A lingering fragrance that stays throughout…in your personal and intimate space, enveloping your senses with their fragrant wreath. 

We are talking about fragrance oils and the charm they can whip around you. You might be thinking traditionally about using fragrance oil in a diffuser or burning a scented candle to calm your nerves as you take a bath (ala, Yoon Se-ri style). But you will be quite surprised to know a range of other things that you can do with a few drops of fragrance oil. This article will brief out the details for you – 

Which 5 things you can do with fragrance oils? 

Keeping it into a potpourri as you smell it as you pass by or simply indulging some into your diffuser is no longer enough for a fragrance oil. Let us guide you to some other advantages of fragrance oils in multiple facets of your life – 

  • Using it in your perfume 

The most significant benefit that fragrance oils bring is their lightweight nature and niggling aroma. When you blend it with a carrier oil and use it as a regular perfume (either directly on your skin or a whiff of it on your clothes), assuredly being natural, they prevent the soiling of your clothes and keep you fresh amidst the changing weather and high pollution. 

If you are not a fan of diluting the oils, spray a drop or two directly on your skin. If you put it in your garment, use a roller to blend the oil. 

Available fragrances – If you are looking for varieties, you can always check out the fragrance oils from Nikura, such as – Soft Flowers and White Tea combo scent, White Cherry Blossom, Neroli fragrance, Mistletoe and Snowflake scent, Homemade Berry cake, and Caribbean Escape fragrance. 

  • Infusing a couple of drops into your daily skincare routine 

You might have heard how essential oils act as natural decongestants and provide a soothing psychological effect. If you are unaware, here’s notifying you that fragrance oils work in the same manner, albeit, at times, better when it is infused in the regular skincare routine. 

Whether adding a few drops to your daily moisturizer or diluting it and adding the same to your bathing soap solution or shampoo – the aroma is soothing and enhances the skin’s glow. Supporting conventional treatments (you can create a massage oil out of it) and providing holistic benefits, these fragrance oils have created a niche in the beauty range.

Available fragrances – You have Aloe Vera and Coconut Water combo, Apple and Cinnamon combo, Banana fragrance oil, Black Petals variety, Candied Fruits oil, and Cardamom and Cedar Blossom oil to choose from. 

  • Using them to freshen your home 

You must have heard of scent sachets. Take a few drops of fragrance oil on ceramic beads and keep stirring it to absorb it. Put this inside a sachet and hang it anywhere at your home. 

Otherwise, you can put a few drops onto your air filter; every time you leave the fan on, it will diffuse the fragrance. Once that is done, you can always infuse around 20 drops of fragrance oil with 2/3 cup (as per US measurement) and use this concoction as an air diffuser. 

Available fragrances – You can opt for Mediterranean Sunrise, Nordic Wood, Pumpkin Spice, Rhubarb Gin, Snow Angel, Sugared Blackberry, Tropical Sorbet, and Wintry Poppy to choose from. 

  • Using it to clean your home 

This would make you curious. How in the world could you use fragrance oils to clean surfaces? For the unversed, concentrated fragrance oils have anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties, which, when you add them to the cleaning solutions such as – carpet cleaning solutions, laundry detergents, dish soaps, and fabric softeners, not only leave a lingering smell but also disinfect. Additionally, they come with hydrating properties that are much in demand by cosmetic cleaners. 

Available fragrances – Dandelion and Burdock combo flavor is the most-opted. Apart from that, you can pick – dark maple, fresh-cut grass, honeysuckle, mango fizz, and apple varieties. 

  • Ever tried putting it into a wax warmer? 

We are not talking of scented candles here! You can use this oil in wax warmers despite being explosive. Though fragrance oil uses undiluted portions that can cause some problems now and then, when it is blended with wax, in a wax warmer, or diluted with a carrier oil before being put in the warmer – it automatically emanates a magical aroma throughout. 

However, if you are in the mood for using undiluted oil, it is better to use electric wax warmers versus tealight wax warmers. Do study the manual before using it. 

Available fragrances – You could opt for the cozy fireplace fragrance, coffee cake variety, desert queen fragrance, forest fresh pine, and elderflower are some great aromas. 

Assuming you have read this content well, you can pick up any of the fragrances available from the plethora and use them as described. 

Always remember this 

Are you surprised that the fragrance oils you thought had little scope apart from lending that perfect tang to your home could be used in such a wide variety? Well, as surprised as you are, here are a few things you must note – 

  • Their level of ecological safety and the standard of synthetic elements in them (they are, by standards, curated out of herbs, floral extracts, and seeds).
  • What is the level of scent that they are emanating? A fragrance oil emanates just the perfect appealing aroma that in no way should smell ‘suffocatingly fragrant.’ You must look for a product that gives a consistent-light tinge throughout.

When you pick from any of the reputed brands, like the fragrance oils from Nikura, assuredly, they provide you with tested samples before you purchase. Made purely from natural extracts, they escalate your experience without bounds.

Warming up 

From lending that perfect whiff to your intimate belongings to sending out its warm vibes with an aromatic candle, there’s a lot that fragrance oils can do. Whether you choose the traditional citrus or go in for the rustic whiffs, assuredly – each of them has its own sets of positives. As an aware buyer, you simply need to be cautious of the quality that you are buying and check the credentials of the concerned party. Au naturel is your clue to success! 


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