Are Oil Stains on a Garage Floor Permanent?


If you work on your car in the garage, you will know how easy it is to get oil stains on the ground. Unfortunately, concrete is a material referred to as porous. This means that oil can soak into the flooring quickly, and a spillage can turn into a huge mess. It is not something that is easy to wipe away, and this is particularly true if you do not tackle the stain straight away.

So, the question is, are oil stains really going to be permanent on your garage floor? Well, let’s take a closer look at the answer.

Oil Stains are Tough

Let’s start by saying that oil stains on a concrete garage floor are going to be tough to remove. This is due to the porous nature of oil. It will not just sit on top of the flooring. Instead, it is going to soak into the concrete. But, there is some good news. If you act quickly, there are ways you can make the stain better. Here are some tips.

Act Straight Away

First of all, try to tackle the stain straight away. If you are aware of dropping oil, you need to clean it at the time. Do not leave it for hours or until another day. This can make your situation harder, and indeed; it can make a stain a permanent feature on the ground.

Try Laundry Soap

If you have just spilt oil, you can try this trick. We are talking about using laundry soap. Try to mop up some of the excess oil first. Then, you want to mix laundry soap in warm water. Simply pour it onto the stain. Grab a brush and put some elbow grease into the process. The last step is using a hose to wash away the oil and laundry soap. 

You might think this idea is not going to work. But, you should know that this technique is used by experts. For example, it was used at Daytona 500, and Tidy laundry detergent was applied to jet fuel to clean the Nascar racetrack.

Use a Degreaser

There are degreasers you can buy that are designed to get rid of things like oil and grease. This is also something you can try in the garage. But, be aware that they can contain a lot of strong chemicals, which you might not want to use in your home. You will want to wear protective gear too.

Cover the Stain

Perhaps it has been a long time since the stain was created. Whether it was an accident that happened with your vehicle or if the stain was there when you moved into the house, another option you have is to cover the stain. A good way to do this is by using the exclusive range of Swisstrax garage floor tiles offered by Garage Giant. They are going to be positioned over the ground of the garage, covering any marks, stains and unsightly areas that you have. Are you not convinced by floor tiles yet? Here are some advantages they offer you.

Easy to Install

Most homeowners love garage floor tiles because they are easy to install. You will not need any complicated tools. Most have a peg and loop design and you connect them together. It is as simple as that. The only thing you might need is a cutter to shape them if you want them to fit perfectly in the garage.

Quick to Position

Imagine you have guests coming over, and you want to quickly spruce up the garage before they arrive. You want to make a good impression. But, if they are going to be parking in the garage or walking through it, they are going to notice that big and unsightly stain. So, what is the solution? Garage floor tiles. They are quick to position on the floor with the peg and loop design. So, you can quickly install them before a special occasion. Their design means you can also uplift and remove them if you want to.

Affordable for Large Spaces

You might be worried about the cost of floor tiles if you have a large garage. Is this expense worth it just to cover a stain? Well, most homeowners would say yes. Floor tiles are very affordable and better than other options out there. The price can be as low as $4 per square foot, going up to $10 if you are choosing a high-end design. This can make it affordable for large spaces. This is particularly true when you consider you are not paying for the installation of them.

Create an Attractive Design

Many people think garage floor tiles are not very attraction. In other words, they are more of a practical addition to a garage rather than one that looks good. Perhaps this was true years ago when there were only a few options on the market. But, now, there are many big brands out there that know the style matters to homeowners. So, all you have to do is shop for floor tiles, and you will see the wide range of patterns and colors available. This can change the look of your garage for the better. Not only do you cover up the stain, but you create a cool design too.


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