Check Out These 6 Latest Must-Have Tommy Hilfiger Watches


A high-end branded watch is more than just an expensive purchase; it also aids in preserving memories of special occasions. One such company is Tommy Hilfiger, which is renowned for producing preppy, cool, fashionable, and timeless collections that are influenced by throwback style and modern minimalistic elegance. The majority of Tommy Hilfiger watches for men and women have a navy-blue dial that sets them apart from the competition because blue, red, and white are the brand’s distinctive colours! created with young individuals who adore street smarts and urban flair in mind.

Here are our favourite picks from Helios’ range of Tommy Hilfiger watches in India if you have a good sense of style and a warm spot for the designer.

Who is Tommy Hilfiger?

Tommy Hilfiger, who was born in upstate New York in the early 1950s, knew he wanted to work in the fashion industry from an early age. The designer decided to go out on his own after spending some time working at a clothing store. He used his life savings to launch his own company, which offered men’s jeans. He started creating sketches for his own clothing after becoming dissatisfied with the lack of stock possibilities. The Tommy Hilfiger company that we know and love today emerged from that point on.

What began as a menswear company quickly grew into a huge business that offers everything from jewellery to watches to women’s clothing and shoes.

Are Tommy Hilfiger watches good?

Tommy Hilfiger watches are unquestionably superb, offering a wide variety of timepieces for any situation. Their clocks have fantastic designs and are not only high-quality but also stylish. They specialise in producing timepieces with big cases and make sporty, traditional, and chronograph styles. Almost any colour and style are available in the Tommy Hilfiger collection.

They are appropriate for everyday wear, professional attire, and even formal occasions. Everyone can find something they like in the Tommy Hilfiger collection. In terms of battery and maintenance, the majority of models require a battery change every 2-3 years, which is customary for watches.

So, here are the must-have Tommy Hilfiger watches.

1.Gent’s Luke Rose-Tone Watch

One of the most beloved Tommy Hilfiger watches for men that we carry is this one. This watch has a classic appearance and would go well with both professional and informal attire. It would go well with a working lifestyle because it has several complications. For a cohesive and sophisticated appearance, we advise pairing this watch with complementing brown leather accessories.

2.Watch Chronograph Luke Yellow Gold 1791121

This watch’s stylish design has a silver-tone dial, a rose gold-plated strap, and a round stainless steel case. This gold-tone Tommy Hilfiger watch for men features a silver display with day, date, and 24-hour subdials and a blue tachymeter top ring.

The bezel of this men’s watch is navy blue and has a tachymeter scale on it. A single-locking fold-over clasp secures the three-link stainless steel band of this dapper watch for men.

The 48mm stainless steel casing of this men’s Tommy Hilfiger gold watch is plated with yellow gold. The 1791121 may be worn when swimming in shallow depths and is water-resistant to a depth of 50 metres.

3.Watch Cole IP Black 

This stunning timepiece in jet black is ideal for a formal or sporting ensemble. It has three Quartz-functioning hands, a date window, and is Japanese-made. The watch’s dial is black, and the strap is constructed of rubber which is also that color.

This watch is the ideal blend of toughness and design because it is also water resistant. This watch is ideal for you if you want a striking timepiece that will match any attire, whether professional or informal.

4.Decker Watch Blue Dial Blue Rubber Strap

We suggest the men’s decker watch if you want a traditional Tommy Hilfiger watch with a modern twist but are not seeking a watch for formal events or to match your suit. The day and date displays on either side of the dial emphasize the watch’s athletic, racing aesthetic. This watch would be a striking addition to your watch collection and stylishly displays Tommy Hilfiger’s traditional color palette.

5.Field watch

High contrast on the numerals and glare-proof crystal make it simple to see in low light. It frequently has a simple design that is easy to see, strong, and durable—exactly what you would expect from anything intended for combat.

The hand-wound 36mm versions from the original designs have been replaced with somewhat bigger (38–44mm) automated and quartz variants that better fit contemporary tastes. One distinctive feature allows you to synchronize your watch with other officers during military operations since the second-hand stops when the crown is pushed.

Men’s field timepieces have bands made of leather, canvas, or nylon that may be quickly changed if they become damaged during combat. These days, the watch’s body is made of stainless steel, titanium, or PVD.


A chronograph watch’s multilayered display, unusual design, and eccentric aesthetics are what make them so popular. It serves as a timer, enabling users to track their lap timings. A chronograph watch, in contrast to dress watches and field watches, contains numerous internal timekeeping mechanisms. So don’t be shocked when we reveal that this watch can track two events at once. With this venerable clock, you can also gauge your average speed and heart rate.


Tommy Hilfiger watches offer some outstanding designs of enduring timepieces to inspire the creation of watches for men and women that complement their personas. Tommy Hilfiger, a popular brand among the general public, showcases its superior workmanship and cutting-edge product category when paired and inspired in its magnificent designs.

You have come to the proper location if you desire a stylish watch. But they are also beautiful, and all of Tommy Hilfiger watches are expertly designed. Additionally, Tommy Hilfiger is a more well-known brand. As a result, you don’t need to worry about the watch’s superb quality. On virtually all of its timepieces, the company offers a 2-year guarantee.


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