The Best New Year Gift Ideas for the Cyclist



Electric bicycles are a preferred option by many cyclists for the ease and convenience enjoyed when riding the popular two-wheeler. The recent explosion in the sales of electric bikes worldwide indicates popular interest in the new varieties available. It is common for cyclists nowadays to get an e-bike for the fun of it or to replace their conventional bicycle.

As the year begins, you may already be wondering how best to show your support to your cyclist family member or friend. You can bet that any gift you get from a cyclist will be really appreciated because not many people know a lot about the world of e-biking. Such a gift shows you put a lot of thought into getting them something. The best part is that there is a wide selection of inexpensive gifts available that are valuable to the cyclist. Stay tuned to know more.

Best New Year Gift Ideas for the Cyclist

Below, you will find our recommendations for the best gifts to appreciate the cyclist in your life this new year. Sometimes, it works better if you can get their opinion on the gift they would like. Some of our best new year gift ideas for the cyclist include the following:

Heated Helmet

The helmet is a regular part of cycling that should never be forgotten. Always ensure your helmet is on your head before setting out. The helmet is the only protection the head has against trauma in the case of any type of accident. What makes a heated helmet better is inherent in its name and attributes, though it does more than keep you warm. However, the warmth alone can make it a perfect gift to the cyclist in your life this year.

The warmth on the heated helmet can be adjusted for more or less, depending on how cold the rider is. It also has a Bluetooth feature that allows you to connect the helmet to your mobile device during your ride. With this, it will be easier to focus on your ride. It also has an in-built microphone, so you can receive calls. Get this helmet on our site at a discount when you shop during our ongoing New Year Sales.

Tire Pump/Gauge

A tire pump is an invaluable asset for a cyclist. Nobody likes to be stranded without any way to pump or get information about the condition of their tires. A tire pump with a gauge is a good gift that can positively take care of this. As cyclists embark on trips, some of the essentials include a repair kit where you have several items, including those that can be used to perform quick repairs on the tires. The pump is located here.

The cyclist in your life may probably have one. Before getting them another, ensure it is a better one than their current pump. It may be a good investment, but you don’t need more than a reliable one.

Heated Gloves

When riding out in the cold, the fingers can easily start feeling frozen or numb. If they are exposed directly to elements of rain and snow, they can become useless on the ride pretty soon. It will be hard or impossible to grip the handlebars with frozen or extremely cold fingers. Normal gloves can keep the fingers warm, but only until the next blast of cold which will feel even colder on the tips of the fingers.

Getting the cyclist in your life heated gloves will help them stay warm through any cold conditions they experience while out riding. The heat setting can be readjusted for more or less, depending on how cold it is. KBO e-bikes generally provide a USB outlet where accessories like this can be charged while riding. When you shop on our site during the KBO New Year Sales, you can get this at ten bucks less than the actual price.

Reflective Jacket

Riding through seasons of low visibility can be tough on the dedicated cyclist. This is because accidents involving motorists tend to take place more often in seasons with low visibility. When riding through low visibility, the headlights are the first line of visibility. With them, you can retain a level of visibility with other motorists plying the route. If the bike lights are in good condition, you will enjoy using reflective gear better.

Reflective gear on the cyclist and taping around the bike frame will be enough to remain visible to other motorists. This option is ideal for those who prefer to ride out in the early mornings or late evenings. After dressing up, the reflective jacket you give them will be on top for increased visibility.

.. Or a New Bike!

Everybody appreciates a new E-Bike, especially when you can do your homework right in getting them one. Electric bikes are generally more convenient and fun to use for daily exercising and running around. An upgrade on traditional bicycles, e-bikes help cyclists enjoy biking more with features like the pedal-assist system.

The best part about gifting the cyclist in your life an e-bike is that you can get them for even cheaper this season. When you shop on our site during the KBO New Year Sale, you can get most of our impressive collection at amazing discounts. The KBO Tornado, which used to be $1,399 is now available at a better rate of $1,249. The KBO Flip, one of the best folding e-bikes, is now available at $919 from $1069. Visit today!


A new year is one of the most amazing times to show appreciation for the cyclist in your life. Here, we review some of the best gifts you can get for the cyclist you know and want to appreciate. From reflective gear to heated gloves and helmets, we are sure you will love the few gifts listed here.

Visit our site to enjoy amazing discounts on most KBO products and accessories. The New Year Sale also features our best and latest offerings, such as the Tornado, a steal at $1,249. The KBO Flip, another new product, now goes for $919. If you’re not wasting time, there’s no reason to delay.


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