How to Look Rich on a Shoestring Budget


Most modern men dream of, at least on some level, looking rich and smart. And looking elegant and rich is no longer just for millionaires, with the right tricks you can look wealthy even if your budget is tight.

Dressing in a certain way makes the right impression on people, whilst boosting your confidence and thus increasing the likelihood of achieving your goals. However, living on a shoestring budget doesn’t mean you can’t look rich – there are shortcuts to achieving the smart business look that the mean you look up to display. It’s actually all about the details. From wearing dress socks to completing your look with male jewelry, here’s our best advice on how to look rich on a shoestring budget.

Dress Socks Create an Elegant Overall Look

Socks are usually the very last thing you consider when putting together an outfit, but they’re also one of the things that say the most about a man. A pair of stylish dress socks signals fashion consciousness and automatically makes you look more affluent. A pair of worn-out, discolored socks, on the other hand, will make your attire look messy and cheap, which you of course want to avoid. 

So make sure to choose a pair of sleek, bold socks that go well with the rest of your outfit to make you look rich. A nice pair of socks doesn’t cost more than 20-30 USD, so you don’t have to break your budget either.

Get the Perfect Fit by Having Your Clothes Tailored

Clothing that fits perfectly and accentuates your silhouette is something else that’ll make you look richer than you might be. If your clothes are too tight or worse, too baggy, it’s obvious that you have no interest in fashion or the money required to update your wardrobe. So to elevate your appearance and look wealthier, you should visit a tailor and have your clothes tailored to your body.

Getting your clothes tailored won’t break the bank, but it’ll definitely improve your appearance and create the impression you want others to have of your appearance. Just make sure you choose a tailor with care so that the result is worth it.

Trendy Accessories Will Make You Look Elegant and Fashionable

Last but not least, don’t underestimate the importance of stylish details in the form of accessories. Accessories such as male jewelry, a top-quality leather wallet, and a polished watch will complete your look and assuredly make you look rich. But be subtle when choosing accessories, some work better with some outfits and occasions than others. For example, male jewelry is almost exclusively acceptable with casual outfits and not for formal events, whilst a polished watch works with virtually any attire.

No matter the occasion, you can always find trendy accessories that’ll enhance your outfit at a reasonable price. You can also thrift a lot of accessories. Then you can invest in branded stuff without having to spend a fortune on it, and achieve that rich look you’re going for.


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