Dick Cheney Net Worth: From CEO to Vice President

Dick Cheney Net Worth

In this article, we explore Dick Cheney net worth, the former Vice President of America.  Alongside his political ventures, Cheney’s wealth and financial endeavors have been subjects of interest. Throughout his influential career in politics, Cheney has amassed a significant amount of wealth. This article sheds light on the ventures that have contributed to his financial success. Keep reading on to know all these in detail.

Who is Dick Cheney?

Dick Cheney, born Richard Bruce Cheney, is a prominent American politician, and businessman. In politics, he has had a long and influential career. He is mostly known as the 46th Vice President of the US during President George W. Bush. Born in 1941, in Lincoln, Cheney grew up in Wyoming. His family settled there when he was a child.

Dick Cheney Net Worth

Cheney’s early career began with his engagement in politics during the 1960s. It is when he worked as a congressional aide. Later, he worked under President Richard Nixon as an assistant. Also, Cheney worked as the Chief of Staff to President Gerald Ford. Cheney’s extensive experience in government laid the foundation for his subsequent rise to prominence.

How Much is Dick Cheney Net Worth?

Dick Cheney’s net worth has been a subject of speculation, and estimates vary. According to major sources, Cheney has amassed a net worth of around $86 million. This substantial wealth primarily came from his tenure as the chairman and CEO of Halliburton.

Net Worth $86 million
Full Name Richard Bruce Cheney
Born January 30, 1941
Birthplace Lincoln, Nebraska, United States
Nationality American
Height 5 feet 8 inches (1.73 m)
Profession Politician, Businessperson

Political Career Overview

Dick Cheney’s journey in politics began with humble origins. He started as an intern for Congressman William A. Steiger, where he gained valuable experience and exposure to the world of politics. This early engagement laid the foundation for his subsequent political ventures.

Cheney’s career took a significant leap in 1975. Dick got his role as the White House Chief of Staff. He worked in that position from 1975 to 1977 under President Gerald Ford. This role allowed Cheney to showcase his leadership abilities and establish connections within politics. Serving as Chief of Staff placed Cheney as a trusted advisor to the President. That further solidified Cheney’s reputation in Washington, D.C.

Representative for Wyoming

Wyoming became Cheney’s political base when he represented the state. From 1979 to 1989, he was Wyoming’s representative in the U.S. House of Representatives. During his tenure, Cheney focused on championing Wyoming’s interests and addressing the concerns of his constituents. As a representative, Cheney had expanded his influence within the political sphere.

Dick Cheney Net Worth

Selection as Vice Presidential Candidate

One such major moment in Dick Cheney’s political career came in the 2000 presidential election. Cheney was selected as the running mate for Republican nominee George W. Bush. That would lead him to become the Vice President of America if the ticket succeeded. The selection thrust Cheney into the national spotlight. This event brought increased attention and scrutiny to his political record.

Vice President of the United States

In 2001, Dick Cheney was elected America’s 46th Vice President. As Vice President, Cheney played a major role in shaping the nation’s policies. To say, particularly in matters of national security and foreign affairs. For instance, the September 2001, terrorist attacks greatly impacted his term. The reason was that Cheney became a key figure in the U.S., responding to the tragic events.

Influence on National Security and Foreign Policy

Cheney’s tenure as Vice President witnessed a strong emphasis on national security and foreign policy. He advocated for robust measures to combat terrorism, leading to the implementation of various policies and strategies. The Iraq War became a central component of the administration’s agenda; with Cheney supporting the decision to engage militarily in Iraq.

Legacy and Controversies

While Cheney’s influence in shaping policy decisions was significant, his journey was not without controversy. Critics questioned the justifications for the Iraq War. And concerns were expressed about the use of enhanced interrogation methods. These controversies generated debates and public scrutiny surrounding Cheney’s role and decision-making processes during his time in office.

Chairman and CEO of Halliburton

Dick Cheney became the CEO of Halliburton in 1995. And later he served as Chairman and CEO from 1996 to 2000. His involvement at the company played a great role in boosting his earnings. Reportedly, Cheney’s salary as CEO was $205K at that time.

However, Cheney’s leadership at Halliburton faced criticism. Some Dresser executives raised concerns about the company’s estimation practices after its merger with Dresser Industries. As a result, Halliburton shareholders filed a lawsuit. They claimed that the company had artificially inflated its stock price during that period.


Additionally, in 2010, the Nigerian government filed a corruption complaint against Halliburton, mentioning Cheney as well. The company settled the case for $250 million. During his term as CEO, Halliburton made changes to its estimation practices, regarding differed costs on major construction projects.

Cheney resigned as CEO when he was announced as George Bush’s vice presidential pick in the 2000 election. He maintained that this step, along with other actions taken to establish trust. And eliminated any conflicts of interest. When Cheney left Halliburton to join the presidential ticket, he received a substantial payout of $34 million. In 2006, he and his wife had a joint income of nearly $8.82 million. Apparently, Dick Cheney net worth is largely attributed to his time at Halliburton.

Assets and Investments

Apart from his involvement in Halliburton, Cheney has made substantial investments in real estate. Also, the former vice president owned several properties throughout the years. According to OpenSecrets, Cheney owned around twenty-three assets totaling $11.5-$50.1 million in 2005. And in 2005, he had eighteen assets by twenty-three, totaling $17.1-$79.5 million.

The politician owns a $2.67 million mansion in Wyoming, where he served as a representative. In January 2000, Cheney purchased a small lot in Virginia, for $1.35 million.

Another notable real estate investment was a waterfront estate in Saint Michaels. That Cheney acquired in 2005 for $2.67 million. But, later in 2019, he sold the property for $2.1 million. All these acquisitions and sales exemplify Cheney’s involvement in the real estate market. These also show his ability to generate wealth through property investments.

Aside from real estate, Cheney has diversified his investment portfolio. For instance, in 2014, he invested in WellAware, a technology company. The value of his investment raised $37 million during the Series B funding round.


Where does Dick Cheney live now?

Currently, Dick Cheney resides in Wyoming. It’s the state where he spent much of his childhood and has a strong connection.

What did Dick Cheney do?

Over time, Dick Cheney has had a varied career. But people notably know him as the 46th Vice President of the US. Cheney also held positions such as White House Chief of Staff. Besides, he had also been the Chairman and CEO of Halliburton Company.

How old is Dick Cheney?

As of 2023, Dick Cheney would be 84 years old.

Did Dick Cheney run for president?

No, Dick Cheney did not run for president.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Dick Cheney has amassed substantial wealth throughout his career. From his early beginnings to politics and investment, Cheney built his empire from diverse avenues. Majorly, his leadership at Halliburton and investments have contributed to Dick Cheney net worth.


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