6 Reasons Why More Parents Are Buying Building Toys For Kids


It’s no secret that kids these days are spending more time than ever in front of screens. Whether it’s phones, tablets, computers, or TVs, there’s always a screen for them to stare at. And while there’s nothing wrong with a bit of screen time here and there, too much of it can be bad for kids in several ways.

That’s why more and more parents are buying building toys for their kids as an alternative to screen time. Not only do building toys keep kids off screens, but they also have several other benefits. Here are six reasons why more parents buy building toys for their kids.

1 – Keeps Kids Off Screens

As mentioned before, one of the main reasons parents buy building toys for kids is to keep them away from screens. Too much screen time has been linked to everything from ADHD to sleep problems, so kids need to take breaks from screens and get some fresh air and exercise. Building toys are the perfect way to do that.

2 – Great Bonding Activities

Building toys for kids offers an excellent opportunity for parents to connect with their children and focus on making something together. Building things together is playful and educational and can help strengthen the bond between parent and child.

After assembly is complete, there is also a sense of accomplishment, which can boost self-confidence. Taking the time rather than relying on technology makes for a much more engaging activity that carries benefits far beyond just entertainment but creates solid relationships for both parent and child to enjoy for years to come.

3 – Improves Hand Eye Skills And Hand-Eye Coordination

Building toys also help improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills in kids. These are essential skills for everyday tasks like writing and brushing teeth.

4 – Inspires Creative Thinking

Building toys provide a unique opportunity for children to cultivate their creativity while playing. Toys with various pieces allow kids to build exciting structures. As children explore the different possibilities of combining pieces and creating something new, they develop problem-solving skills that can be applied in other areas of their lives.

Storytelling is also a great partner for building playtime and encourages dialogue between parents and children as they imagine the characters inhabiting a world they created. Not only does this fuel communication, but it helps children engage in storytelling without using media screens, making it an ideal activity for parent-child bonding. Building activities provide kids with enriching opportunities to think outside the box and develop original scenarios based on alternative constructive ideas.

5 – Engineering Skills

Building toys can also help teach kids engineering skills. They’ll learn how to build structures that are both strong and stable. These skills will be helpful later in life if they decide to pursue a career in engineering or architecture.

6 – Helps Kids Get Into A Problem-Solving Mindset

Finally, building toys for kids helps children get into a problem-solving mindset. They’ll learn how to identify problems and find creative solutions to them. This skill is essential for all aspects of life, from schoolwork to relationships.   

Invest In Building Toys For Kids For A Variety Of Benefits

Parents looking for an alternative to screen time should consider buying building toys for kids. Not only do they provide several benefits, but they’re also affordable and easy to shop for. Plus, they make great bonding activities for parents and children alike.


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