How Can You Download Movies on Disney Plus for Offline Viewing?


Disney marked its foray into our fantasy world as we learned to rhyme “D” for Disney as a kid. But even as an adult, you can enjoy its phenomenal content because you can download streaming video including movies and other shows on Disney Plus. 

This must-have streaming service has gained popularity with its fascinating share of content ranging from TV shows like The Mandalorian and The Simpsons to movies like Spiderman, Black Panther, and more. You can download movies and Tv shows at Disney Plus to enjoy leisurely. However, the downloaded video content can only be viewed on a mobile device, so you must ensure your smartphone has the Disney Plus app you subscribe to.

 Can you download movies on Disney plus?

If you are wondering if can you download movies on Disney plus, then read on to learn about it in detail. The best thing about downloading content in Disney+ is that the download process continues in the backend even when you navigate away from the app. You will get a notification at the end of the download process. 

Step 1: Open the content of your choice

Navigate to the TV series or film you wish to download for offline viewing.

Step 2: Click the Download button

In the case of a movie, tap the Download button, represented by an arrow pointing down to a horizontal line. For a TV series, you can either click the Download icon appearing next to the Season or the Download icon next to an individual episode. 

Before downloading, you need to customize the settings by launching the app and tapping on your profile picture at the lower-right corner of the screen. Next, click App settings and change the relevant settings under the Downloads header.

If you want to stay within your cellular limit, enable the Download over Wi-Fi-only toggle. On being allowed, pending downloads will begin when there is a stable Wi-Fi connection. 

The Download quality can be set between High, Medium, or Standard. The download speed will be higher, and the storage space requirement will be less when you download in low quality. Users can also choose between Internal or External storage as the Download location. 

Can You View and Delete Disney+ Downloads?

Tap the Download icon at the bottom menu to view stored and active downloads. The active ones will be displayed as a circle progress and turn into a checkmark upon download completion. You can tap on the downloaded movies or Tv shows to begin watching them. 

To delete the downloads, tap Edit and choose the content you wish to remove. Next, you will have to click on the trash can icon. Finally, you can select everything from the square icon in the screen’s upper-right corner. Finally, you must navigate inside that show to delete individual series episodes. 

Are There Any Areas for Improvement in the Disney Plus Download Function?

There isn’t any limit to downloading Disney+ content on your mobile devices. However, if you are trying to download them on Mac or similar platforms, then you will face certain limits, which have been listed below:

  • You cannot download Disney+ content on your computer, TV, or any other device.
  • Each Disney+ title can be downloaded up to 7 times using each account, and you won’t be able to stream or download them on reaching this maximum limit.
  • The downloads expire automatically within 48 hours since you first play them. You will have to redownload them to continue watching after this.
  • Licensing restrictions limit all content from being available for download in every region.
  • Once you log out, all your downloaded content gets removed. You will have to redownload to watch again manually.
  • You will have to connect to the internet once every 30 days. 
  • The same show or movie can be downloaded on a maximum of ten devices. 

Knowing these various Disney+ downloading limits can help prioritize and customize your offline viewing experience. However, given the inherent limitations, you won’t be able to make the most of the diverse movies and TV shows available with Disney+. Instead, the downloading is available only for a limited choice of titles, and your subscription plan will determine the number of simultaneous downloads. If you wish to get an edge over all these loopholes, you can opt for StreamFab Disney Plus Downloader. 

The Best Solution to Downloading Movies From Disney Plus – StreamFab Disney Plus Downloader

Your Disney plus download journey will become easier StreamFab Disney Plus Downloader. Whether you are planning to enjoy the rich Disney Plus content on your TV or share it with your friends, this intuitive software can help break the blocks. So, let’s first look at its different features before moving on to downloading content using this software.


  • You can download regional Disney Plus content, which isn’t otherwise readily available for licensing agreements. 
  • Your playback experience is bound to be heightened by the excellent video and audio quality rendered by StreamFab Disney Plus Downloader. Users can save the downloaded videos in 720 or 1080p quality. Regarding audio selection, you can opt for Atmos to enjoy a super immersive surround sound or EAC3 5.1, a premium audio track supported on nearly all modern-day devices. 
  • No one likes pesky advertisements while viewing their favorite shows and movies. StreamFab can help remove these occasional pop-ups so that the ads can’t dampen your streaming experience. 
  • With StreamFab, you can save the downloads in MKV or MP4 formats to watch them on as many devices as possible, like a tablet computer, smartphone, game console, laptop, etc. 
  • Entertainment shouldn’t be limited to your available languages. StreamFab can help you enjoy content in different languages with its option to pre-select subtitles and audio as per the UI language. The subtitles can be saved as SRT files or remux into video, depending on your requirements. 
  • If new episodes of your favorite Disney Plus show are released every week, then you can bank on StreamFab to auto-download future episodes upon their release. You need to add your favorite shows to the Scheduled queue of this downloader software, and it will do the rest, whether daily, weekly, or based on your schedules.
  • Modern millennials understand that time is money, and the Batch Mode of StreamFab can help download multiple videos quickly. StreamFab can be your perfect bet if you are trying to download multiple episodes of TV shows at once. 
  • The Fast Speed mode of StreamFab Disney Plus Downloader can significantly reduce the download time. You can download a full movie within just 10-20 minutes. 
  • Managing a large volume of videos is a daunting task. But StreamFab can help streamline this problem by saving the info and metadata for your downloads, such as cast, title, episode title, Season, and cover. 
  • You can even watch your favorite Disney Plus movies and shows with your friends and family by downloading them to Blu-ray discs connected to your home theater. 

Steps to download movies with Disney Plus

  • Select the streaming service

Launch StreamFab and select the streaming service (Disney Plus in our case) from the left column.


  • Play the video

Search for and play the video of a movie or Tv show from the Disney Plus library. You will get a pop-up window asking for video options. 

  • Initiate the download

Once you complete the customization, you can download it immediately or add it to the queue. Then, when choosing the first option, the download will start at the back end even when you watch it. 


Offline downloads can be convenient, especially if traveling or visiting somewhere with slow internet. Disney+ allows downloading everything from the latest Marvel film to Modern Family on mobile devices, including Apple and Android phones, tablets, and Amazon Fire tablets. 

There is no option for downloading content on a Smart TV, web browser, or games console. This problem can, however, be circumvented by using Chromecast to broadcast movies and shows on your TV. 


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