Learn How to Build a Strong and Serious Relationship 


There are many different ways to find a mail order bride or meet someone in real life. You can go to a bar or nightclub, or you can try online dating. There are pros and cons to both methods.

Going to a bar or nightclub can be a lot of fun, but it can also be a little dangerous. You never know who you might meet, and you could wind up getting into a fight or getting robbed. Online dating is a lot safer, but it can be a little boring. You might not meet the love of your life online, but you can at least find someone to date.

Which method is right for you? That depends on your personality and your lifestyle. If you’re the type of person who enjoys going out and meeting new people, then you should probably try going to a bar or nightclub. If you’re more of a homebody, then online dating might be a better option for you.

How do you know if the relationship is serious?

The beginnings of a romantic relationship have always been similar to fairy tales. Rich in emotions and filled with thrills, these are romantic moments that should be enjoyed.

Unfortunately, after a few months, some small and normal conflicts may occur during this period of discovery of each other. At this point, you will start to doubt your relationship, and you will need to know if this meeting is serious and if it will last or not.

Even if in love, you have to follow your heart and your instincts. It is also important to pay attention to the signs that do not deceive. If your new love story is at that stage where doubts and questions are setting in, discover in this article some undeniable signs that will prove to you that your love story is not just a six-month adventure.

You are open to each other

For a lasting relationship, love is not enough. In fact, in a couple, you need the humor to go along with the cuddling. When a person wants a serious and lasting relationship, he or she is looking to create a certain complicity, and the best way to do this is to be open-minded and a little bit funny.

Apart from telling you his/her various jokes, he/she should, from time to time, make little funny remarks and tease you in order to relax the atmosphere when you are together. If your boyfriend or girlfriend likes to see you happy, it means that he or she really cares about you and does not want to see you cry. This is a good sign!

You plan the future together

Relationships without plans are certainly the ones that never go far. It is sometimes difficult to share your life with someone who does not plan a future together. In fact, making plans together is one of the pillars of a lasting relationship. It allows both lovers to stabilize themselves because no one would want to have to regret their choices.

On several occasions, your discussions have already turned to subjects such as marriage, children, real estate, etc., and have continued normally each time without dodging. In this case, there is very little chance that your relationship is a simple flirtation. A person who makes reflections imagining their future by your side proves that they are attached to you and care about you.

He/She doesn’t hesitate to share photos of you on social media

When you feel good about someone, you want everyone to know, including your thousands of followers on Facebook, Snapchat, or Instagram.

If your mate doesn’t mind posting pictures of you, giving you loving glances at a romantic dinner, be sure that he is probably ready to show the world his heart’s choice. Plus, by doing this, your new partner wants his list of subscribers to know how happy and proud he is to be in a relationship with you.

He/She wants to introduce you to his/her friends and relatives

While there are several proofs of a long-term relationship, this is one of the most important. According to studies, it is one of the main indicators that your love is not about to end.

Be aware that if a relationship is not important, we prefer to keep it to ourselves to avoid embarrassing questions that we can’t answer. Therefore, rest assured; if your other half was planning to leave after only a few weeks, he/she would never have dared to organize meetings with his/her friends and relatives to introduce you.

He/she is attentive to you, cares about you, and shows it to you

Despite the fact that you wrote to each other in the morning, he/she didn’t stop to ask you in the evening how you spent your day. If your lover does this, it is because he/she has been thinking about you during the day and wants to know if you have done the same.

In this case, bingo! Your union is important to him/her! 

You don’t just see each other for sex

Sexual intimacy between new partners is usually very intense. At the beginning of the relationship, the two lovebirds seeking to discover each other do not refrain from acting systematically, pushed by this new flame that is still alive.

But after a while, sexual intercourse can be less spontaneous. You should be able to express your feelings about this freely without your partner feeling offended, whether you feel like it or not, whether your head is in it or not.

On the other hand, if you have reached a stage in your relationship where you are able to visit your partner without putting on your best lingerie, rejoice! You can spend the whole day together and discuss a lot of topics without getting under the covers. It’s proof that your relationship isn’t just about sex and that your sweetheart respects you, sees you as more than just a pretty body, and would be willing to make a commitment to a lasting relationship with you.

On the other hand, if he/she has not cut ties with you, has not sulked, despite a refusal on your part to go to bed, keep him/her!

He/she shows vulnerability

We all have a tendency to jealously guard our fears and our little weaknesses. But when you are in front of your soul mate, it is more than important to show him/her that you are not always a macho or a hero.

For a while now, he/she has been telling you about his/her good and bad memories or fears and asks do you do the same in return. It’s that things are getting more intimate between you. You are lucky! Chances are this union will last.

If you’ve been able to spot these signs of a serious relationship with your loved one, all you have to do is get ready to have this wonderful person by your side, for a very long time or for the rest of your life.


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