RTP In Casinos: What Does That Mean?


A reputable casino provider will often have a host of different games so that there is a selection for all types of gamblers. Whether you prefer to play roulette, poker, blackjack or slot machines, you can often measure the RTP by performing some basic, prior research. 

Gamblers and analysts within the industry, such as game providers and designers, will sometimes refer to RTP as a casino payout percentage or another commonly used term, “the house edge”. Ultimately, as you can see if you click here, it all means the same thing and is calculated using the same statistics.

What Is The Definition Of RTP?

RTP is short for Return To Player, a common acronym that calculates the chances of receiving a return on your initial bet. Slot machines use this method to devise the likelihood of their game paying out. The RTP will range in probability depending on the type of algorithms they use, the number of reels on the game, and the difficulty of winning a decent jackpot. 

Reels can range from the classic design of 3 primary reels up to 10 reels. It can be more challenging to win a massive jackpot for the more high-tech games that use a higher number of reels. 

These games will often have diagonal and vertical multipliers, as well as any horizontal matches, thus allowing the likelihood of a return to be more in line with a classic three-reel slot. These potential winning lines are also factored into the algorithm and the RTP, which is why many slot machine games have a similar RTP percentage.

Is It Only Slot Machine Games That Use RTP?

No, while many casino games will have fixed RTP as they are not machine-automated games, slot machine RTP will often range from between 90 to 99%. It is important to note that the payout rate doesn’t mean you will receive your stake back. It may be reasonably obvious, but we need to clarify this. 

If you place a $20 bet on a slot machine line and receive $2.60 back, you still receive some level of payout. You can often receive payouts and still lose your money in the long run. These games are computer generated, and the edge is always with the house. As long as you establish this and gamble for fun, not for any other reason, you can maximize your enjoyment while playing these games.

What Other Games Use RTP?

Virtually all games on the casino floor will have an RTP percentage. Games such as poker or blackjack are more challenging to predict as it focuses more on player strategy and understanding of the game. 

Virtual poker uses RTP as it doesn’t require bluffing or trying to use psychology to get the upper hand over other players. American roulette has a double zero on its wheel, so it has an RTP of 94%, and because European roulette only has a singular zero, it has a higher RTP of around 97%. 


As mentioned earlier, slot machine games grant a higher RTP ratio than most other games. This is because the technology companies implement into these games makes it easy to calculate the RTP percentage. However, they are also highly complex algorithms designed to return a profit for casino providers and game designers.

The critical thing to remember is that irrespective of the RTP and the house always has a statistical edge. As long as you do not view gambling as a form of income and ensure you set proper procedures to limit the time and money you spend on gambling websites, you will be able to keep the experience fun and engaging.


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