The Necessity for a Two-Wheeler Insurance



There are more than 21 crore two-wheelers in the country as per August 2022 data published in Hindustan Times. Two- Wheelers have the advantage of manoeuvrability in India’s crowded metropolitan cities and possess affordability amongst the large populace. Although it is mandatory for two-wheeler owners in India to possess third-party insurance, all vehicle owners who love their ride need comprehensive insurance for two-wheelers, including a third-party cover. Two Wheeler insurance is a must in India, with which the vehicle will be allowed on the roads. 


Two-wheelers in India are plenty in variety and include motorcycles, scooters and mopeds. Many two-wheeler companies are available in India and provide service centres even in remote corners of the country. With congested roads prone to accidents and the country exposed to natural calamities like floods and earthquakes, it is prudent to own two wheeler insurance, also known as bike insurance, before hitting the roads. The rules to ride a two-wheeler is mandated in the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, which states that third-party two wheeler insurance is binding. However, knowing the effects of natural disasters and man-made disasters like theft, riots and accidents, comprehensive insurance for two wheelers is advised. The benefits of comprehensive insurance for two wheelers are immense and include advantages like cashless service centres, emergency roadside assistance, personal accident cover, cover from theft and many more. A detailed list of what is covered and what is not is given below for easy understanding. 

Comprehensive Insurance for Two wheelers: 

What is covered?

  • Accidents: the biggest worry on congested Indian roads are serious and trivial accidents that, at times, dent your pockets as a result. Comprehensive two wheeler insurance keeps you free of worry as the accidents are fully covered. Personal accident coverage of up to 15 lakhs is there protecting the insured.
  • Damages: India is prone to natural disasters along the length and breadth of the country. Experiencing annual floods in the plains to landslides in the hills, people and their belongings are always subject to damage from natural disasters. Damages also occur due to man-made disasters like riots, loot and terrorism. Comprehensive two wheeler insurance protects the vehicle against damages. 
  • Theft: this is a highly necessary support required in India as numerous bike theft cases occur all over the country.
  • Third-party damages: In an accident where a third-party property or vehicle is damaged, a comprehensive insurance cover helps cushion the loss.

 Safeguarding with appropriate Add-Ons

  • Coverage from Add-Ons: the standard coverage provided by comprehensive insurance for two wheelers is further expandable depending on the add-ons purchased by the owner of the two wheeler. From unlimited claims in case of an accident helping you save money to fantastic discounts, keep the money flow in check. You can protect your bike’s engine maintenance by selecting the appropriate add-on. You can also select a multi-year or single-year policy by purchasing an add-on.  

 What is not covered?

  • Depreciation: the devaluation of the vehicle is not covered by the insurance policy.
  • Electrical & Mechanical Failure: this occurs due to the vehicle’s general wear and tear, which is not covered by the insurance. The policy does not cover normal maintenance for regular use.
  • Illegal driving: manoeuvering the vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol would negate insurance claims.

 Comprehensive Insurance for Two Wheelers compared to Third Party Insurance. 

Comprehensive insurance for two wheelers includes third-party insurance apart from own damages and personal accident coverage. The premium for comprehensive insurance for two-wheelers is generally higher than third-party insurance, and many owners opt for the latter. They do so as it is mandatory and covers third-party injury, death, and property damage caused by the insured’s vehicle. Most mean the third-party insurance to be the Two Wheeler Insurance which is compulsory. The third-party insurance value is determined by IRDAI, considering the bike’s cubic capacity.

HDFC ERGO’s Comprehensive Insurance for two wheelers is available online. Just follow the steps mentioned:

  1. Go to HDFC ERGO’s official website.
  2. Submit the relevant documents requested.
  3. Choose the policy coverage as comprehensive bike insurance (Comprehensive Insurance for two wheelers) . Select the appropriate IDV (Insured Declared Value) according to your bike’s registration details and usage.
  4. Select the add-ons you need
  5. Make the payment securely using any available payment method.
  6. Save the policy document sent to your registered email ID.

 Insured Declared Value:

This determines what you would receive from the insurer in terms of value if the two-wheeler were stolen. It would be difficult for anyone to pay for a new bike to replace the stolen one. All claims would be accepted in proportion to IDV.

 Explaining Zero Depreciation:

Due to wear and tear from everyday use, one of the most popular add-ons that two wheeler owners buy is “zero depreciation two wheeler insurance.” This add-on ensures that all bike parts are insured at 100%, except for tyres, tubes and batteries. These are covered at 50% depreciation.


No Clam Bonus is a discount given on the premium by the insurer to those who have yet to make claims during the previous year. The NCB is extended in the case of buying a new bike as well. In the 5th year of NCB, the discount is 50%, starting with 20% in the first year and increasing by 5 per cent yearly.

HDFC ERGO has tied up with more than 8500 cashless garages across India, with more than 1.5 crores of happy customers. They have good comprehensive insurance for two wheelers, which includes third-party cover and a Two Wheeler insurance policy already in place



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