Gold vs. Silver Jewelry: Which Suits You Better?

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Fashion involves mixing and matching to find the look that screams ‘you.’ Considering how many factors you include in your search, there’s no denying that topping off your outfit with accessories brings your aesthetic to another level. However, even if that’s the case, simply adding any accessory you see isn’t the right move.

Since they’re the most well-known precious metals in Raleigh Jewelry Store and other boutiques worldwide, that sentiment is why there’s an age-old debate over which is better: gold or silver. After all, playing with colors is one of the things you must do when building your wardrobe. And it just so happens that gold and silver have different colors.

While they both feature countless designs that catch anyone’s eye, these gorgeous gold or silver pieces might not cooperate when you’ve chosen them wrong. Learn which one suits you better from the factors below:  

  • Complexion

The most common advice jewelry experts give first-time customers is to look at their skin. Since you’re using colors to your advantage, knowing how to complement metal colors with your skin will determine which one suits you most. Because of how much weight this factor has, you must be thorough when studying your skin. After all, not many knew the difference between skin tone and skin color.

When talking about skin tone, this focuses on your shade. Typically, people have warm or cool undertones, regardless of their skin. To determine which one you have, look at the veins on your wrist after holding your arm straight with your palm facing up.   

If they’re blue or purple, you have a cool skin tone. On the other hand, those whose veins lean more towards green have a warm tone. However, there are rare circumstances when some have neutral skin tones, meaning their veins are a mix of green and blue.

Another test that can help determine your skin tone is how well you tan. Unsurprisingly, those with cool undertones often get burnt, while warm undertones enable people to tan nicely. As such, it’s fitting for gold to complement warm skin tones, whereas silver suits cool undertones more. Only those with neutral skin tones can switch between the two, so they must have enough budget set aside to consider getting a piece for either one.

  • Makeup

Since your complexion adds to the equation, it’s only natural to include makeup. After all, it’s impossible to apply suitable makeup without identifying your skin tone. However, complementing your makeup with silver or gold might be a little more complicated.

Naturally, matching the metal with your makeup based on similar qualities is the safest route. Choose earthy colors such as coral, orange, or red for gold jewelry pieces. Dust a bronzer over your foundation to maximize the metal’s warmth. On the other hand, consider using metallic or pale colors to complement your silver jewelry.

Although, those who know their way around makeup can claim that using contrast to your advantage is still possible. For example, those with warm skin tones may be interested in wearing silver jewelry. Instead of letting their skin tone hold them back, use makeup with metallic or light colors for the jewelry pieces to complement something.

  • Outfit

Adding jewelry to your wardrobe can bring your outfits to the next level. After all, it’s almost impossible for your look to impact anyone without a piece of jewelry bringing the entire thing together as the cherry on top. But before that happens, your fashion sense will influence just how nicely silver or gold would look on its wearer.

Gold has a way of amplifying that sense of timeless vintage that never goes out of season. Whether retro or Bohemian, gold is perfect for those who adore wearing extravagant clothing. Moreover, despite using rich, earthy colors, gold can elevate casual-looking outfits into an effortless and refined look.

On the other hand, formal settings are silver jewelry’s forte. After all, gemstones look better on silver pieces. Wear an outfit that makes them stand out. Ideally, the colors you choose range from light pastels or cool shades.

Using white is a no-go for silver jewelry since it can easily get lost in the outfit. Only gold can be worn for all-black and all-white clothes. However, there’s no denying how striking it would be to wear silver against black. Whichever you prefer, both metals have their areas of expertise regarding outfits.

  • Time Of Year

Places that experience all four seasons throughout the year get to see the changing colors around them. Two of them have signature colors that make them so iconic, namely winter and autumn. Since pure white and different shades of red are extremely pleasing to the eye, using these colors to fit their respective seasons is sure to fit the mood. Fittingly, accessorizing gold and silver jewelry for autumn and winter colors would work perfectly.  

Which Is Better?  

From your skin tone to your sense of style, every single factor in determining which jewelry suits you the most boils down to personal preferences. Because even though warm skin tones are the perfect match for gold jewelry, there are ways for silver to complement the user one way or another, and vice-versa. Therefore, it’s safe to say that neither gold nor silver jewelry is superior.




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