Brazilian Recipe for Busy Mums!


As a busy mom, it can be tough to come up with an exciting meal that’s both simple and healthy for your kids. But there’s no need to worry – Eduardo Dantas of Tia Maria (the Brazilian restaurant in London) has the answer! This secret family recipe from Vauxhall is guaranteed to put smiles on faces at dinnertime; something that’ll tantalize taste buds while being easy enough for any time-conscious parent. Get ready – because this traditional dish straight out of Brazil will have you cooking like a pro in minutes!

This recipe requires a blend of savory and nutritional ingredients. Start by simmering 1 cup black beans in water until they’re tender, roughly 45 minutes. Afterwards, rinse 2 cups white rice and cook it separately while chopping up an onion & garlic cloves to sauté with 1 tablespoon olive oil for that perfect golden-brown color everyone loves! Finally season the concoction with salt to bring out its flavorsome taste.

Ready your taste buds – a hearty Brazilian dish awaits! Once the fragrant rice has been cooked, combine it with zesty sautéed onions and garlic. Then add tender-cooked black beans for good measure before seasoning to perfection. Finally, let the delicious medley simmer until its flavors are blended together harmoniously; voila – you’ll be ready to savor this scrumptious Latin American favorite in no time!

Fuel your family with a wholesome dish that packs two powerhouse nutrients: black beans and rice. Not only is this traditional Brazilian culinary combination easy to make, it offers an array of health benefits! Black beans are high in protein, fiber, vitamins & minerals – all without added fat or cholesterol – while the carbohydrates from white rice provide lasting energy for kids on the go. Enjoy feijão com arroz within minutes & fuel up healthily today!

Experiment with this versatile recipe! Whether you cook it as is or fancy up the flavours by adding carrots, peppers, chicken and more – there’s something for everyone. Plus, make a batch ahead of time to have dinner sorted during busy weeknights- perfect for busy parents looking to meal prep in advance.

As you can see, this Brazilian black bean and rice recipe is the perfect meal for busy mums. It is easy to make, packed with nutrition, and versatile. Plus, since it’s a family recipe passed down from Eduardo Dantas, you know it’s an authentic Brazilian dish. Give it a try and watch your children enjoy this tasty and nutritious meal.


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