OLIGHT Marauder Mini 7,000 Lumens Flashlight


This review is of the Olight Marauder mini powerful led flashlight, an extra compact 7,000 lumen version of the well regarded Marauder 2 flashlight/torch/throw beam switching and even RGB LEDs.


Easy to operate

A big round LED has been included to the center, providing a 600-meter spotlight beam. Three RGB LEDs are uniformly distributed around the converging lens, making it perfect for use on any event. The toggle switch in the center of the body permits fast access to pick either floodlight or spotlight, while the upper rotary knob is intuitive to manage brightness levels.

Rechargeable Battery

Run by a customized 24Wh 32650 rechargeable lithium battery, it provides extended runtime and is compatible with Olight MCC3 magnetic charging cable. Its thermal sensor mechanically reduces the light to regulate the body temperature for continuous high-output use. The hidden lanyard hole design immediately manifests for easy carrying, storage, and daily use.

Construction and design

Olight is a very famous consumer brand of flashlights. The olight Marauder mini is a medium sized 7,000 lumen flashlight with spot/throw, flood and Green, red, and blue LEDs. It is roughly similar in size to lots of multiple battery “soda can” lights such as the classic BLF Q8, yet it uses just a proprietary, single 32650 battery.

This means that it has a slimmer body than other torches in this class which is more relaxed to hold. Length is 130mm, body diameter is 44mm, and head diameter is 65.6mm. Weight including battery is 462g. Include accessories: the battery, holster, lanyard, magnetic charging port cable and manual. The light is accessible in either an orange, black, midnight blue, or OD green body.

The light has an outer ring of six white light LEDs with floody optics, three RGB LEDs, and a centrally placed white light LED with spot/throwy optics.

The grip is relaxed to hold, with off/on switch, indicator lights, rotary dial, and spot/flood switches on top. A silicone grip covers the underside and sides. The light is rated IPX8, and had no problems after a walk in heavy rain.

User interface

The Olight Marauder mini has a one combined push switch and rotary dial, plus a toggle switch to move between spot and flood. The user interface is as follows:

  •         Off > single click
  •         Unlock (after 10s) – rotate dial 90 degrees in either way
  •         On/off L7 – double click
  •         Change brightness levels – rotate dial (anti-clockwise decrease), clockwise increase)
  •         On> Red> Blue> Green – press and grip for one second

The light also had a seven step battery charge indicator, and seven step brightness level indicators around the rotary dial. The light vibrates when the rotary dial is moved to L1 or highest permitted brightness. Once the thermal limiting has stepped the brightness down, the top modes will become unavailable, so for example after L6 stepped down at twenty-three minutes, L7 and L6 are not accessible.

Advantages of Olight Marauder Mini torch

Longer-lasting batteries

One of the most vital and famous advantages that LED flashlights provide is longer battery life. The batteries in LED flashlights can last ten times as long as the batteries in traditional flashlights. This is because LED lights are much more strong and efficient than traditional filament bulbs. Filament lights waste a lot of power by turning it into heat rather than light. Not only does this end up using the batteries more fast, but the heat can also even make using a traditional torch uncomfortable. It should also be noted that lots of LED flashlights provide a setting that dims the light slightly in return for longer battery life.

Safer and more reliable

It is also worth noting that LED flashlights are safer and more reliable than conventional torches. Conventional flashlights contain flimsy filaments that can break or become dislodged quite easily. The big batteries in conventional flashlights also get dislodged more simply. The glass lens or big plastic used for traditional flashlights can also break into jagged pieces. The little individual diodes used in an LED flashlight are much less likely to break. LED flashlights are extra resistant to impacts than conventional flashlights.

Less bulky

One of the most underrated advantages of LED flashlights is that they are less weighty than conventional flashlights. Conventional flashlights, mainly the more strong models, need to be big and cumbersome to accommodate the oversized batteries and bulbs that are required for this kind of flashlight to generate a strong beam. LED flashlights are slimmer. They are also better for headlamps because LED lights are strong and compact.


  •         Very good highest brightness/size (L7 mode)
  •         Flood, throw and RBG options
  •         Amazing sustained brightness size (L6 and L5 mode)
  •         Simple to use interface
  •         Last mode memory for throw and flood modes
  •         Easy to use user interface
  •         Relax to hold
  •         Single battery
  •         No proximity sensor
  •         Can be mounted on a tripod
  •         Blue beam is blue


  •         No high CRI option
  •         No diffuser
  •         No last mode memory for RGB modes

End words

The Olight Marauder mini flashlight is a compact powerhouse, delivering a 7000 blinding lumens of light with a beam distance of six-hundred meters. Its latest rotary knob and intuitive user interface make it simple to adjust the brightness and switch between any of its eight light levels. Despite its remarkable brightness the Marauder mini has a powerful battery life of up to 43 hours on its lowest setting. With its ergonomic handle and perfect size, the Marauder is simple to hold and store. Whether you are hiking, camping, or just truly scared of the dark, the Marauder mini has got you covered.


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