NBA Live Streaming – Sites to Stream NBA Playoffs from Anywhere in 2023


Millions of hoop junkies all around the world are eagerly anticipating and looking forward to the NBA 2023 National Basketball Association (NBA) season and its playoffs. The NBA is undoubtedly the best basketball league in the world. Millions of fans visit the arenas to support their favorite teams whenever the NBA season is in the swing. On the other hand, basketball fans outside of the US use the internet to watch live NBA games. Other practical options for watching the NBA games live in 2023 are credible streaming websites. 

In order to watch the most premium men’s professional basketball league without paying for an expensive NBA League Pass membership, you can always use one of the several free NBA streaming services that are accessible online. For such choices, we also advise making a solid VPN service membership investment or clicking here to get a sturdy internet connection so there are little to no disruptions when you watch the game. Whether you want to watch nationally aired games or snack while watching the NBA Playoffs and the Play-In Tournament, we will walk you through a few ways to stream NBA playoffs online, from free streaming sites to employing torrents.

In this article, we have included dependable streaming links so you may watch live National Basketball Association (NBA) games during both the regular season and postseason!

Best Streaming Sites to Watch NBA Playoffs from Anywhere in 2023

In case you do not want to deal with the inconveniences and costs related to VPNs, subscriptions, League Pass, and other streaming options, you can rely on cable replacement streaming services, also known as over-the-top streaming services. 

Here are some of the best sources that you can go to and stream your desired NBA games online without having to pay a lot:


If you want to watch NBA feeds online, VIPBox is among the best free places to do it. The list of upcoming events, information, and frequently asked questions is also available for you to view at your convenience. You can freely browse and hassle-free watch any game you desire! Thus, if you want to watch NBA online for free, this is one of the top sources providing NBA playoff streams for free. Also, you can check any sites you like to check out the content, FAQ, and future events. 

While VipBox is best known for providing access to live football events, it has expanded over time to include access to a variety of sports, so you can now stream any sport you like on the website. Basketball is one of the sports that it offers free streaming for, and under Basketball you will find live NBA Sports that are ready to stream. VipBox offers free streaming for a variety of sports, including football, baseball, and basketball. You can stream any sport you want for as long as you like without having to pay by visiting the VipBox website since it is quite well mentioned there.

YouTube TV

Also, YouTube TV will offer NBA games. You can watch nearly a hundred live and local TV stations with limitless DVR storage. On stations like Univision, CBS, NBC, FOX, HGTV, and more, you may watch sports, news, and programs in both English and Spanish. With a free trial period of around sixty days that you can stop whenever you like, YouTube TV is an alluring alternative. This platform however requires a strong internet connection with good access so you should check out the Mediacom bundle deals and then stream away for the NBA 2023 season. Moreover, as it is only accessible from within the US, so you might have to utilize a VPN to connect to any location there if you are living anywhere else in the world.

Redstream Online

Like the other services that we have discussed above, Redstream Online allows you to stream the most recent NBA games for free on your smartphone, laptop, computer, etc. Most American sports are broadcast live on this website including the ongoing NBA 2023 playoffs. Redstream Online is one of the top websites for free live streaming that is available without any fees or registrations since its links are constantly active and available for streaming. You may watch the most recent football games as well as sports like ice hockey and others on Redstream, which offers live streaming for a variety of sports and not just the NBA seasons each year.

Watch ESPN

Watch ESPN offers high-quality free live streaming of a variety of sports on the web, mobile devices, and gaming consoles. It is more than just a site for NBA online or live streaming. You can easily watch NBA games and obtain the most recent information on NBA news and events thanks to the fantastic user experience.

Even though ESPN is a cable network, there are a few methods to access it whether you have cut the cord or not. First off, if you subscribe to a cable package, you should have access to all live games on ESPN as the network is offered by nearly all traditional cable TV providers. ESPN is still available live on streaming services for those who have chosen to abandon traditional pay-TV options. 


NBA games are accessible to FuboTV subscribers. It is possible to access more than a hundred live sports and television networks. Also, you can broadcast simultaneously on ten displays. Users can sign up for a free trial that lasts for seven days. FuboTV is only available there, so if you reside anywhere in the United States, Canada, or Spain, you can receive it. If not, use a VPN to establish a connection to one of these countries to receive access.

Kayo Sports

Kayo Sports is the best option if you want to keep up with everything NBA in Australia. Seven days of risk-free usage are available for the Kayo One, Basic, and Premium programs. Several other features of the site make it super accessible and user-friendly. Connect to an Australian server if you do not reside there to gain access or subscribe to a VPN service to access Kayo Sports.


Streamonsports is one of the best websites to watch basketball matches online. The services offered by the website allow you to stream NBA games either live or after they have been recorded, so you may watch your favorite matches anytime you want. So, do not worry if you missed an NBA 2023 game because of work or for any other reason as having access to live streams and recordings makes it simple to catch up!

In a Nutshell

If you do not want to miss a second of the action on the court, you must either find a live TV service that broadcasts all of the games in your area or sign up for one of the NBA’s services that allows you to watch your preferred out-of-market club. Not every NBA game airs on national channels, unlike NFL games. Instead, the vast majority of games are televised on regional sports networks, which are exclusively accessible to customers who live in the local markets those channels serve. To know more about the internet or cable services for NBA 2023 season, you can contact the internet providers in my area

Before selecting which of these streaming services is best, you need first compare their technological specifications. Make sure that the service you choose is compatible with all the media streaming equipment you have so you can enjoy the game to the fullest.


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