How many roses should be in a bouquet – 2023 Guide


Whether it’s for a special occasion or just to show you care, nothing says ‘I love you’ like a long-stemmed bouquet of roses. But with so many options on the market, the question remains: How many roses should be in a bouquet? We’ve got the answer right here in our 2023 guide!

How to choose the right roses for a bouquet

When it comes to choosing the best blooms for your bouquet of roses, the perfect match depends on many elements – from your color scheme to your budget. Still, there are a few basic guidelines that can help you decide how many roses you should include in a bouquet for a particular occasion. The number of roses you choose affects both the effect and price of your bouquet, so it is important to weigh these considerations together when deciding.

Here are some popular rose combinations for different occasions and sizes:

  • Small Bouquets:
  1. 1, 3, 6 or 12 roses are all good options for smaller bouquets. Consider mixing different rose colors and styles to create an eye-catching formation. You can also pair with accompanying foliage like eucalyptus or pittosporum leaves, or even other flowers like tulips or hydrangeas to add more dimension and color among the lines of roses in the bouquet.
  2. Moderate Bouquets:
  3. You can create more elaborate arrangements with between 12 and 24 roses in a single bouquet. Pair contrasting colors or have them gradually build up as seen most commonly in ombre designs that come in rising pink shades. Add foliage as accents within this range of blooms by using either one type of leafy greenery or alternating spray foliage like plumosa ferns to curate fullness around each flower head.
  4. Large Bouquets:
  5. If you want to make a statement in bigger events such as weddings and corporate functions, around 36 -50 roses might be necessary depending on the size of display that is desired. Again taking into account features such as color palette preferences and accompanying foliage selection will work best when plotted out well prior to construction of the bunch.

The symbolism of different colors of roses

A rose of any color can express love, but the colors have different meanings. Red roses symbolize romantic love and beauty, while white roses represent purity and innocence. A bouquet of a dozen red roses is a classic way to say “I love you” on Valentine’s Day or any other special occasion, while a mixture of colors can be used to express admiration, gratitude and loyalty.

  • Red:
  1. Love, Beauty
  2. White:
  3. Purity and Innocence
  4. Yellow:
  5. Friendship and Joy
  6. Orange:
  7. Desire and Enthusiasm
  8. Pink:
  9. Gratitude, Appreciation and Admiration
  10. Lavender:
  11. Enchantment or Love at First Sight
  12. Coral/Peach Roses:
  13. Sympathy or Appreciation
  14. Black Roses:
  15. Farewell


In conclusion, when choosing the amount of roses for a bouquet it’s important to take into account the occasion and meaning that is being expressed. Depending on the person you are gifting to, a generous bouquet of multiple colours and quantities might be just what is needed to deepen your bond. If you are unsure, small yet unique gestures can still have huge significance.

No matter what type of bouquet you opt for, always make sure to select quality roses in an arrangement that suits your sentiment.


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