Can Mobile Apps Help You To Become A Better Artist?


The Google and Apple app stores have options for pretty much any purpose you could imagine from fitness applications to games. And the art world hasn’t been ignored either.

Google created an Arts & Culture app to bring some of the most important pieces from the art world into people’s homes via their smartphones, and there are also apps creating artworks.

Art is used in many ways, and it can be used to benefit health also. Art is used in therapy to ease the impact of trauma, and help with personality disorders. Children can express themselves through art, and graphic design and illustration can lead to careers.

Can anyone learn to paint and draw?

Clearly, some people are more gifted than others when it comes to painting and drawing. Others will need to practice and work on their artistic skills.

However, anyone can be taught the basics of drawing, and there are plenty of books and resources that promise to teach individuals ‘how to draw superheroes in a week’, or ‘how to paint with watercolors in 30 days’.

Likewise, many tutorials are helping budding artists to use design software & graphics applications such as Procreate classes or Illustrator guidance.

With practice, anyone can draw and paint, but not everyone will reach the same heights, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t get pleasure from this activity.

How will mobile apps help you to become a better artist?

Not everyone can afford a high-powered desktop to run Photoshop efficiently so it is fortunate then that you can download a number of graphic apps for your tablet or smartphone.

Most people will find tablets with bigger screens easier to draw on than smartphones. Yet, you can learn different techniques and use tools to improve your artistry. One way that graphics apps help people to get better is through the use of a ‘history’ tool, or simply by clicking on ‘undo’.

One great benefit of creating digital artwork is the ability to undo any mistake in your paintings. Often you will be allowed to go back through multiple steps giving you the chance to try different techniques on your design.

This approach makes creating artwork simpler, and much like paint by numbers for adults, it will help you to unlock your creativity.

Why use mobile apps to create art?

Apart from being able to undo mistakes, there are several reasons why apps are useful for creating art.

  • There is no mess
  • No need to buy art supplies
  • You can alter any aspect of your work easily
  • You can print your art multiple times
  • You can save and share your artwork
  • You can create art anywhere

Mobile apps are, as the term suggests, portable, therefore you can doodle, sketch and paint anywhere you go, and whenever the mood takes you. You won’t get paint on your clothes, and there is no need to buy or store paint and brushes. Art supplies can transform your space but they can be expensive to buy and replace, and need cleaning.

What are the best mobile apps for artists?

There is no shortage of choice, and Adobe, the graphics giant, has many different applications for download that are either free or licensed. But, there are also independent firms creating graphical apps, and a quick search online will provide a plethora of options.

Just some of the graphical apps available now:

  • Procreate and Procreate Pocket
  • Daisie
  • Photoshop Sketch
  • Adobe Fresco
  • Autodesk Sketchbook
  • Tayasui Sketches
  • ArtRage

Some of these, such as ArtRage, are suitable for all age ranges, and others such as Adobe Illustrator Draw are tablet versions of developers’ professional products. You may find it worth checking what kind of support is available before downloading an app. For example, Procreate tutorials are available to guide beginners through that app, and there are Tayasui Sketches videos on YouTube also.

What can you do with your art?

The more you practice, the better you will become at creating digital art. Even if you find yourself plateauing, you can still gain pleasure from drawing and painting, regardless of how skilled you are.

Mobile graphics apps will normally allow you to share your work, save it, and print it too. The digital art bubble has burst, unfortunately, and it is unlikely that you will feature on the most expensive NFT list anytime. But, you can still put your designs online for sharing, advice, and critiquing.


Not everyone will be able to claim the same skills that Leonardo Da Vinci had, but graphics applications let anyone have a go at creating art, and many are free and very accessible.

With tutorials online, and resources for adding extra filters, templates, and brushes, you could find your tablet becomes your easel, and a new hobby enters your life.


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