How to renovate a house, step by step


If you’re wondering how to renovate a house to turn it into a dream home, you’ve come to the right place. Here, you’ll dive into a world full of inspiring ideas, practical tips and the latest trends in interior design. 

Now, imagine this: your home is a blank canvas and you are the artist. Each room is a blank page waiting to be written in your unique style. Home remodeling is like an exciting adventure, where the construction tools become your paintbrushes and the materials become your color palette. Are you ready to capture your vision and transform your space into something truly extraordinary? The Marbella architects have a special gift for combining luxury and elegance in every project they touch.

There are no fixed rules or limitations here. From renovating a small living room to completely transforming a mansion, the possibilities are endless. You can opt for a minimalist and elegant design, where every element has a clear purpose and function. Or perhaps you prefer a rustic and cozy style, transporting you to a charming country retreat.

Our goal is to inspire you, guide you, and give you the tools you need to achieve the home of your dreams. We want you to discover how every detail, from the choice of furniture to the right lighting, can completely transform a space and make it your own.

How to renovate a house, step by step

Get ready to explore, learn and get excited about all things related to home remodeling, this is just the beginning of an incredible journey towards creating a home that reflects your style and personality!

Step 1: Planning and budgeting

Before you dive in, it’s important to have a solid plan and a realistic budget. Imagine what you would like your home to look like after the renovation. Make a list of the areas you want to change and set priorities. Then, determine how much you’re willing to spend and adjust your plan accordingly.

Step 2: Recruitment of professionals

Renovating a house is not a job to be done alone. It is essential to have a team of reliable professionals to help you in the process. Look for the best architects in Marbella. Ask for recommendations, review their portfolios and make sure they are aligned with your vision. 

Step 3: Demolition and preparation

It’s time to make some noise! Get ready to demolish and get rid of what you no longer need. Remember to take the necessary precautions and use protective equipment. Once you’ve cleared the land, be sure to properly prepare it for the new improvements.

Step 4: Structural renovations

If you plan to make major changes to the structure of your home, such as adding an extension or opening up spaces, now is the time to do it. Work closely with your team of professionals to ensure that all building regulations are met and that the structure is safe and stable.

Step 5: Electrical and plumbing

It’s time to upgrade your home’s electrical and plumbing systems. Replace old wiring, update switches and outlets, and make sure all plumbing connections are in good condition. Consider installing LED lighting to save energy and add practical features, such as USB plugs in strategic locations.

Step 6: Interior design and finishing

This is where you can really let your creativity run wild! Choose colors, materials and finishes that reflect your personal style. Let’s delve into some specific areas:


The kitchen is the heart of the home, so spend time designing it. Choose functional and energy-efficient appliances. Opt for durable materials for countertops and flooring, and consider adding an island or bar to create a social and practical space.


Bathrooms are intimate spaces where you can relax and revitalize. Consider installing a floor-level shower with a glass enclosure for a modern look. Add a sleek vanity and well-lit mirrors. Don’t forget to pay attention to details, such as bathroom fixtures.


Choose colors that reflect your style and personality. Add decorative elements such as paintings, pillows, and curtains that complement the environment. Play with lighting and use functional furniture that maximizes space to create a cozy and unique space!

Why hire architects in Marbella to renovate a house?

Firstly, Marbella is known for its exquisite architecture and cutting-edge design. From stunning villas to dream hotels, their creativity, and attention to detail are unparalleled.

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What makes Klicarquitectos stand out from the competition? Their personalized approach and commitment to client satisfaction is second to none. They work closely with each client to understand their needs and turn their dreams into reality. No matter how big or small the project, Klicarquitectos gives their all and ensures that every detail is carefully thought out.

But what really puts Klicarquitectos at the top is their ability to fuse architectural beauty with functionality. Every project they undertake is not only aesthetically stunning, but also designed to be practical and tailored to their clients’ needs. It’s no wonder they are the number one choice for those looking for a perfect combination of form and function.

So, if you are looking for the best architects in Spain, Marbella is the place to find them. And among all the outstanding talents, Klicarquitectos takes the crown. Their passion, creativity, and commitment to excellence have taken them to the top of the industry. Trust them to make your architectural dreams come true, and you will see why they are the best in their field.


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