From Traditional to Luxury: Choosing the Perfect Safari Package


A trip to Dubai can be the highlight of a luxurious vacation, offering thrilling and adventurous activities that cater to every traveler’s taste. Among the many options available, embarking on a safari tour is a must-do experience that allows you to explore the mesmerizing desert landscape while enjoying the modern cityscape. In this blog, we will discuss the various safari packages offered, providing you with the necessary information to select the perfect trip of luxury desert safari in Dubai.

Everything To Know When Choosing Your Right Safari Package

Have the best time on luxury safari tours with these amazing packages that you can get.

Standard Package

Immerse yourself in the thrill and beauty of the desert with the Standard Package, designed to provide an unforgettable desert safari experience. This comprehensive package offers a range of exciting activities and amenities that guarantee a memorable adventure for everyone.

Your adventure begins with a convenient doorstep transfer in a spacious 7-seater SUV, allowing you to relax and enjoy the journey to the desert. Feel the excitement building as you arrive at the golden sand dunes, ready for a highly fun 15–20 minutes dune bashing ride. The skilled drivers guarantee a thrilling ride filled with adrenaline-pumping moments and breathtaking views, giving you a luxury safari trip that no one will ever forget.

After the dune bashing, indulge in a short camel ride, an iconic desert activity that offers a unique perspective of the landscape. Feel the gentle sway of the camel as you ride the dunes, immersing yourself in the traditional charm of the region.

For those seeking more adventure, try sandboarding, a thrilling sport that combines the exhilaration of snowboarding with the desert’s sandy terrain. Glide down the dunes and feel the rush as you conquer the slopes.

As the evening approaches, unwind and recharge with evening snacks accompanied by unlimited coffee and tea. Take advantage of the smoking area access with a hookah, where you can relax and enjoy traditional flavors.

To enhance your cultural experience, guests are presented with live fire shows, captivating Tanoura performances, and mesmerizing belly dance routines. Immerse yourself in the rhythm and energy of these traditional performances, allowing the rich heritage of the desert to come to life.

The Standard Package offers an all-inclusive experience, ensuring that every moment of your luxury safari tour is filled with excitement, relaxation, and cultural immersion. Have an unforgettable journey into the heart of the desert, where adventure and enchantment await.

Exclusive Package

For an unforgettable adventure in the heart of the mesmerizing desert landscape, the Exclusive Package provides everything you need. From the moment you step out of your accommodations, you will be treated to the best luxuries, starting with a doorstep transfer in an exclusive Land Cruiser. The highlight of this package is the extended dune bash, offering a 30 to 35-minute ride through the sandy terrain. Skilled drivers navigate the high dunes, providing a mind-blowing experience that will leave you breathless and craving for more.

For those seeking a more traditional desert experience, the long camel ride, also known as a camel trek, offers a peaceful journey through the vast desert. As guests roam around the golden sands atop these fun creatures, they can immerse themselves in the serenity and solitude of the desert. Thrill-seekers can indulge in sand-boarding, gliding down the steep slopes on specially designed boards. It’s a great activity that combines the thrill of snowboarding with the unique desert landscape, creating lasting memories and plenty of laughter.

As the evening sets in, guests can unwind and enjoy the ambiance of the desert while relishing evening snacks accompanied by unlimited coffee and tea. For those looking to experience a traditional Arabian pastime, the exclusive package also offers access to a smoking area with a variety of flavored hookahs. After working up an appetite, scrumptious veg and non-veg BBQ buffet dinner await, offering a delicious feast of flavors and culinary delights. The buffet is filled with traditional Arab cuisine, giving you a great opportunity to explore the cultural dishes. A mesmerizing fire show, traditional Tanoura dance, and two vibrant belly dance performances transport guests into the heart of Arabian culture, creating an immersive and unforgettable experience.

The exclusive package offers a harmonious blend of adventure, relaxation, and cultural experience, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a wonderful time in desert exploration. With its array of thrilling activities, great dining options, and captivating entertainment, this package ensures that every moment spent in the desert is truly extraordinary.

ATV Ride Package

For an exhilarating and unforgettable adventure in the deep and open desert, the ATV Ride Package is the perfect choice. With a duration of 30 minutes, this thrilling self-drive experience allows participants to immerse themselves in the breathtaking beauty of the desert landscape while riding powerful ATV quad bikes. One of the conveniences of this package is the option for direct self-drive to the meeting location. This ensures that visitors have the freedom and flexibility to reach the starting point at their own pace, without any hassles. Additionally, free parking is available, eliminating any concerns about finding a safe place to leave their vehicles during the adventure.

The best part of the package is the ATV quad bike ride itself. Participants will have the opportunity to navigate through the mesmerizing desert terrain, feeling the excitement as they conquer the dunes and explore the vastness of the open desert. The 30-minute ride allows great time to appreciate the magnificence of the desert environment.

To add to the excitement, sandboarding is included in the package. Adventurers can test their skills by gliding down the sandy dunes on specially designed boards, a thrilling activity that offers a unique way to connect with the desert. Apart from the ATV ride and sandboarding, the package also includes a camel ride. This traditional mode of desert transportation allows participants to experience the heritage of the region while enjoying a leisurely journey across the desert.

To keep participants refreshed throughout the adventure, you will be offered drinks and mineral water. These refreshing beverages serve as a welcome treat after the thrilling activities, ensuring that visitors stay hydrated and energized during their time in the desert. The ATV ride package combines adventure, natural beauty, and cultural experiences into an unforgettable desert journey. It caters to the adventurous spirit of visitors while providing convenience, and refreshments, making it an ideal choice for people looking for a top-notch desert experience.

Buggy Ride Package

Experience the thrill of the desert with the exhilarating Buggy Ride Package, offering an unforgettable lifetime experience. This action-packed adventure guarantees a fun-filled experience and a taste of the Arabian desert.

The Buggy Ride Package begins with the convenience of a direct self-drive to the meeting location. Guests can reach at their own convenience pace with no rush to miss anything at all. Upon arrival, free parking is available, ensuring a hassle-free start to the adventure. Once geared up and ready for action, adventurers embark on a 30-minute self-drive through the deep desert dunes. The powerful dune buggies offer a fun ride, allowing guests to navigate the ever-shifting sands and experience both the thrill and beauty of the desert landscape.

Following the dune buggy ride, guests have the opportunity to embark on a long camel ride, immersing themselves in the traditional mode of desert transportation. As they trek through the golden dunes, they can truly embrace the calm atmosphere of the desert. For those seeking more excitement, sandboarding awaits. Feel the rush as you glide down the towering sand dunes on a sandboard, an activity that combines the thrill with the unique terrain of the desert. To have a refreshing time throughout the adventure, soft drinks, and mineral water are provided. These refreshing beverages are the perfect complement to the desert experience, ensuring guests stay hydrated in the warm desert climate.

As a delightful bonus, the Buggy Ride Package also includes an opportunity to capture lasting memories. Guests can enjoy posing with a majestic falcon and have their photos taken, preserving the magic of the desert and creating cherished mementos. With its blend of mind-blowing activities, natural beauty, and Arabian charm, the Buggy Ride Package offers an unforgettable desert experience. From the self-drive journey to the dune buggy ride, camel trek, sandboarding, and photo opportunities, this package promises a day filled with adventure and lasting memories.

To Wrap It Up

Get the best luxury safari tours and have a once in the lifetime experience that you will cherish. You can choose any of the above packages and enjoy the luxury and traditional charm of deserts in Dubai. You enjoy the traditional cuisine, ATV ride, and buggy ride, and snap amazing photos of sunrise and sunset.

To have a luxury safari trip, get in touch with Desert Evening Safari. Embark on a journey that combines adventure, relaxation, and cultural immersion, and create memories that will last a lifetime.


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