How Much Should You Budget for Jewelry Purchases?

Jewelry Purchases

Picture this: you’re getting ready to go out with friends. However, you’re trying to put together an outfit that will impress. After rummaging through your closet, you finally found what you’ll be wearing tonight.- Jewelry Purchases

But you still feel like something’s missing. It might be jewelry—you’ve thought about buying some in the past, but the high prices turned you away. However, there are different types of jewelry, such as a Cuban chain, bracelet, and earrings, that are wallet-friendly.

What you’ll need to figure out is the budget—how much are you willing to spend? If you’ve never bought jewelry before, here are a few suggestions to help determine your needs.

1. Know the Different Finishes

When you’re planning on upgrading your wardrobe with jewelry, it’s essential to know the different finishes. There are traditional gold or silver pieces that could complement any outfit. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could opt for a titanium or palladium piece of jewelry. 

However, the type of metal may determine the final cost. So do thorough research on which metals would be better for your budget.

2. Create a Realistic Budget 

Don’t you wish you had an unlimited budget to buy whatever you wanted? It would make shopping for jewelry that much easier. Unfortunately, budgeting is a natural part of life; if you want to treat yourself with some jewelry, it’s time to break out a pen and paper. 

When you factor in your other financial responsibilities, how much can you afford to spend on jewelry? Now, it’s important to note that you won’t need thousands of dollars to buy a high-quality Cuban chain or bracelet. If you can only spend up to $100, you can easily find something that will level up your outfits. 

Whatever your budget is, you mustn’t overextend yourself. If the goal is to impress bystanders, an affordable quality piece will still get the job done. You know your means, so it’s better to stick with them to avoid a financial crisis after your purchase. 

3. Figure Out the Best Size

An underestimated part of budgeting for your jewelry purchases is the sizing. Pieces come in different shapes and sizes, affecting how much they cost. Another important consideration is how you want the pieces to fit.

Do you want them tight-fitting but not too snug? Or do you want there to be ample room so you can adjust the jewelry accordingly? These distinctions will determine what you’ll pay at the end.

While everyone’s personal preference is different, standard advice would be to wear jewelry that fits snuggly but isn’t uncomfortable. The purpose of jewelry is to enhance your outfits by making them look cleaner. Loose-fitting jewelry can look clunky, having the opposite effect.

So if you’re planning on getting a ring or bracelet, it’s better to have your fingers and wrist measured to ensure a proper fit. You don’t want to waste money wearing something that you can’t wear because it’s too big or small.

However, when it comes to a piece like a Cuban chain, the length and width are two essential factors since it’s around your neck. Unless you like a choker, Cuban chain lengths can vary, going as far as your chest. The width can be up to 25mm, but you’ll be entering rapper territory. If that’s not the look you want, opt for a piece between 4 and 12mm.

4. Research the Best Jewelers

Knowing the type of jewelry you want and how much you plan on spending is good. But now it’s time to buy it, which can present its own challenges. 

Many jewelry retailers sell pieces at different prices. So it can be hard to know the average cost of something. Furthermore, with the threat of fake retailers, finding a high-quality piece that won’t break the bank can be even more challenging. Or you may find an expensive-looking item with a price that’s too good to be true.

That’s why you should work with trusted retailers. You’ve seen them on social media or in an advertisement while watching TV. With years of service under their belt, you know they’re a trusted jewelry retailer. 

But to solidify your choice, check their socials or visit their website to read customer reviews. See if past clients are raving about the jewelry or are disappointed. Look for reviews regarding that business’s customer service. If everything checks out and you’re satisfied, you’ll know you can trust them.

Budget for Jewelry Purchases the Right Way

Budgeting for jewelry purchases is tricky, especially if you haven’t bought anything before. However, breaking the purchase down is important, so know what to expect as you shop. Figure out your metal finish, determine your sizing requirements, and narrow down your retailers so you can buy the best piece possible.


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