Best tropical island getaways in Southeast Asia

Best tropical island getaways in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia has a well-deserved reputation for being home to some of the world’s most gorgeous beaches. From Thailand to Vietnam to Indonesia, these beautiful strips of sand are the visual embodiment of the word ‘exotic’.

Below, we’ll talk about three islands you shouldn’t miss if you have the opportunity to visit them.

1) Koh Phangan, Thailand

Looking to mix parties with paradise beaches? There are many good candidates that can be found across Southeast Asia, but Koh Phangan looms above them all. As the birthplace of the Full Moon Party, it hosts knock out beach celebrations not just every time the moon is full, but when it is halfway there (Half Moon Party) and when it is completely dark (Black Moon Party).

Seeking to do more than dance to EDM music all night long? Rent a bike and explore the island – you’ll find deserted beaches, charming fishing villages, and trails that lead to the top of a mountain that will give you priceless views everywhere you look.

Want to experience this island’s amazing beaches, but want nothing to do with the crowds? Hop on a longtail boat and motor off to an isolated spot like Bottle Beach. Though technically linked to the rest of the island by a (steep, narrow, and dangerous) road, the atmosphere here is like night and day compared to Haad Rin.

Here, the beach is every bit as beautiful as the ones elsewhere on the island, but the vibe is quiet and relaxing – we highly recommend this place, even if you will be attending a party during your stay on Koh Phangan.

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2) Koh Rong, Cambodia

Want to get away from the incessant tourist hordes that plague almost every SE Asian beach? Check out Koh Rong. This isle sits off the coast of Western Cambodia, and is the size of Hong Kong. However, its level of development is far below what you would expect from a place that is as close to perfection as you can get in the tropics.

As you might expect, this won’t last forever, so make the sometime dicey journey out here before there are massive Chinese hotels here – you won’t regret it.

3) Phu Quoc, Vietnam

The Vietnamese have a secret tropical paradise of their own – its name is Phu Quoc, and it is surprisingly large for an island that wasn’t on the travel radar until about ten years ago. While under rapid development, there are still beaches which highlight its former unspoiled nature – if you’re quick, you’ll catch it before all the best ones are played out.


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