2 Tips and Tricks for Expanding Your Business


You’ve brainstormed for days on end. You’ve fundraised so much that you never want to ask someone for money ever again. Basically, you’ve put in a whole lot of work to start your business. This is a huge accomplishment in and of itself, so give yourself a pat on the back. However, starting your business is only the first part of the journey; now, your most prominent obstacle is expanding the business. Growing a business can seem quite intimidating, and it definitely takes a lot of work. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible, though. If you want to see your business expand and experience great success, then you’ll need to step out of your comfort zone and be proactive in doing everything you can to grow your business. Today, we are here to help out with this. Specifically, we’re going to tell you about two insightful tips and tricks for expanding your business. Whether you’re interested in marketing on Albuquerque billboards or just want to learn how to pick which businesses to partner with, we’ve got you covered, so keep on reading to learn the most effective tips to grow your business. 

1. Market Your Business on Billboards 

In the past decade or so, we as a society have seen a huge shift in how we do business. Most business owners have completely transitioned from in-person marketing to online marketing. While this has its perks, there are still enormous benefits to advertising using physical billboards that cannot be replicated in the online realm. Billboards are notorious for their ability to increase brand familiarity. Let’s think of it practically; if you see a billboard advertising a specific business every day on your commute to the office or on your way to pick up the kids from school, you’ll gradually become familiar with it and feel like you have a connection with the business. Moreso, psychological studies have found that the more familiar you are with a thing or person, the more you will like that thing or person. The same principle applies to businesses here. The more that people are exposed to your business, even if it’s just from passing those Albuquerque billboards you posted for your New Mexico campaign, the more they will like your business. In the long run, this will cause a major increase in sales. Marketing your business on billboards is not as expensive as you might think, either; Albuquerque billboards are surprisingly affordable, and you can do a little bit of research to see what other regions offer economical billboard advertising.  

2. Join Forces With Other Businesses 

Have you ever played the board game “Monopoly”? If so, then we’re about to tell you something that might surprise you; running a successful business does not mean having a monopoly over the industry. In fact, collaborating with other businesses will actually help your business to grow more than it would if you were to act alone, which is why our second trick for expanding your business is to join forces with other businesses. When you decide to collaborate on a project or product with another business, you should carefully think about what type of business would be beneficial to partner with. Remember to avoid collaborating with businesses that have a very similar niche to your business’s. Rather, a better idea would be to work with a business that complements yours. This way, both parties get to see an increase in business to the benefit of themselves and their partner business. For example, if you are a business that specializes in coffee grounds, maybe you shouldn’t host a special coffee-tasting event with another business that also sells coffee grounds. A better idea would be to partner with a business that makes pour-over containers or espresso machines. In this instance, you can see how both businesses will benefit, as the people who attend are already interested in coffee and will need both coffee grounds and some sort of coffee maker in order to make coffee at home. Partnering with another business could also look like sharing a storefront, doing a joint online giveaway, hosting a fundraiser together, and much more. Get creative in how you collaborate with your fellow businesses, and the community will start to notice.  


In summary, here are the two biggest tips and tricks for expanding your business: 

  1. Market your business on billboards
  2. Join forces with other businesses 

We hope this article has inspired you to take that next step towards growing your business. In no time at all, you’ll see traffic and profit increase dramatically, so keep up the hard work!


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