Is it useful to take the Cisco CCIE certification?


Everyone’s needs are different, so CCIE certification may not meet the needs of all people, but Cisco CCIE certificate is still very helpful for those who want to find a job.
We simply understand that the CCIE certificate is the certificate of a network engineer, and it can definitely help the young white people to find a job. Coupled with Cisco’s CCIE certificate, it is also a relatively high-end authoritative certificate in the industry. If you have this certificate, that means you are already an engineer in this industry and have the ability to do this job, you can rely on this certificate to find out more good job opportunity.

How to correctly view Cisco certification and Huawei certification:
Because of the rapid development of Huawei in China in the past 10 years, many people will choose to learn Huawei-certified engineers. They don’t know much about Cisco, and even many people have never even heard of Cisco. This is a very normal situation. At present, more than half of the people in the industry will choose Huawei-certified network engineers, and many people who are more professional or whose customers are European and American companies choose to learn Cisco-certified network engineers. So in essence, you can learn Cisco or learn Huawei, as long as it can benefit your work.
IT certification is always useful, but your attitude must be firm, because certificate is at best a icing on the cake, and the key is to keep learning and self-improvement. The Internet industry is so big, and there are people who can talk about it. I believe there are many people who will say very negatively that Cisco CCIE is already all over the street, and the gold content is no longer available, there is no need to waste time to learn it. This is like if some people say that there are too many college students now and that college students are worthless, then you say that college diplomas and undergraduate diplomas are useless, so you won’t go to school?
In fact, we all know that this is still due to the large individual differences. Some people have poor learning ability, and they still can’t find a job after entering a college or undergraduate degree. However, there are also many people who must go to college because you don’t go to college. You don’t have a higher education and you have a hard time finding a good job. So we don’t have to doubt the knowledge of IT certification itself. Whether you learn Cisco or Huawei, it is absolutely correct, but you must not be a person who thinks that if you have a certificate, the boss should give you how much money. The standard of enterprise employment is also determined according to your scarcity. For example, if you have a Cisco CCIE certification, only you have it in your company, or if you are in an enterprise, in addition to technology, you will also market, you also can communicate and so on, then you will become more valuable in the environment.


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