Top 11 Places to Find Pink Beach Sand and Phenomenon Behind It

pink beach sand

Is pink sand beach real or just an Instagram filter making it look like that? How can beaches be pink in color? Well, to your surprise, they exist. Today I am going to show you the top 10 most beautiful pink sand beaches that you must visit once in life.

But how can sand be pink? Well, this unicity is because of a microscopic coral insect named foraminifera!

As per research, these microscopic insects have bright or red-pink shells.

They lie under the reefs on the sea floor and under rocks inside the sea caves.

On the death of these insects, their bodies get crushed and washed, bringing the remains ashore and mixed with the sand.

Now you know why the sand is pink in color? These are nothing but pieces of coral.

Have you ever been to one of these beaches? If you have, you must have seen the pink tinge stand out amazingly in the dampened sand near the water’s edge. Beautiful right? All this is natural.

Mother nature is incredible!

Best pink beach sand to explore

If you are beach lover looking for something new among the monotonous gushes of the water, wait you reach one of the beaches listed below.

Ensure you have your camera ready as it is a photographer’s dream. The site has a mixture of rose-tinted and bright turquoise beaches and is breathtaking. These beaches are also fantastic places to snorkel, dive and swim.

With the below list, you must decide where to hop in first, and which ones are closer to you. So, why wait further, get ready to be pink tickled.

1. Bermuda – Horseshoe Bay Beach

This Caribbean pink sand beach lies on the core island of Bermuda, at the Southampton Parish. It is called Horseshoe Bay Beach and if you plan to visit this Island, you will see why it is called Horseshoe bay. The shape represents a curvature replicating a horseshoe, but you need to see it to believe.

Some of the best attractions you shouldn’t miss are Crystal and Fantasy Caves, Museum, Bermuda Aquarium, Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse, and Zoo.

If you plan to go by air, the airport for Southampton’s Horseshoe Bay is L.F. The Wade International Airport is about 20 km from this beautiful pink beach sand.

This will take you only about 30 minutes to reach by car. There are many options available for you to choose from for accommodation which is closer to the beach.

pink beach sand

2. Bahamas – Harbour Island

The pink sand beach the Bahamas has is Harbour Island. It’s one of the Bahamas’ most breathtaking pink beach sand. This beach stretches for around 5 km, which gives you enough space to capture and magnificent scenic beauty.

The best time to visit the Island is between November and April. During this period, you will get pleasant weather to enjoy without hurricanes or heat waves.

Like the other pink beach sand, you can also check out famous attractions like the Queen’s Staircase and Atlantis Bahamas.

North Eleuthera Airport is the closest airport to reach this beauty. The airport is just 6km away from the beach. You can stay in the famous Tingum Village Hotel if you wish to stay near the beach.

3. Hawaii – Kaihalulu Beach

Hawaii’s most famous pink sand beach is the Kaihalulu Beach of Maui. This Hawaiian beach presents a beautiful blend of red and pink. Adding to that, the magnificent sea walls and blue sea creates a striking and attractive contrast.

The trail near the beach passes via private property navigating the small narrow unpaved road could be dangerous. Since the cove is along the cliff’s edge, the scenic beauty is wonder to watch from afar. Do not forget your hiking shoes, but you should only dare to hike in favorable weather conditions.

The best time to visit this beach is between May-August. Hana Airport is about only 7 km from the beach. This journey will take approximately about 12 minutes via car. You can book the famous Hana-Maui Resort for accommodation near Kaihalulu Beach.

4. Florida – The Pink Sand Clearwater Beach

Regarding pink beaches, Florida’s Pink Sand Clearwater Beach stands apart from all the other beaches. It is famous because of its mild and moist weather throughout the year.

You can access the beach via ferry from Fort DeSoto Park. On reaching the beach, the vibe you will feel is heavenly. Now the sand’s unconventional color will surprise you with its golden and pink hue.

The gorgeous pink beach is one of a kind. The unique allure and charm are perfect for enjoying a fantastic evening and will amaze you. If you are planning to stay near Harbour Island the place will mesmerize you.

The dreamy pink sand with pink shells can make you walk endlessly barefoot, even during summer. You can also enjoy swimming and snorkeling in the gentle waves.

Don’t forget to get some pretty coral-pink shell pieces back home to keep as a memoir. The sunset or sunrise are also sights you must not miss out.

pink beach sand

5. North America’s Barbuda – 17 Mile Beach

If you are planning to visit Barbuda Island, you must visit 17 Mile Beach located on Barbuda Island. You can get the Barbuda Express Day Tour to experience some breathtaking views. Many local ferrymen also offer a tour of the unique location since this beach is inaccessible.

The ideal time to travel to 17 Mile Beach is between October and January since it will have more sand during this time. Also, there are some fantastic spots that you shouldn’t be missing, including the Heritage Quay Complex (Antigua) and Princess Diana Beach.

The nearest airfield is the Barbuda Codrington Airport to reach the ferry platform, about 750m from there. This should take only about 10 minutes to walk. Check out the Barbuda Belle Luxury Beach Hotel for your stay near this beautiful pink beach.

5. Greece – Elafonissi Beach

This Elafonissi pink beach is located on Crete’s southern side. It is known for its wind conditions, warm waters, and soft sand, which makes it ideal for windsurfing.

An ideal time to travel to Elafonissi Beach is between June and September since the temperature is much warmer. The Knossos Palace and Heraklion Archaeological Museum are some of the most popular attractions you shouldn’t miss.

You must also check out a few award-worthy food hubs serving fresh food to relish. But the food price might be higher, so it’s better to pack some snacks with you.

The nearest airfield to reach Elafonissi Beach is the Chania International Airport. But it’s about 90 km, which will take approximately 2hrs by car. You must check out Samaria Hotel to book your accommodation closest to Chania International Airport.

pink beach sand

6. Spain – Playa de Ses Illetes

Europe’s Playa de Ses Illetes is one of the best beaches in Spain. It is atop a small strip of the Mediterranean Sea’s Formentera Island.

This pink beach sand is known for its remarkable sunsets and clear waters. The ideal time to explore this beautiful beach is from June to August. This period is fantastic for soaking in the beautiful sunshine and pink beach sand.

Formentera Island’s famous attractions are Calo Des Mort and Far de la Mola. If you’re looking to experience the ultimate luxury vacation surrounded by stunning natural beauty, consider exploring the world of Pink Beach destinations while staying in exquisite Ibiza villa rentals. These opulent accommodations offer a perfect blend of comfort and style, providing an idyllic retreat after a day of basking in the rosy-hued sands and crystal-clear waters The Ibiza Airport is the nearest airfield to get to this beautiful beach neighboring the Island of Ibiza.

Firstly, you should take a bus or taxi from the airport to reach the Ibiza Old Town ferry harbor. This travel time is about 30 minutes max.

You will have to take a ferry from the ferry harbor to reach Formentera Island. This is also about a 30-35 minutes journey. Check out the Hostal Bellavista Formentera for your accommodation, which is closer to the pink beach sand. The best part is you wouldn’t require rose-colored glasses to see its beautiful pale pink hue.

If you are looking for a nice quiet beachy vacation, this place will meet your expectations since it is much quieter than the other louder places like Mallorca and Ibiza.

Though this place is peaceful, this idyllic spot has a lot to offer you. There is a lot of glamorous bobbing with vibrant azure beach and pinky sand. Don’t forget to explore the luxury yachts here.

Did you know that this beach is also situated within the conservation area that helps to conserve and protect the perfect shore? If you are interested in water sports, many spots rent out equipment for your entertainment.

7. Italy – Spiaggia Rosa

Italy’s Spiaggia Rosa is situated near the Mediterranean Sea. This unique beach is protected and conserved by the government of Italy. Since 1994, no tourists have been allowed to explore this beautiful beach.

You are not permitted any activity on the beach. It is protected under Maddalena Archipelago National Park since 1998. The banned activities include swimming, walking, surfing, or fishing.

You can go on a boat tour which drives by Spiaggia Rosa. Another best view of this forbidden pink heaven can be enjoyed by climbing the Monte Budello.

You should plan your visit between June and August when Isola Budelli is quite warm.

8. Bonaire – Pink Beach

This pink beach is famous for water sports, including scuba diving and snorkeling. This is Bonaire’s popular winter getaway between November and April because of its ideal warm weather. But if you don’t want the crowd, travel between May and October.

The nearest airfield to Bonaire’s Pink Beach is the Flamingo International Airport, which is only 9 km away from the pink sand beach. It only takes 11 minutes via car. Delfins Beach Resort can be your safe space for accommodation.

9. Indonesia – Tangsi Beach

Indonesia’s Tangsi Beach is famous for its rocky cliffs and pink sand, with many water sports and activities. The ideal month to travel to Tangsi Beach is between May and October when you can avoid the storm and rain.

When you visit Lombok, check out Selong Belanak Beach as well! Lombok International Airport is the nearest 57 km from this pink beach. This journey shall take about 1 hr 36 minutes via car. Origin Lombok is perfect to book your accommodation here.

10. Philippines – Grande Santa Cruz Island

This is the Philippines’s best beach with blue sea, pink sand, and lush green. However, this beach has some restrictions on its visitors, which the Government regulates.

If you plan to visit this place, ensure you get your permit in the first half of the day. Also, plan your trip accordingly since the island timings are between 07:00 to 14:00.

Zamboanga International Airport is the nearest to reach here, located 3.7 km from Santa Cruz Island Ferry Terminal. This journey will only take 12 minutes via car. You can get your bookings done for Ever O Business Hotel.

11. Spargi La Maddalena SS

Spiaggia di Cala Corsara and Beach of the Knight are some of the most popular attractions. The nearest airfield to Palau, where you can get boat trips to explore the beach, is Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport.

The airport is about 43 km from the pink beach sand and will take 45 minutes by road. You can check out the Cervo Hotel and Costa Smeralda Resort for your accommodation closer to the beach. It is also the most tranquil and pristine beach in Italy.

Final Thoughts

As we end this article, I hope this helps you plan your trip to the best pink beach sand. Enjoy the tranquility and beauty of these fabulous places that will make you click the most picturesque photographs.


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