Cisco Certification Update FAQs


In June, Cisco announced a major update to the Cisco certification program. Today, we interviewed Andy, the CCIE examiner, about the relevant details. He will give you a detailed answer to some of the questions that everyone is concerned about in this innovation.
Q: Why do you plan to reform the Cisco certification portfolio?
A: The technology transformation that Cisco is driving in the networking technology industry provides the foundation for this program. “Unlocking all the capabilities of the new network” means that there are completely new capabilities in the network, which fundamentally change “the way network technology works”. To take full advantage of the capabilities of the new network, network technology and software skills are key. To that end, the new Cisco certification program introduces CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE certifications that represent the highest quality standards available in the industry, simplified according to market needs and learner preferences. This program is designed to achieve agility, values ​​and leadership. It helps people choose the skills they want to develop and encourages lifelong learning.
For network engineers and software developers using Cisco technology, the new DevNet Engineer and DevNet Senior certifications provide ongoing software skills. This allows us to combine the strengths of the Cisco Certification Community, the Networking Academy community, and the DevNet community to build a workforce for the next generation of enterprises built on Cisco technology.

Q: What is the substantive reform of Cisco this time?
A: We are enhancing our certification program, which will bring the following changes:
1.Certification pathways are more streamlined and updated, for example, comprehensive and updated entry level training and certification for network technology engineers – one course, one exam covering all basic topics in network technology.
2. Advanced talent certification can verify the skill level according to their job responsibilities and interests.
3. Candidates can choose senior-level professional exams to customize the certification according to their preferences.
4. CCIE certification validates core knowledge of end-to-end practical skills covering the entire network life cycle of designing, deploying, operating and optimizing complex network solutions.
5. New DevNet certifications for beginner, advanced and senior levels to validate your software development skills.
6. Start at your level anytime – there are no prerequisites to start earning your Beginner, Advanced, Senior or Expert certification.
7. Continuing education credits for re-certification and continuous development are available for CCNA, Cisco Certified Advanced Talent, CCNP, and CCIE.
8. The new lifetime honorary term for CCIE certification remains unchanged for 20 consecutive years.
9. The badge for completing the training course, as of February 24, 2020, will no longer be charged for continuing education management fees.

Q: Apart from what has changed, what will remain the same?
A: Our plan will not change the following features:
1. Multiple levels of certification, including junior (CCNA), advanced, senior (CCNP) and expert (CCIE).
2. Conduct online or face-to-face instruction in the way the candidate prefers, on a schedule.
3. Provide senior-level and expert-level core technology majors for enterprises, security, service providers, collaboration, data centers, etc.
4. Recertification exams are offered for all levels.


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