Where Can I Watch Grown Ups 2

Where Can I Watch Grown Ups 2

Are you wondering where I can watch Grown Ups 2? Then you are in the right place. You can watch the 2013 comedy film Grown Ups 2 streaming on FreeVee, Netflix( With VPN), and Prime Video( With VPN). You can also watch the movie by buying or renting it from digital retailers, including Microsoft Store, iTunes, Amazon, Vudu, Redbox, and AMC On Demand.

No matter which option you choose, this comedy film is surely going to entertain you.

Streaming Sites To Watch Grown Ups 2

Grown Up 2 is directed by Dennis Dugan, and stars Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade, and Maya Rudolph. This is a fun ride-type movie without any complex storyline or emotional blast. All the characters did their job well, especially Adam Sandler. The main point of this movie is the journey of growing up kids who are holding on to something for their future. Without expecting too much, just sit back and try this light-hearted movie.

Where Can I Watch Grown Ups 2

Fortunately, several streaming services have Grown Up 2 in their library. Here are all the platforms where you can stream Grown Up 2:


FreeVee is a free streaming service owned by Amazon. You can enjoy various movies and TV shows on this platform without any subscription. As it’s a free streaming service, it supports ads. Now FreeVee is only available in the USA, the UK and Germany.

Here’s how to watch Grown Up 2 on FreeVee:

·         Signup ForA Amazon Account

As FreeVee is an Amazon service, you will need an Amazon account to watch FreeVee, both free and paid accounts will do the work.

·         Download The Amazon App On Your Device

Now download the amazon app on your device.

However, you won’t need an Amazon account if you have any Roku devices, Samsung smart TVs, LG smart TVs, Apple TVs, Android mobiles or other supported devices. You can download the FreeVee app on any of these devices and watch all the contents of FreeVee.

·         Go to the FreeVee and Search for the Movie

Once you have an Amazon account, select the FreeVee option and search Grown Up 2. Once you find it, enjoy streaming the movie.

Where Can I Watch Grown Ups 2


If you are a USA Netflix subscriber looking for Grown Up 2 to stream there, you are out of luck. The movie is not available on American Netflix. It is because Netflix cannot show the film in the USA. That’s why they use geo-restrictions.

But the movie is on Netflix in the UK, Canada and some other regions of the world. So if you are sitting on a couch in the USA, you will have to use a VPN to change the IP address to stream Grown Up two on your American Netflix.

Here’s the step-by-step guide to streaming Grown Up 2 on Netflix from anywhere in the world:

  • First, sign in to a VPN, for instance, Express VPN or Nord VPN. These VPNs are proven that can unblock geo-restrictions of all streaming services.
  • After signing in, log in to your account and download the extension on your browser. Once you finish the account setup, type UK or Canada in the search bar. After pressing the enter button, all the available UK or Canadian servers will appear.
  • Click one of them to get connected to that server. Once it’s connected, you will get a Canadian IP address.
  • Now log in to your Netflix account. This time, Netflix will see a Canadian IP address and show you the Canadian Netflix library.
  • Search the movie name and enjoy watching it once it appears.

Prime Video

If you have a Prime Video membership, you are on a treat. The Grown Up two movie is available on this streaming service. During watching the movie, you won’t be able to stop laughing. From the first minute to the last, the funny character of the film will entertain you. The purpose of the movie is just to make people laugh. So, just enjoy a good time watching the movie without overanalysing and pre-determining.

Prime Video is one of the major streaming platforms with Prime-exclusive originals, thousands of on-demand titles and popular TV shows. The monthly subscription cost of Prime Video starts at $8.99, and the ad-free version starts at $14.99 monthly and $139 yearly.

Here’s how to stream Grown Up 2 on Prime Video:

  1. First, enter the login information, like email or phone number, to sign up for a Prime Video account. For this, visit the Prime Video website.
  2. Once you have signed in for this streaming service, go to the movie section.
  3. Now type the movie name in the search bar and press the enter button.
  4. Then Grown Up two will appear at the top. Just hit the play button and enjoy watching the movie.
  5. Prime Video is available on many devices, such as Apple TV, smart TV, Android Phones and iOS. You can also download the Prime Video app on your device and enjoy all your favourite movies anytime, anywhere.

Digital Retailers To Buy Or Rent Grown Ups 2

All the digital retailers have Grown Up 2 in their libraries. You can buy or rent the movie from any of these platforms. Sometimes, it gets expensive for movie lovers to subscribe to the full streaming service. For those moviegoers, some digital retailers allow them to buy or rent a single movie.

All the digital retailers offer Grown Up 2, purchasing and renting prices and streaming quality. So now choose one without spending hours figuring out which deal would be the best.


  No. Digital Retailers Purchasing Price Renting Price Streaming Quality
1. DIRECTV $12.99 $3.99 4K, HD, SD
2. Amazon $13.99 $2.99 4K HD, SD
3. Vudu $13.99 $2.99 4K, HD, SD
4. Redbox $13.99 $3.99 HD, SD
5. AMC On Demand $13.99 $3.99 HD, SD
6. iTunes $14.99 $3.99 HD, SD
7. Google Play $14.99 $3.99 4K
8. Youtube $14.99 $3.99 4K
9. Microsoft Store $14.99 $3.99 SD, HD

If you want to buy Grown Up 2, then DIRECTV will be the best option as this platform offers the movie at the lowest price, which is $12.99. If you tend to repeat movies repeatedly, you can buy the film. Once the purchasing option is completed, the movie will download on your device. So it will allow you to enjoy the film whenever you want.

On the contrary, Amazon and Vudu are giving the best rental option for Grown Up 2. You can rent the movie for just $2.99. Ensure you finish the film within 48 hours after hitting the play button.

Frequently Asked Question On Where Can I Watch Grown Ups 2

Will There Be Grown Ups 3?

After the first two sequels of Grown Ups, fans are still wondering if there will be a third sequel of this franchise. But unfortunately, there is no such credible information or sources that confirm that there will be a third sequel of Grown Ups. It’s been almost ten years after the second sequel. If the director and producers had such plans, we would have got the third sequel of Grown Ups by now. Surely, there will be no Grown Ups 3.

Can I watch Grown Ups 2 on Hulu?

Unfortunately, the Sony Pictures movie Grown Ups 2 is not on Hulu. However, with the $7.99 monthly subscription, you can enjoy other comedy movies on Hulu. If you are a crazy fan of Adam Sandler, you can check other streaming services like FreeVee, Netflix, and Prime Video. You will have to use a VPN for Netflix and Prime Video, as the movie is unavailable in the USA. However, digital retailers, including Microsoft Store, iTunes, Amazon, Vudu, Redbox, and AMC On Demand, have the movie in their collections. You can buy or rent the film from there.


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