How to Choose Perfect Tiles for House


Making changes to your home is necessary because it can bring something different to your home and keep it looking very beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, without having to make major changes. Of course, there are lots of great ideas to choose from to do your home decor. 

One way is to use tiles. Of course, you should be able to find the type and model of tile that is suitable for your home. There are lots of places that offer good tiles, but of course one of the best is Sukabumi Tiles which has indeed been successful in providing the highest quality tiles for a long time, and of course, they know what you need.

Few Simple Tips to Find Good Tiles

As a customer, of course, you want to get quality goods and at the same time have long-lasting durability. That’s why you have to know about some of the best ways to choose a tile for use in your home. 

Indeed, you can find the best tiles at Sukabumi Tiles which can always provide quality to you. We have prepared some of the best steps to help you find suitable tiles to be installed in your home, to give a different decoration impression to your home. Well, let’s see what steps must be taken.

Choosing Types of Tile

Is a very important first step for you to do. By knowing the type of tile to be used, you will understand which one is right and which one you need to install in your home. 

This is a good thing, as it can help you find exactly what you need to decorate your home. Of course, you can find the best tiles in Sukabumi Tiles. 

Tiles Texture

Things to consider when choosing tiles for areas that are prone to getting wet, such as kitchens, bathrooms, or the entrance area of ​​the house. Use granite tiles with a matt texture in these areas to minimize accidents. A glossy texture will allow someone to slip if placed in the bathroom area.

Selection of Tile Patterns and Colors

Especially for the pattern and color of the tile that you will choose, of course, this will vary greatly according to individual tastes. However, there are some basic rules regarding the use of colors that you need to know:

  • Light colors will make a room appear larger;
  • Dark colors can give the impression of a narrower room. However, on the other hand, it can add a warm impression to the room;
  • Neutral colors will facilitate the decoration process;
  • Striking colors give a strong impression and can cheer up the atmosphere instantly.

In choosing a color, you can consider the final impression it produces, compatibility with existing home decor, and of course your tastes.

Those are some of the best ways for you to find tiles that are suitable for use in your home. Hopefully, this helps and if you are looking for tiles that have good quality and a wide selection of patterns and colors, of course, Sukabumi tiles is the perfect choice for home decor.


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