve got some potentially good value picks that could see you make a handsome return if they come to fruition or if you cash out along the way. They might not be nailed on dead-cert results but are estimated guesses as to what could feasibly bring home some winnings. At +20000, the Arizona Cardinals are ranked with the biggest odds but in reality, there’s a very small chance you’ll see a return on that so there’s almost no value in it. Unless Tom Brady is seen looking at houses in the area…

New Orleans Saints +3000

Statistically, the New Orleans Saints have the easiest schedule of all 32 teams. While they’ve not been the best franchise in recent years, this is the golden opportunity for them to return to the big time and challenge for Super Bowl participation. In April this year, it was clear that the team was making waves to evolve the look of their play by agreeing to terms with 11 new players who were undrafted. With trusted offshore betting sites setting the odds at around +3000, if the Saints get close to the mark then this could bring about a tidy little figure.

New York Jets +1800

Of course, if you had bet on the New York Jets before the rumors of Aaron Rodgers surfaced you would have got a better price. However, even with him firmly at the franchise, there’s still good value with the +1800 odds for predicting that they’ll win the Super Bowl. Rodgers will be trying to replicate the heroics of Tom Brady, as he turned up an underperforming team and took them to the ultimate glory.

The elephant in the room however is that, even with Rodgers, the Jets have a very hard season ahead. Ranked as the second hardest schedule of the entire season league, Rodgers will have his work cut out for him.

Jacksonville Jaguars +2500

Jacksonville Jaguars. While not classically a top team, this is a franchise transforming after Doug Pedersen and Trevor Lawrence found their groove for the team. 2022 was an electric season for them as they reached the division playoffs, one year after finishing with a 3-14 record and a 1-15 the season prior.

Having traded a lot of their 2023 draft picks away, the team hasn’t been able to pick up the richest cream of the draft. However, the 21-year-old running-back, Tank Bigsby joins having impressed in his college career and could enhance the team’s running game.

If you think the Jags will improve on last season, then +2500 offers a great amount of value if they make it to the Super Bowl. This price puts them in the middle of the pack for futures value making them of the pre-season favorites for journalists to tout as one of the best value propositions.

Not as good value…

There are some options out there that seem a little short-priced for the likelihood of them actually happening. We’ve highlighted these so you can stay clear of them or at least make an informed decision about them. Of course, if you don’t mind a very small humble return to you could just bet on the Kansas City Chiefs, as they always start as favorites.

Philadelphia Eagles +700

How often does a team go to the Super Bowl, lose it, and then come back to win it? Unfortunately, that legacy is reserved for the ultimate top-tier franchises like the Green Bay Packers and New England Patriots of yesteryear and the contemporary Kansas City Chiefs. Therefore the +700 seems a little short when backing the Eagles to actually complete that feat.

The franchise has also turned over a lot of personnel in the summer. Andre Dillard, T.J. Edwards, and Gardener Minshew might have had varying levels of importance but all appeared for the team last season. Jason Kelce has signed a one-year contract extension but at the age of 35, is this the kind of player that the team needs?

The team has a pretty grueling schedule with the quality of the opposition it has to face but is offset by the rest of the NFC East franchises also having drawn relatively short straws too.

Buffalo Bills +800

While the Buffalo Bills are a great team playing some amazing football under head coach Sean McDermott, they’re currently being given odds of around +800 to win the Super Bowl. However, when all aspects are considered it doesn’t really equate to a fantastic value offering. Firstly, they’ve got the fourth-hardest schedule in the league and will have to play a game in London which adds logistical issues. They’ve also lost experienced players like Tremaine Edmunds and Isaiah McKenzie, while not the totality of success, they will be hard to replace.

Cincinnati Bengals +900

A lot of people like the Cincinnati Bengals and their exceptional quarterback, Joe Burrow. The team might have done well last season by finishing first in the AFC North but there’s no guarantee they’ll do that or make it to the AFC Championship again. One reason for this price not being incredibly attractive is as they’ve got the hardest schedule of the teams in their division. Given that this group also contains the Baltimore Ravens, the Pittsburgh Steelers, and the Cleveland Browns, it’s easy to see the Bengals getting left behind. Subsequently, the fierce competition means that’s not too much value in taking them on the +900 price.


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