Is Age A Factor For Varicose Vein Therapy?


The aging process causes several physical changes, including drooping skin and fat redistribution. Numerous men and women gradually adjust to these changes, resulting in the neglect of numerous treatable illnesses. Varicose veins are one such disorder. Luckily, varicose veins are treatable at any age, and older men and women are strongly advised to seek treatment. At Vascular Vein Centers, the specialists offer advanced therapies like VenaSeal™, endovenous laser therapy, and more to address unsightly and troublesome varicose veins. Arrange an appointment to explore your cosmetic vein treatment Lake Mary options. Meanwhile, continue reading to learn how age affects varicose vein therapy.

What Are The Benefits Of Varicose Vein Therapy In Older Patients?

Varicose veins emerge gradually as irregularities within the vein impede proper blood flow to one’s heart. With time, veins enlarge, resulting in the bulging look of varicose veins. Originally, the veins could merely be an aesthetic concern, but uncorrected varicose veins could cause various problems in the legs, including:

  •       Burning or itching
  •       Cramping and aches
  •       Slow healing
  •       Ulcers
  •       Fatigue or heaviness
  •       Skin changes

Even if you do not have any symptoms, now is the optimal time to seek therapy to avoid future difficulties.

Are There Other Risks For Older Patients?

Cosmetic varicose vein therapies are proven efficient at addressing varicose veins in patients of all ages. Some treatments for your varicose veins include endovenous laser ablation (EVLT), sclerotherapy, and radiofrequency ablation. These treatments do not necessitate general anesthesia and are minimally invasive, so you should expect little to no complications.

The specialists at Vascular Vein Centers are highly skilled and trained in these varicose vein therapies, guaranteeing every procedure is performed with little risk. Age by itself is not a factor that raises the risk for varicose vein therapy. If you have other health concerns that might cause complications with your treatment, your doctor will share them with you during your appointment.

How To Select The Appropriate Varicose Vein Therapy?

Although there are several varicose vein treatment options, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. Your doctor will assist you in determining the most appropriate treatment for you by taking into account several variables, including:

  •       Your symptoms: If discomfort is a major factor in your decision to have your varicose veins removed, your doctor will likely recommend EVLT
  •       The extent of your varicose veins: EVLT can target both large and tiny veins; thus, appropriate for severe situations
  •       Age: Elderly patients may have difficulty tolerating the sclerosing agent
  •       Your general health: Sclerotherapy is typically the best option for pregnant, breastfeeding, or bedridden women

What are the Age-Related Considerations for Varicose Vein Therapy?

Whether you are an older or younger patient contemplating varicose vein therapy, you must carefully consider post-treatment care. The minimally invasive treatments performed at Vascular Vein Centers do not require significant cuts. Your aftercare could include temporary activity restrictions, wearing compression stockings, regular walks, and follow-up sessions.

What to Anticipate Following Varicose Vein Therapy?

After the treatment, you could still experience or observe the varicose vein, which your body slowly eliminates. While the vein is permanently eliminated, generating new varicose veins in the same location is possible. For several weeks or months, your provider will track your progress. In general, older people heal more slowly than younger individuals.

You do not have to live with varicose veins that cause discomfort or make you self-conscious about the aesthetic aspect of your legs. The certified professionals at Vascular Vein Centers can help. Arrange an appointment via mobile or book online to discuss your concerns and determine your care options.


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