Games designed to inspire Australian adventures


Whenever we consider locations to visit during study breaks and gap years, the alluring appeal of Australia is certainly hard to ignore, given this is a vast country which is also full of diversity. Bustling urban cities and towns, packed full of exciting sports and captivating nightlife to keep us entertained, surrounded by wilderness of the untamed outback fills our minds with natural wonders and fuels our sense of adventure.

Given there is plenty to do and see when exploring Australia, it’s hardly surprising the country itself has become the theme for numerous video games. Whether focused on pop culture references for Down Under, the sporting prowess of its people, or the fascinating scenery awaiting travellers, there’s plenty of scope to engage our imaginations.

Playing for fun and fortune

Without being stereotypical in any way, Aussies are widely acknowledged to be keen gamblers, and in this country there seems to be a greater social acceptance of wagering in general. Betting on sports is hugely popular, while many of the leading international casino companies are also based in Australia, which is surely no coincidence for what has become a thriving industry.

Known as video slots or simply slots in most parts of the world, the spinning reels are colloquially referred to as pokies by Australians, indicative of their love for abbreviations and slang that shortens words or phrases. The term itself derives from poker machines, given that most pokies or slots originally began as games based around the traditional card game.

But nowadays there are pokies themed around practically anything we could imagine, such as blockbuster movies and even iconic rock bands. Aussies are naturally drawn to pokies about their own great country, such as Boomerang Bonanza and Outback Walkabout or Kanga Cash, all filled with visual representations of local culture and wildlife.

Yet alongside such enthusiasm, Aussies don’t throw their hard-earned cash at anything without some assurances. According to reviews and guides by Australian website experts, great value and quality games are always important, along with safety and security whenever playing pokies at the top online casino sites. Having a broad choice of quality games is great, although playing at legitimate and fully licensed sites is always recommended.

Engaging the fandom for Aussie sports

Going walk about around whenever Down Under, rarely will you meet anyone who doesn’t like sports. That’s because this is a country which is fiercely proud of its individual athletes and teams, especially when they shine on the global stage, delighted to see the Australian Blue Ensign hoisted aloft at major international events.

Indeed, some of the most prestigious worldwide sporting events are hosted right here, such as the annual Australian Open tennis championships in Melbourne, one of the four iconic Grand Slam tournaments. And this is precisely what inspired Big Ant Studios, one of the most prestigious Aussie game developers and producers, when they launched the AO Tennis franchise.

Interestingly, the same developer has focused on other sports titles, aimed at engaging with their Australian audience. These include Ashes Cricket, based around the historical cricketing rivalry against the English team, dating back to the first test matches in 1877. Meanwhile, other developers have released games covering the local rugby and soccer scenes.

But to conclude, no sport has more local flavour than Aussie Rules Football, which is kind of like American Football but without all the padding or helmets. Coming soon is AFL 23, covering the highest level of league competition, and for anyone who has been fortunate enough to attend, little compares to the atmosphere of an Aussie rules game.


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