Where Can I Find A Girlfriend: 50 Places

Where Can I Find A Girlfriend: 50 Places

The modern world gives us many opportunities to meet the opposite sex. Let’s look at a few of the most common options that you have already thought about. It’s worth deciding on a specific location. Start with something simpler and gradually cover more and more ground. Over time, you will learn how to act in all conditions and consistently get results. The question of how to find a girl will disappear by itself.

Best places to find a girlfriend

If you’ve already wondered, “Where can I find a hot sexy girlfriend or a mail order bride?”, we have good news for you. We have collected the top 10 places to find a girlfriend and below we will tell you about them.

  • A park where you take your dog for a walk in the morning would be a good place to meet a girl also walking her pet.
  • A café is considered a great option for dating because it is often frequented by single girls.
  • In the gym, you can find a like-minded woman who likes sports as much as you do.
  • A stop makes it easy to start a dialogue with the girl you like, which you will start by asking about the route of transportation. 
  • A book exhibition or museum is a good place to meet a decent, erudite girl.
  • On a trip, on an excursion, or on vacation.
  • In nightclubs and through a dating site.

Despite the fact that psychologists believe that the best way of dating is live communication, in reality, many men wonder “Where can I find a girlfriend online?”. You can distinguish three categories: 

  • On social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) 
  • On special dating sites 
  • In applications (Tinder, Badoo, etc.)

Where Can I Find A Girlfriend: 50 Places

Where can I find a new girlfriend?

A much more important question, though, is what to do when found.

First of all, let me ask what purpose you are looking for her. Casual sex? Friendship trips to a soccer game? Five kids? Travel around the world? The perfect romantic relationship? Of course, you’re probably just obsessed with finding a girlfriend, and the rest is up to you. So, what are the best places to find a girlfriend? 

In reality, the question of purpose determines where you will look for a girl and what you will do with your precious find. If you are interested in a girlfriend for one night, then better than Tinder we will not find a mate for you. First, in the app, you can directly and frankly express your intentions without embellishment or deception. Secondly, you can discuss all your preferences and desires, methods of contraception, and health status (this is an important point of conversation with a stranger). You can try to get acquainted with a girl in a bar or at a party with the same purpose, but the chances to get a slap in the face or get the contents of her drink in her face are much higher. And a gentleman should not lie to girls about his intentions.

If you’re ready for a more serious and long-term relationship or, at least, not against trying, here’s how to find a girl (and what to do then).

On the Internet

The most obvious option. Modern life suggests that the easiest way to find a girl is on a dating site. However, not everything is so unambiguous. You should choose proven sites, so as not to get caught in a scam.

At the bar

Here are a few tips: 

  • If she’s already flirting with the bartender, don’t try to switch her attention to yourself; 
  • If she came with a friend, buy a cocktail for both, and you shouldn’t interrupt their meeting, just compliment and leave your phone number; 
  • Avoid too pushy and intrusive techniques — you shouldn’t move to her table or move your chair in before you greet her.

At a friend’s party

This, in our opinion, is the perfect place and atmosphere to meet a girl. If you see a lovely lady you want to talk to urgently, first find the party planner or person who invited you. Maybe he or she can introduce you, and that’s a much more effective and elegant way to get to know someone than presenting yourself. Further, everything is simple — start with how she met your mutual friends and was at this party, find out what she works and what she is interested in, and woo her (however, all the time her glass should not be full, otherwise your betrothed will be drunk before you get to the general hobbies).

At a party somewhere else

It’s not easy to meet a girl at a party and make a good impression. There are a lot of people around, it’s very noisy, she probably didn’t come alone, but with friends, and here you’re trying to introduce yourself and strike up a conversation. We will give you three tips. First, try to figure out if she smokes — if so, this is your chance to get acquainted outside the dance floor. If not, use the second option: approach her, and have your smartphone ready to find her on Instagram. Girls rarely agree to give their phone numbers to the first person they meet, but they usually share their social networking account (because their beautiful photos should not gather dust without fans). If you can not talk at the party, you can contact her the next day. And the third tip — in any case, do not pester her on the dance floor. Trying to dance to grab the lady’s ass or pin her down is not only pretty pathetic but risky — it will accuse you of harassment and ruin your reputation. 

At work

A few caveats at once. If during the corporate party, you thought you were in love and it’s your other half, most likely you’re just very drunk. In general, to meet a girl at work is not very difficult — you can find her name, e-mail, and department on a corporate website company, set up a chance meeting (to be in the kitchen at the same time, catch her in the hallway, meet in the elevator) and invite her to lunch. Just be careful — if something goes wrong, all your colleagues will probably find out about it.

At weddings

The most traditional place for dating is considered someone else’s wedding. The bride often invites unmarried girlfriends, and the groom invites unmarried friends. And that’s where you can all meet. To achieve success, the main thing — meet three conditions: you perfectly fit a suit or tuxedo, you have prepared the most touching or funny toast, and ready to dance so that every girl at the wedding would want to be your partner. If the last point is difficult, urgently enroll in courses. Girls in general love guys who are cool to move and not shy to dance. This will simplify the acquaintance and the bar, and the club, and the party — they will come to you (a good partner in dance and usually in sex does not fail).

The worst places to find a girlfriend

  1. Cooking classes. You should not get into a serious relationship with a girl you met at a cooking class. After all, if the object of your desire, and in the future may be your wife, attends a cooking class — it does not mean that she is a skilled cook and wants to strengthen her knowledge. This means that the only things she can cook you are overcooked dumplings and burnt eggs!
  2. A disco. It is a bad place for a good wife. Don’t meet a girl at your favorite club. If you, as usual, came to relax in the club, and at the table opposite, sits a pretty girl who you see here for the first time — do not dare to approach her! At your disco, you see it for the first time, not because she is quiet, modest, and does not walk anywhere, but because she either first — has bypassed all the other clubs or second — she was kicked out for indecent behavior from the previous!
  3. Library. The library is also not the best place to meet decent girls! If a girl reads books from 18 and older, it means that at school she either couldn’t read or was busy with other activities incompatible with reading!

Street. You shouldn’t meet girls on the street during the day! If you meet a great girl in broad daylight, she has a hundred percent of problems at night! Maybe she can’t control herself when she sees the moonlight!


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