What are the top advantages of sugaring and whom is it highly recommendable?


Sugaring, also widely publicised as sugar depilation, is a natural hair extraction option that has been routinely utilized all those years ago in Middle Eastern countries. Just a pure organic mixture of lemon, juice and water is applied onto the skin, and then done away along with the unwanted hair.

Sugar depilation has become extremely admired in decent years as a more genuine and eco-friendly alternative to conservative waxing. It has several advantages over waxing. It is truly trouble-free, doesn’t demand preheating and is a sound combination for those with high skin sensitivity.  This truly beneficial option additionally tends to result in fewer ingrown hairs compared to routine waxing.

To date, in this article, we are going to overview what is sugaring for hair removal in general and more specifically analyze what people are highly recommendable to try out this procedure and who is likely to apply more age-old hair epilation methods.

What is a sugar wax and what differentiates it from sugar paste?

Whatever sugar wax or paste, they are all hair-depilatory cosmetics manufactured from pure organic elements. The main dissimilarity between these two is their consistency and texture.

When it comes to sugar wax, it is worthy of mention typically thicker and stickier texture than that sugar paste. To start sugar waxing you need to heat this organic wax until it reaches a certain temperature, then let it cool and harden into a solid form. This is customarily applied to the skin with a spatula or applicator, and then torn at the hand of a cloth strip.

On the flip side, sugar paste has a thicker yet softer texture, similar to honey or caramel. It is manufactured by boiling the sugar mixture for a longer time period until it becomes thick and pliable. It is predominantly applied by hand and moulded onto the skin against hair, then torn the following hair.

Comparatively lower to sugar wax temperature, thus making it less likely to cause burns or skin irritation, is one of its greatest strengths. This cosmetic is going to be more practical at depilating shorter hairs, and it can be least painful than established waxing. Yet, sugar paste can be more time-demanding to apply and eliminate since it needs to be moulded onto the skin by hand.

Whatever the choice, it actually should base on your individual priorities and tastes. Additionally, please, don’t forget to consider your personal contraindications.

What is the action time of sugar wax?

“How long does a sugar wax last?” has long since risen to a rhetorical point. The long-lasting effect of sugar wax can alternate along the lines of many factors, such as hair growth rate, thickness, and personal skin individualities. Therefore the action of a sugar wax treatment lasts between 3 and 6 weeks on average. As things go sugar wax extracts hair from the follicle. This contributes to slower regrowth and gentler skin for a substantial period of time. Habitual sugar waxing additionally weakens the hair follicles over time, resulting in thinner and finer hair texture. It is yet crucial to highlight the divergence of results, and individual hair patterns should be considered when you are going to schedule an appointment.

What is the effectiveness of sugar depilation?

So, how does sugaring hair removal work? Sugar depilation is widely accepted as an extra gentle option to get rid of undesirable hair. Contrasting to customary waxing, sugaring cosmetics is not necessary to heat to high temperatures. This makes it a much safer option for those having versatile skin sensitivities. And most especially, it helps prevent an allergic reaction, which is an undoubted superiority. Furthermore, this is the supreme choice for ladies seeking a safe and trouble-free method to depilate undesirable hair in their most intimate body zones, like the bikini area or armpits. And a further bonus benefit is that the sugaring procedure exfoliates the skin, thus leaving it pretty smooth and aristocratic. And ultimately, the next time, when you are going to visit your esthetician, bear in mind that you can choose this procedure for shorter hair rather than case of habitual waxing.

How to assume whether sugar depilation fits you or not?

If you are considering sugar depilation as a primary hair extraction variant for you, explore first your individual tastes and preferences along with the factors outlined above in the article. If you are a young lady with innocent skin who’s questioning herself on whether sugar waxing is less painful or not, and who is truly prone to various allergies or even burns, then sugaring is really your choice. Or if you are even more experienced in depilation procedures and you just want to get rid of undesirable hair effortlessly, don’t hesitate to choose sugar depilation as well. Moreover, if you have fine to medium hair, sugar depilation may be an outstanding choice for you, as the paste can forcibly extract hair as short as 1/8 inch. Yet, be aware, if you have thick or coarse hair, you may want to let your hair grow out a little while longer before you schedule your coming appointment. It’s continually the best of ideas to consult with a licensed esthetician to determine if sugar depilation is the appropriate choice for your individual depilatory needs.

Where is best to do sugaring?

If you are a sugaring newbie or feel uncomfortable proceeding with it independently, it is recommended to visit a professional salon or spa at least more than once. The estheticians have a mastery in doing sugaring safely and effectively, and they can help you reach the better outcomes. Additionally, salons and spas have the proper equipment and supplies necessary for sugaring, which can be much harder to obtain for at-home use.

However, if you still decide on doing sugaring at home, it is crucial to carefully read and follow the guidelines to ensure that you are going to have all obligatory cosmetics. This includes a high-quality sugar paste, when sugar waxing, then a spatula or applicator for applying the paste, and strips of cloth for removing the hair. You can purchase sugaring supplies at beauty supply stores or online. But if you’re going to benefit the most from your cosmetic purchases try to get in touch with direct suppliers, like for instance Sugaring Factory.

Ultimately, wherever you feel most comfortable and confident is the best place to do sugaring.


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