Museum of Ice Cream Chicago: A Sweet Escape from Reality

Museum of Ice Cream Chicago

The Museum of Ice Cream in Chicago is where fantasy meets reality, offering a unique and immersive experience for all. It’s where you can indulge in your love of ice cream while escaping the mundane world outside.

This whimsical wonderland is a pop-up museum that takes you on a sensory journey through 14 themed installations, including a CTA-inspired room called the Sprink-L, mini-golf, and a sprinkle pool.

On special occasions, you might experience relatable themes like on last Halloween the place was transformed into the Museum of I-Scream for October, where people celebrated the spooky season with ice cream and candy.

The Museum offered new treats, including a soft pumpkin spice with bat sprinkles served by a “mad scientist” in an apothecary and a vegan black cherry-flavored hot dog.

The Museum of Ice Cream in Chicago allows you to relive your childhood memories and create new ones. It’s where you can embrace your inner child and forget about the outside world for a while.

It is an absolute must-visit for anyone who loves ice cream, wants to experience something unique, and is looking for a fun and unforgettable adventure.

This article describes all available amenities in the Museum in detail. Stay with us until the end to have a complete overview of spending a memorable day at the ice cream Chicago Museum.

What Is Ice Cream Museum Chicago?

The interactive Museum opened its doors in July 2022. It is a whimsical, pastel-colored wonderland that aims to transport you into a world of sweetness, playfulness, and pure joy.

It features 14 unique installations celebrating all kind of ice cream, but the most popular one allows you to dive in and swim through the hundreds of thousands of plastic sprinkles.

The Museum of Ice Cream is more than just a place to take Instagram-worthy photos. It provides an immersive experience that appeals to all the senses. You can sample a variety of ice cream treats, including new flavors created especially for the Halloween season. Even a fortune teller will read your future using ice cream-themed tarot cards.

It’s a place where adults and children can feel like kids again and indulge in their love for ice cream. Whether you’re a local or just visiting Chicago, the Museum of Ice Cream is a must-see destination for anyone with a sweet tooth and a sense of adventure.

Museum of Ice Cream Chicago

How To Reach Chicago Ice Cream Museum?

It is located at 435 N. Michigan Avenue, in the heart of downtown. There are several ways to reach the Museum, depending on your preferred mode of transportation.

By car, you can park at nearby parking garages or use ride-hailing services like Uber or Lyft.

By bus, stop near the Museum, including the 3, 26, 66, 143, and 146 buses.

Via train, the Museum is a short walk from several CTA stations, including the Red Line’s Grand and Chicago stations and the Blue Line’s Clark and Lake stations.

From O’Hare International Airport, you can take the Blue Line train to the Clark and Lake station, then transfer to the Red Line towards Howard and get off at Grand or Chicago station, both within walking distance of the Museum.

Overall, reaching the Museum of Ice Cream in Chicago is relatively easy, regardless of your mode of transportation.

10 Things to Do At The Museum Of Ice Cream Chicago

The Museum is vast and allows you to experience a lot of activities. However, here are the top 10 activities you cannot afford to miss.

  1. Take a dip in the Sprinkle Pool: The Museum of Ice Cream’s signature attraction, the Sprinkle Pool, offers you the chance to immerse in a pool filled with hundreds of thousands of colorful plastic sprinkles.
  2. Indulge in sweet treats: You will find delicious ice cream cones, milkshakes, and candy.
  3. Strike a pose at the Banana Swing: Swing on a banana and snap a fun photo.
  4. Play mini-golf: The Museum’s mini-golf course is inspired by iconic Chicago landmarks. It’s undoubtedly a must-try activity.
  5. Explore the Pint Shop: You can create your custom ice cream pint to take home here.
  6. Visit the Rainbow Tunnel: This colorful tunnel has Instagram-worthy photo opportunities.
  7. Learn about ice cream history: The Museum offers interactive exhibits that explore the history of ice cream and its impact on popular culture.
  8. Fortune-telling with ice cream-themed tarot cards: For the spooky season, you can get your fortune read by a fortune teller using ice cream-themed tarot cards.
  9. Trick or Treat: During Halloween, you can trick or treat throughout the museum and answer riddles to get candy.
  10. Attend special events: The Museum hosts a variety of special events, including themed parties, live performances, and workshops. You could attend any of them if you got time.

Type Of Ice Cream Treats

The Museum offers a variety of ice cream treats and services to satisfy any sweet tooth. Some of the ice cream treats available include:

  1. Scoops of ice cream in classic flavors like chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry, as well as unique and playful flavors like Piñata and Cherrylicious.
  2. Ice cream sandwiches made with freshly baked cookies and a scoop of ice cream in between.
  3. Ice cream cones in various sizes are dipped in colorful sprinkles or chocolate.
  4. Milkshakes in various flavors, such as the signature Pantone 1905C Pink shade in the 1905C Milkshake.
  5. Hot fudge sundaes topped with whipped cream and cherries.

Museum of Ice Cream Chicago

Services Available at The Museum Of Ice Cream Chicago

In addition to ice cream treats, the Museum also offers a range of services, such as:

  1. Fast Passes that allow visitors to skip the line and go straight to the ice cream.
  2. Tour guides can help you navigate the Museum and answer any questions.
  3. Group Cone-ection Games are team-building activities centered around ice cream.
  4. VIP tables that can be reserved for special occasions like birthdays or other celebrations.
  5. Sprinkle Gift Bags and other merchandise that visitors can purchase to take home as souvenirs.

Chicago Museum of Ice Cream Tickets

You can book tickets online through their official website. The cost may vary depending on the time and date of your visit. They offer standard admission tickets and VIP packages that include various perks like fast passes, tour guides, and more.

Purchasing tickets in advance is recommended as they tend to sell out quickly, especially during peak seasons. You should also remember that tickets are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for a different date or time.

Please check the Museum’s website for any updates on their admission policies and safety protocols in response to COVID-19 guidelines.

Museum Of Ice Cream Chicago Contact Details

Here are the contact details for the Museum of Ice Cream Chicago:

Address: 1000 W. North Ave, Chicago, IL 60642, United States

Phone: +1 (855) 258-0719

Email: [email protected]


You can also connect with the Museum of Ice Cream Chicago on their social media pages for updates and more information:




Ideal Budget for One Day Visit

The ideal budget for a one-day visit to the Museum of Ice Cream in Chicago can vary depending on a few factors, such as the number of people in your group, transportation, food, and other personal expenses. However, here are some estimated costs that can help you plan your budget:

  • General Admission ticket: $39 per person
  • Fast Pass: $10 per person (optional)
  • Transportation: varies depending on your location and mode of transportation (car, public transportation, taxi/rideshare)
  • Food: The Museum does not offer full meals, but some sweet treats are available. Budget around $10-15 per person for snacks.
  • Souvenirs: If you plan to purchase souvenirs or merchandise, you should budget for this separately.

Based on these estimates, a reasonable budget for a one-day visit for one person could range from $60-$80. However, this is just an estimate, and your actual costs may vary depending on your specific needs and preferences.

Museum of Ice Cream Chicago

Places to visit near Museum of Ice Creams Chicago

The Museum is in a prime location surrounded by plenty of places to explore nearby. Here are some top places worth investing your time in for an enjoyable day.

1. Millennium Park

Located just a few blocks from the Museum, Millennium Park is a must-visit destination for art and architecture enthusiasts. The park features several iconic sculptures, including the famous “Cloud Gate” sculpture, “The Bean.”

2. Art Institute of Chicago

Just a short walk from the Museum, the Art Institute of Chicago is one of the oldest and largest art museums in the United States. It houses an extensive collection of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist, American, and contemporary paintings.

3. Navy Pier

This popular tourist destination is about two miles from the Museum and features attractions such as an observation wheel, boat tours, restaurants, and shops.

4. Willis Tower

The Willis Tower, formerly known as the Sears Tower, is an iconic skyscraper in Chicago located about three miles from the Museum. You can take an elevator to the Skydeck on the 103rd floor for panoramic city views.

5. The Magnificent Mile

This famous shopping district is about two miles from the Museum and features high-end shops, restaurants, and landmarks like the John Hancock Center.

6. Chicago Riverwalk

The Chicago Riverwalk is a pedestrian walkway along the Chicago River that offers stunning views of the city’s architecture. It’s about a mile from the Museum and provides a great place to stroll or grab a bite.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the Museum of Ice Cream Chicago?

It is an interactive museum celebrating ice cream through immersive experiences and exhibits.

2. How much does visiting the Museum of Ice Cream Chicago cost?

The cost of admission varies depending on the day and time of your visit, ranging from $39 to $49 for adults and $29 to $39 for children.

3. Is the Museum of Ice Cream Chicago suitable for all ages?

Yes, it is suitable for all ages, from children to adults.

4. How long does visiting the Museum of Ice Cream Chicago take?

A visit typically takes around one hour, although you can stay longer and explore at your own pace.

5. Are food and drinks available at the Museum of Ice Cream Chicago?

Yes, the Museum has a cafe serving ice cream and other sweet treats and a bar serving adult beverages.

6. Is photography allowed at the Museum of Ice Cream Chicago?

Yes, photography is allowed, and they encourage you to take photos and share them on social media.

7. Can I bring food or drinks to the Museum of Ice Cream Chicago?

Outside food and drinks are not allowed at the Museum of Ice Cream Chicago

8. Is the Museum of Ice Cream Chicago accessible to people with disabilities?

Yes, the Museum is accessible to people with disabilities, with elevators and ramps available throughout the Museum

9. Are pets allowed at the Museum of Ice Cream Chicago?

No, pets are not allowed at the Museum, except for service animals.

10. Do I need to purchase tickets for the Museum of Ice Cream Chicago in advance?

Yes, tickets must be purchased in advance, as walk-ins are prohibited.

Final Thoughts

The Museum of Ice Cream in Chicago offers a unique and unforgettable experience that is a sweet escape from reality. From its interactive exhibits and installations to its delicious treats and fun activities, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion, indulging in your love of ice cream, or simply looking for a fun and unique outing with friends or family, the Museum is a must-visit destination in Chicago.

With its friendly staff and welcoming atmosphere, it is a place where you can let your inner child run wild and create memories that will last a lifetime.

So, if you find yourself in Chicago, be sure to make a stop at the Museum of Ice Cream and indulge in a world of sweetness and wonder.


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