The 15 outstanding Things to Do in Kuwait We’re Recommending for Everyone


Kuwait is an oil state in the Arabian Gulf. It has done its best to radiate prosperity in the country. When you visit Kuwait for the first time, you will be amazed. Due to the extraction of oil in Kuwait, people of many nationalities live there, including Europeans who work in the oil industry. These neighborhoods make Kuwait so attractive to visit through Almosafer travel.

1. Kuwait House of National Works Museum

This museum recalls the horror of Kuwait’s annexation by Iraq in 1990 through city models, haunting photographs, and the sound of helicopters and gunfire. It also paid tribute to the sacrifices that ordinary Kuwaitis and armies and allies made in order to defeat Saddam Hussein’s forces. It is in Villa No. 1, north shuwaikh. 32, City of Kuwait.

2. The Liberation Tower, Kuwait

It is the second-tallest tower in Kuwait.  It stands as a reminder of Kuwait’s liberation. The Liberation Tower ranks fifth on the list of world’s tallest telecommunications towers. Its height is 372-meter. It makes it 40 meters taller than the Eiffel Tower.  It was officially unveiled on March 10, 1996 by the late Kuwaiti Amir. Given the tower’s historical and monumental value, most tourists do not want to miss this destination when traveling in Kuwait through Almosafer travel.

3. Souk al-mbarakiya

Al-Mubarakiya souk is closer than you might think to its humble beginnings if you squint and maybe bargain. This city center Bazaar still squawks with the sound of street vendors and sings with the scent of spices, sweets, and perfumes, even though it is now housed in several contemporary buildings. Golden necklaces and Persian carpets are all affected.

It is in Kuwait City’s north Shuwaikh, between Ahmad Al Jaber, Mubarak Al Kabir, and Ali Al Salem Streets.

4. Failaka Island

Kuwait City is just a short ferry ride from Failaka Island. The civilization that settled in this area is revealed by archaeological sites dating back 5,000 years. In addition, there is a small but informative museum and the Greek settlement ruins from 324 BC. Beautiful beaches and opportunities for water sports and sailing abound on the island.

5. Science center

The Science Center has the largest Middle Eastern aquarium and a one-of-a-kind intertidal display that shows waves at eye level. The best way to learn about the amphibious mug skipper fish is this way. With its ceiling-to-ceiling shark and ray tanks, don’t miss feeding time in the enclosure. 

6. Kuwait Towers

The Thistle Kuwait Towers, which rise from a spit that curves into Kuwait Bay and are arguably the most recognizable landmark in the city. It serves as a good bearing market throughout the city. The tallest of the three towers, it opened in 1979 and is 187 meters (614 feet) tall. It has a gift shop, café, restaurant, and observation deck at ground level. It is located at Dasman, Kuwait City, Arabian Gulf Street.

7. Dar Al Athar Al Islamiyyah

It is situated at Kuwait City, Al Shaab Area, Arabian Gulf Street. Dar al Athar Al Islamiyyah, arguably Kuwait’s most impressive museum. It houses some of Al-Sabah’s highly regarded collections. Over 30,000 pieces of Islamic and foreign art can be found in this wonderful cultural center. These collections range from carpets, jewelry, and ceramics to scientific instruments and manuscripts. In addition, it hosts touring exhibitions and has a concert hall.


8. House of Mirrors

The mirror mosaics that open up the interior and exterior of this residential home required approximately 77 tons of mirror and 102 tons of white cement. The project developed into an obsession after an old piece of dining room furniture was decorated. Call ahead to schedule a tour. It is located at Qadisiya, Kuwait City, Block 9, Street 94, Casa 17, 35809.

9. Al Hashemi Marine Museum

This museum’s collection of replicas of Dhows—traditional Arabic fishing boats—and a Viking ship will pique your interest if you enjoy boats. Al-hashemi II, a dhow located next to the museum, is the world’s largest wooden boat. It is 80.4 meters (264 feet) long, 18.7 meters (61 feet) wide, and weighs approximately 2,500 tones. Visit all these museum in Kuwait through Almosafer travel.

10. National Museum of Kuwait

The Kuwait National Museum is a cultural complex. It includes the Kuwait Heritage Museum, the Archaeological Museum, the impressive boom at the Muhallab Dhow, and a planetarium. It is divided into four sections. 

Over 2,000 items depict Kuwait’s history, including a portion of the valuable Al-Sabah collection that was stolen during the Iraqi invasion.

11. Tareq Rajab Museum

This private superlative collection of Islamic art curated by the Kuwaiti Chief Minister of antiquities and his British wife, is not to be missed. Musical instruments, jewelry made of silver and gold, prayer caps and helmets, sheik and shepherd costumes, Bahraini beads, manuscripts, and stonework are among the diverse exhibits in this eclectic collection. 

12. Kuwait Corniche

The Kuwait Corniche is the best place for an evening stroll, stretching from the Marina Crescent to the Science Center. The waterfront, which is dotted with pavilions, shaded walkways, and cafes and overlooks Kuwait Bay’s turquoise bliss, is frequently crowded with families strolling as the sun slowly sets behind the horizon.its location is Kuwait City, Arabian Gulf Street, AL Area Shaab,

13. Entertainment city

City of Entertainment, also known as Kuwait’s Disneyland, is a 20-kilometer (12-mile) excursion with four themed ride areas. Exotic gardens, a lake, a mosque, an open-air Roman amphitheater, restaurants, a zoo, and a mini golf course are also part of the sprawling complex. Keep in mind that Mondays are only for ladies. So enjoy and visit this entertainment city in Kuwait through Almosafer travel.

14. Shopping Tours

A five-hour Kuwait City Discovery Shopping Tour is a good option for those who have the cash for Scorch. Tours are a good way to negotiate both the bazaars and the wrapping process while seeing the Gloxing Gold souks, the largest shopping mall in Souk al-Mubarakiya, and Kuwait Avenues. There are English guides and pick-up options.

15. Water Towers of Kuwait

There are three towers in Kuwait City that make up these water towers. A rotating observation deck with a restaurant is in the center of the tallest tower, which is on the Arabian Gulf. Sune Lindström and Malene Björn, architects from Sweden, created the three towers. The first Gulf War caused severe damage to the towers.


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