Common Mistakes To Avoid in Real Estate Investing and How To Overcome Them


Real estate investing is a profitable venture, especially if you’re looking to do it for the long term. Whether you’re diving into real estate for security, high returns, portfolio diversification, or a new source of income, it’s imperative to note that there are some mistakes one can make in the early stage of investing in real estate, and they can have a significant effect. However, we’ve curated a list of common mistakes along with tips on how to learn from them and make the most of your time and money.

1.Failing to have a clear plan

The first requirement for you to invest in real estate is to get a clear plan of what to do. How to get finances? What investment strategies are you looking to adopt? What will you do if your investment goes south? What is the highest amount of money you are willing to lose? What kind of property do you want? What is your purchase plan? You need to sit down, count the cost and make a crystal clear plan so that you won’t purchase a property and have no idea how to generate income.

2.Inadequate research

Nothing beats adequate research in real estate. People tend to inquire about things they want to purchase, but when it comes down to real estate, some investors turn a blind eye to questions that can make or mar them. One notable mistake investors make is failing to do adequate research about the property, neighborhood, marketing strategies, prospective clients, and market price. In order to overcome this silly mistake, ensure you’re thorough with the research about the property you’re considering.

Some important things to inquiry about before investing:

  • The neighborhood where the property is situated.
  •  The proximity of basic amenities to the property
  • The city’s plan for the neighborhood.
  • If it’s a distressed property, check for the required major repairs.
  • Foundation issues.
  • The problem associated with the property location.
  • The amount the former house owner paid.
  • Why is the house being sold?

These questions can save you from making bad investment decisions.


When investors get biased or emotionally attached to a property, they tend to agree to the seller’s bid, whether or not it’s profitable. This mistake is sometimes associated with inadequate research by the investor. Overbidding for a property can end up in debt you can’t handle. Don’t overbid for a property because of fear of losing to competitors. There will always be another property. To ensure you don’t make the mistake of overpaying for a property, Check what similar homes have sold in the area recently to determine whether your prospective investment is too expensive. A real estate broker will provide the necessary information. Don’t rush any real estate deal.

4.Over independence

Many real estate investors are over-independent; they assume they can close deals without any help. This might as well have been favorable for a while, but if you want to succeed as an investor, you need to leverage on professionals. You’re not meant to trend the path of real estate alone. Deals don’t always go smoothly, and there are downtimes. You’d need help fixing unfavorable deals. If you want to avoid problems associated with bad deals/transactions, you need all the help you can get.

  • Network of real estate investors.
  • An attorney
  • Home inspector.
  • Real estate agents.
  • Handyman
  • Insurance representative.

These experts will help you make the right purchases.

5.Bad choice of location

This mistake can be easily omitted by doing research. If a property is in a bad location, for example, places with a high crime rate or natural disasters can affect your income. It can be avoided by doing considerable research on the houses for sale in Cincinnati. For instance, you could check the location during different seasons to get precision.

6.High expectations

Many investors think investing in real estate is a quick money scheme. So, they buy a property at a high price and expect to make so much in a short while. Real estate is profitable, especially if you’re doing it for the long term. You must take your time with the process; building anything worthwhile takes time. Every investment has risk, so you must factor in the risk in investing in real estate and don’t put your entire saving in one deal.

7.Poor financing

It’s a drastic mistake to get poor financing. For example, many investors get an interest-only loan and end up paying even when the interest rate increases. To avoid this mistake, ensure you have a financial structure to convert the payments as rates go up to a more conventional fixed-up mortgage.

8.Failing to leverage on technology

Real estate has been made a lot easier, all thanks to the help of technology. During your drive for dollars session, you can get all the necessary information on one app. A typical example is REsimpli’s driving for dollars app. You can stack your list, access property information, and a lot more with the help of the internet.

Many investors ignore the powerful tools already made available to their detriment. Stay organized and interact with investors that have gone ahead of you from the comfort of your couch.

9.Underestimating operating costs

Underestimating operating cost is commonplace among real estate investors, and this mistake begins when you refuse to plan and do research. Most of the investment properties require maintenance, and if it’s not properly budgeted for can make the investor bankrupt. You can also explore financing options, but before you sign any deal, ensure you seek professional help.

Bottom Line

There’s no such thing as overnight success in real estate investing, and you must put in the required work. However, ensure you avoid the stated mistakes, and you are on the path to achieving great feats.

You’d get the desired result with the right amount of diligence and consistency.


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