Factors to Consider When Choosing a CQB Venue


Close-quarter battle (CQB) is a type of combat engagement that requires a combination of both physical and tactical prowess. It is often used by military and law enforcement personnel in close environments such as buildings, streets, or other confined spaces where the enemy may be hidden. When planning a CQB venue, several considerations must be taken into account to ensure the successful execution of the mission.

  • Space Requirements

The space requirements for the Hong Kong wargame venue vary depending on the type of training being conducted and the size of the group involved. Generally speaking, it is recommended to have enough room for at least 15-20 people to move around freely. The walls should also be solid enough so as not to collapse or give away positions when shots are fired. Additionally, any obstacles or furniture should allow for easy movement during drills and scenarios without causing safety hazards for participants.

  • Cost

Cost can vary greatly depending on several factors such as size, equipment required (such as weapons), insurance coverage needed if live ammunition is used during training sessions, etc. It’s important to factor in all costs associated with hosting a CQB venue when calculating the total price before signing any contracts with vendors or suppliers providing services at said venue.

Types of CQB Venues   

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced shooter, close-quarters battle (CQB) is an integral part of tactical training. CQB requires fast and accurate shooting and the ability to move quickly in tight spaces. To fully train for CQB, it is important to understand the different types of venues available for practice.

  • Indoor Shooting Ranges

Indoor shooting ranges are great for practicing CQB because they provide a confined space with minimal distractions. The walls, ceiling and floor help contain noise and ricocheting bullets, making indoor shooting range one of the safest places to practice tactical shooting techniques. Of course, if you are hiring the space, you will need to ensure that you’re using appropriate airsoft guns for the venue size so as to ensure safety at all times. In addition, indoor ranges usually have target stands that can be adjusted to various heights and distances so you can simulate real-life scenarios at different angles and distances. Some indoor ranges also offer advanced features such as reactive targets, moving targets or simulated combat scenarios that will help hone your skills even further.

  • Outdoor Shooting Ranges 

Outdoor shooting ranges provide more space than indoor ones but are still relatively confined areas that allow shooters to hone their skills in a safe environment without distraction from outside elements such as wind or weather changes. Outdoor ranges usually have target stands at varying distances so shooters can practice precision accuracy at long-range distances.

Benefits of using CQB Venues for Training Purposes

For those in the military or law enforcement, Close Quarters Battle (CQB) venues are essential for training purposes. CQB is a type of combat that takes place in very close quarters, usually indoors. This type of environment requires specialized tactics, techniques and equipment to ensure success and safety. By utilizing CQB venues for training purposes, operators can hone their skills and practice different strategies to become proficient in this challenging form of combat.

The primary benefit of using CQB venues is that they provide an ideal setting for operators to become familiar with the types of situations they might encounter during real-world operations. These environments are often designed to replicate actual battlefield conditions including limited visibility due to smoke, darkness or other factors so that operators can practice operating under these conditions without fear of injury or damage to property. Additionally, some facilities include simulated props such as windows and doors which allow for more realistic training scenarios. 

Another benefit is that CQB venues provide a safe environment for both instructors and students alike. By utilizing these training areas instead of live-fire exercises on open ranges, instructors can better control the situation by limiting variables such as ricochet hazards from live ammunition or uncontrolled crowds from onlookers who may interfere with operations during an exercise on a public range.


In conclusion, close-quarter battle venues are great places to hone your shooting and tactical skills. They offer a unique environment that allows you to practice different tactics and scenarios, while also providing an immersive experience that can’t be found anywhere else. With the right safety protocols in place, these venues can provide hours of fun and learn for everyone involved.


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