How to Win Money in Online Roulette


In this guide, I will tell you how to make real money from playing Roulette in online and traditional casinos. Everything you need to know about Roulette game rules and a guide to how to win is in this article. Are you ready?


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There is this Roulette table with 36 numbers. And there is this spinning wheel that a dealer would rotate and throw a silver ball on it. The ball will stop on only one number: 00, 0, or a number from 1 to 36. 


It is that simple. Before that, you should place your bets on numbers, table segments, colors, rows, and columns. You lose your chips if the ball number is not as you guessed. And your winning chips get rewarded upon the risk of your bet. 


Online Roulette

As goes with almost everything in our lives, everything is digitizing. The gaming experience of a Roulette table now is much better than the traditional one. It is mobile, fast, secure, and most online casinos nowadays are made of high quality. 


However, there are usually welcoming bonuses in any online casino. All casinos listed in Arab Casinos would welcome you with gifts to go ahead immediately and try out your favorite games without making an actual deposit. 


Arab Casinos is one of the best platforms for many gamblers and gamers from all over the globe. Players who speak Arabic prefer it because it presents several online casinos that support the Arabic language. There you can find many Roulette games to try out for free! 


Roulette Rules

Roulette is a simple game. And that’s why it is the choice of many new players in the betting world. You only need some luck to win massive amounts! Here is how to play it: 


  • Purchase Chips & Read Betting Limits

There are limits in Roulette. For how many Chips you can purchase, how many rounds you must play, betting limits, and information you want to read before starting the game. 


These rules are to make no one able to abuse the game rules. And you want to read it before playing (especially in traditional Roulette tables), so you don’t ruin the fun for others by stopping the game for your adjustments that the dealer would ask for gently. 


  • Step1: Placing Bets

When you place your chips on a number/segment/color on the table, you are betting on that/these numbers. And your winning chips will get rewards for that. But there is something to think about here. Do you think you will get the same earnings if you bet on only one number as you would get if you bet on half the numbers on the table? Of course not. Winnings will vary on the risk of the bet. There are 38 slots on the spinning wheel. The winning amount will get larger when you bet on fewer numbers. And here is the Roulette reward table: 

  1. 1 to 1 reward (Example: Betting on all red) 
  2. 2 to 1 reward (Example: Betting on numbers from 1 to 12) 
  3. 5 to 1 reward (Example: Betting on 1,2,3,4,5,6 / two rows)
  4. 8 to 1 reward (Example: Betting on a corner / 17,18,20,21)
  5. 11 to 1 reward (Example: Betting on 1,2,3 / one row)
  6. 17 to 1 reward (Example: Betting on 1,2 / two numbers) 
  7. 36 to 1 reward Example: Betting on 9 / one number) 


Does it make sense now? When you bet on fewer numbers, you get higher rewards. And you can distribute your chips on different bets. So you can mix your betting pool of high and low-risk types. 


  • Step2: Spinning Wheel

You can still place your bets until the dealer says enough. And these are the funniest moments of playing Roulette. Your part as a player is over now. And the ball is now on your luck’s side to shoot! These moments would make your heart jumps with the hope that the tiny magical ball will stop on your lucky number! If you bet 36to1 with $1,000, you could win $36,000! Remarkable, right? 


  • Step3: Rewards

After the ball has stopped, the dealer will place his marker on the table. That would mean that the dealer is moving chips around the table, and no players should touch the table. The dealer will take away all losing chips. And reward winning chips as presented in the table above. Then the dealer will remove the marker from the table. And that would mean that the dealer finished moving the chips, and players are allowed again to keep using the Roulette table. 


  • Step4: Three Spins At Least 

Don’t be surprised if the dealers gently ask you if you can’t bet with all the amount you have. In Roulette, you play at least three wheel spins as long as you have started a game. One of the three spins may make it! 



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