Top Reasons to Seek Sinus Surgery


Have you tried non-invasive treatments like decongestants with little or no relief? Chronic sinusitis, nasal structure damage, allergic rhinitis, and polyp growths can cause significant stress when non-invasive treatments fail to work. Sinus surgery Los Angeles is recommended in such situations. While sinus surgery is not a one-in-all cure, it offers effective results that can help turn your situation around, including more rapid pain relief and restoring breathing through the nose. Among the reasons benefits that make sinus surgery worth considering include the following:

Enhanced medication efficacy

The narrow pathways are among the reasons your medications may be delivering minimal impact. The narrow and usually blocked pathways mean the medication may not effectively reach the target areas for better symptom relief. After surgery, the sinus pathway widens, allowing the medication to travel all through and offer better results. Your nasal sprays or rinses will work better in instances like repeat sinus infections. Such efficacy can help you remain productive despite the circumstances.

Pain and pressure alleviation

Facial pain and pressure commonly experienced across the nose bridge, behind the eyes, and around the upper teeth can be overwhelming. This results from poor mucus drainage due to narrow, blocked, or inflamed nasal passages. Sinus surgery widens the passages, making it easier to drain freely. Alleviated facial pain and pressure make it easier to manage activities of daily living, making the surgery a worthy treatment.

Fewer infections

Sinus surgery widens the pathway, minimizing the chances of blockages which are usually the main culprit behind sinus infections. This means you get to reduce infection frequency, and with the alleviated pain and pressure, fewer headaches. The contributions can significantly improve the quality of your life since you won’t be batting the symptoms much often.

Minimize halitosis symptoms

Bad breath is common in people struggling with chronic sinusitis. The inability to effectively breathe through the nose means they resort to doing it via the mouth. Breathing through the mouth for extended periods results in a dry mouth. A dry mouth leads to a lack of saliva to wash away food debris and mucus. This increases bacteria in your mouth, and as they consume the food particles, a volatile sulfur compound is produced, which causes a bad odor.

Besides bad breath, dry mouth also exposes you to more dental problems. The debris easily gets stuck on your gums and teeth, which wear the protective layer. This can lead to cavities and gum disease, impacting your overall dental health. Sinus surgery widens the pathways, making it easier to breathe normally, which minimizes dry mouth chances.

Improved sleep quality

Maintaining a restful sleep while having difficulties breathing through your nose is challenging. Many people with chronic sinusitis hardly sleep well, resulting in fatigue and exhaustion. The impacts affect other areas since productivity dwindles due to fatigue. Mental wellness is also impacted by poor sleep and deteriorating productivity. Sinus surgery improves your ability to breathe through the nose, allowing you to enjoy quality sleep.

You might be scared once sinus surgery is recommended, but the treatment delivers more benefits and is relatively safe. Risks and complications are rare, especially with innovative options like endoscopic sinus surgery. Contact Mani H. Zadeh today for more on sinus surgery.


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