Exceptional Treatment for Social Anxiety Disorder in Flowood, MS


Ever felt a sense of low self-esteem when you are in social settings? You feel like people constantly judge you and even fear meeting other people. You might be having a social anxiety disorder. This condition causes a high discomfort in social places and can adversely affect your quality of life. Fortunately, there is a solution for you. The team at Precise Research Centers, under the leadership of Dr. Joseph Kwentus, offers innovative clinical trials and treatments for social anxiety disorder Flowood to help relieve the symptoms and enhance your quality of life. Read on for more details about social anxiety disorder and the available treatments.

What Exactly Is Social Anxiety?

Social anxiety is a disorder that makes it challenging for you to operate normally in social situations. You experience extraordinary stress or fear when interacting or speaking with people. This disorder occurs in any setting, be it when you are needed to give a presentation in public, answer a question, engage in sporting events, and even in daily social interactions in a restaurant or store. In severe cases, social anxiety can make it challenging for you to go to public restrooms. You might even start missing school, work, and other social events to avoid circumstances that make you feel anxious.

What Are the Common Symptoms of Social Anxiety?

 The primary symptom of social anxiety disorder is a feeling of anxiety and stress when you are in social situations. You start to feel more and more isolated and start to avoid places where other people gather purposefully. When you have to be in public or interact with others, you might become nauseous, sweat, avoid eye contact, blush, speak softly and have an increased heart rate. You will also experience too much concern about people judging you. Other symptoms of social anxiety disorders include your mind going blank and having difficulties figuring out what to say in social situations.

Who Is Likely to Develop Social Anxiety Disorder?

Social anxiety disorder mostly occurs during late childhood and continues into adolescence. According to scientific research, social anxiety results from genetic components. However, it can also be activated by trauma, stress, and environmental factors. If not treated, this disorder can last for a lifetime.

How is Social Anxiety Disorder Treated?

This disorder is normally treated with a combination of talk therapy and medications. Your doctor will customize your treatment depending on your symptoms and desired results. The team at Precise Research Centers is registering adult participants in clinical research studies to determine the efficacy of particular medications to help manage the disorder’s symptoms. These medications offer an effective way to manage your social anxiety disorder.

Social anxiety disorder can adversely affect your life which might get severe if not addressed. The team at Precise Research Centers offers effective treatments for managing the disorder. You can also participate in free clinical trials to benefit from the expertise and support of the skilled clinical staff. Call or book an appointment online to find out if you are the right candidate for social anxiety clinical trials and treatment.


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