Your Inside Guide to What It’s Like to Have a Sugar Mommy

Sugar Mommy

Whether you’re trying to catch yourself a sugar momma or are just curious as to what one really is, these are the answers you’re looking for.

Having a sugar momma could be a real treat for those lucky enough to find one. Having someone who can support you financially and give you anything you want *for a small price* is basically the ultimate dream, right?

I, for one, love the idea of ​​a sugar mom. If two people happen to be involved with each other in a way that plays to both of their benefits and makes them both happy, so be it!

What is a sugar mama, exactly?

If you have no idea what a sugar momma is, I’m assuming you’re very, very lost. Although, I bet you’ve heard of a sugar daddy before, right? A sugar momma is basically the same thing, but with a woman who is the provider.

A sugar momma is usually an older woman who spends money on a younger person in exchange for companionship, sexual favors, or even both. Win-win, right?

What it means to have a sugar mama

There are many different reasons someone would seek out a sugar momma. Whether they are simply older women or simply have expensive tastes, they may want to find a sugar momma who can support them.

Having a sugar momma isn’t all fancy cars and expensive items, though. There is actually a lot more to the relationship than money and sex. Here’s your inside guide to what it’s really like to be a sugar mama.

  • There is always someone who cares about you. If you’re looking to make yourself a sugary mom, then that’s definitely one of the reasons why. Some kids, usually those who grew up as mother’s kids, really love having someone to pamper and care for them like their mother did.

The problem with this in a real relationship is that most women don’t want to treat their boyfriend like their own child. Sugar mommas have no problem with this, however, and actually prefer it.

  • They also have needs that need to be met. They will only take care of you if you meet the needs they have. This could be in the form of sexual favors or companionship, but whatever the term is it should be presented and known by each party. Think of it as kind of a job, in a way.
  • Sugar mama has the power to say. Basically, your sugar mommy acts as your dominant in this situation. She tells you what you need to do and she expects you to abide by all the rules she has set if you want to keep getting some sugar.

If you don’t follow his orders, you could find yourself replaced in no time. When you have a sugar momma, you become submissive in the relationship, whereas usually, men are the dominant ones.

  • There are rules put in place. Your sugar mama will give you the rules to follow, just like stated above. The rules can be inside the relationship and also outside the relationship.

You can agree to only have sex with each other, or you can be free to see other people and maintain your sugar mom baby sugar relationship. It all depends on the person and the relationship.

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  • The relationship dynamic is different than being with someone your age. There’s a big difference between a sugary mom and her sugary baby versus a man and her sugary girlfriend.

The dynamic can put you off and cause some tension at first, just because you’re probably not used to having someone else tell you what to do and be the dominant person in a relationship.

  • The sugar mama does most of the planning. You don’t have to do practically anything when it comes to arranging dates or anything like that. This is where being the sugar baby is beneficial.

You will never have to plan or worry about showing how much you appreciate or care for her – that’s her job. You just have to sit down and do as you are told.

  • There is usually an adjustment period in the beginning. This can also be the making or breaking time of many relationships. The adjustment period happens because it’s not your typical relationship and both parties may need some time to adjust.

This is also a time where both people can hear from each other and make necessary changes to their agreement if they feel the need. After this time, the rest is smooth sailing as long as both parties stick to their agreement.

  • Some mommy mommy relationships can last for years. There have been people who have had the same sugar mama for many, many years and I’m happy to be in that kind of long-term relationship. They love to be supported and feel no desire to move on to something real. These, however, can come to an end if the sugar mama feels that her baby is getting too old for her liking.
  • Others may only last a few weeks. Some relationships aren’t meant to last, and some sugar mommas can be very particular about what kind of kids they crave for sugar. This means that she may go through many sugar babies in a few months, until she finds one that she wants to keep. And maybe she just likes the constant flow of new men.
  • The relationship is not meant for marriage. Sugar mommas don’t want marriage. They want someone to spoil themselves with and sleep on a regular basis without the commitment. And usually, sugar babies don’t want to marry someone who is much older than them. She’s a perfect match that way, and that’s why sugar-mommy and mommy-mommy relationships can last so long.

It can be more common than you think. If you’re out on the town for a night, you very well may run into a few different couples who have this deal going on and you don’t even realize it. Even though sugar daddies tend to be more common, sugar mommas are out there having fun and taking young ones one at a time.


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